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Questions about sports and beauty? Share your story and ask for advice. Let people with similar problems help you with a solution. Sometimes help is needed to better understand the situation you are in. Learn how to take better care of your figure and beauty.

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November 06, 2020
Author: yummy69ch

How do you get hair?

November 05, 2020
Author: marie_broenner

Cardio problem

November 04, 2020
Author: NanaLove05

Philips or something else

November 03, 2020
Author: kollo31

Gray hair dye

November 02, 2020
Author: puretempt

Nutrition after diet

November 02, 2020
Author: drknymph

Black dot ribbons

November 02, 2020
Author: hottvanni

Stretch marks and weight loss

November 01, 2020
Author: luucciana

Questions about cyst?

November 01, 2020
Author: justforfun46578

Smart bracelet / watch

November 01, 2020
Author: spacekitten

Smooth and shiny hair? How?

November 01, 2020
Author: bachelorinmarriage

Long hair??

October 30, 2020
Author: maxstephen

How to whiten your teeth?

October 29, 2020
Author: themercyme

Inverted hair?

October 29, 2020
Author: GIA__27

My problem is my stomach