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Having problems at work? Share your story and ask for advice. Let people with similar problems help you with a solution. Sometimes help is needed to better understand the situation you are in. Learn how to overcome work problems.

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November 12, 2020
Author: LadyDee69

I Want This Position More Than Anything!

November 11, 2020
Author: SweetPianista

I need advice on developing my own business

November 10, 2020
Author: WetCarina


November 10, 2020
Author: sexypiczka

Which job offer to choose

November 09, 2020
Author: mildredmayhem


November 09, 2020
Author: yoeandchris

Does anyone like their job?

November 09, 2020
Author: satlrocker1

What should I do?-satlrocker1

November 09, 2020
Author: thickformilfs699

Should I quit my job?

November 09, 2020
Author: hotwildslut

Concerns about a new job

November 07, 2020
Author: luke_schenscher

Which profession is best for me?

November 07, 2020
Author: KalinaMalina

What can I do with English?

November 06, 2020
Author: Miss_Right

Online casino

November 06, 2020
Author: 2perfectcouple

Work online ?!

November 06, 2020
Author: natpara

I hate the question "What salary do you expect?"

November 06, 2020
Author: Mariian

Problem at work

November 06, 2020
Author: samanthamilk69

Work and school?

November 05, 2020
Author: servingcum

They underestimate me

November 05, 2020
Author: jessicaolie

Agropharmacy - how?

November 04, 2020
Author: goldenboy4you

I am harassed at work.