How To Become A Cam Model In 2020?

Learn how to get started as a webcam model in 2020. What it takes to be a model, how much money you can make and where you can start broadcasting. Tips for improving your communication with your audience, recommendations for your behavior in front of the camera, and how to maximize your broadcast revenue.
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May 14, 2020



Introduction - Being a webcam model

Being a webcam model could bring you fame, lust, and money. You might consider becoming a webcam start in order to earn some extra cash or to achieve a permanent full-time job. And that allows you to work from home – when you would like and where you feel comfortable. Being a webcam model often requires to expose yourself in an adult or sexual manner. Don't worry! That's not absolutely a must. Some models prefer to minimize their visibility and show themselves in private rooms. In fact, some watchers would pay you for a nice atmosphere that you've created during their naughty moments. It depends on your skills and what you're ready to do when turning the cam on.


Easy Steps To Become A Cam Model On Chaturbate



Webcam industry growth in 2019

Webcam industry growth in 2019


Webcam industry grows very fast. In 2019, every 3rd person (about 300 million people worldwide) on the internet admit that they browse live shows and respectively visit webcam rooms once per month at least. 12% of the audience is inclined to pay in order to satisfy sexual fantasies. Webcam models have one goal – to excite a voyager or a group of watchers and to get paid. People prefer to interact on live with a real person, instead of watching raw adult movies or short videos.



Requirements to work as a webcam model

You must be age 18 or older to be a webcam model.

You have to own a credit card.

You must have a valid government-issued ID.


Any webcam content involving a performer under age 18 is considered child pornography. Even you came naked (not meeting this condition) and receive some money from naughty viewers you could not be able to receive the money. Paypal and credit card issuers, as well as banks, ain't allow you to create an account.

All sites will insist that their models get verified before performing in order to prove the age of the model, over the age of eighteen, which is required by law. You'll need a digital copy of photo ID for this process. 



Pick up a required equipment for streaming

You'll need an HD webcam, high-speed internet, computer or smartphone, and a place to perform.  If you don't have the required equipment yet, you can still broadcast and research the audience.

In fact, you can purely begin with your laptop's camera and quality will be just fine. Especially, if you get to start with free cam websites such as Chaturbate. We recommend you to try it as the easiest option without investment at the onset.


Technical Gadgets:

  • HD camera

  • Microphone

  • Tripod

  • Software for better managing of the broadcast, such as ManyCams


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Public webcams vs Private webcams


Public cams

Before going online, we have to discuss the way you will get money. When we speak about webcam sites, usually the exchanging unit is a token. One token is equal to 5 cents.

For example, 100 tokens are equal to $5.

To receive tokens, you have to ask your viewers to tip you. Sites like Chaturbate come with 'Tip Menu'. It shows a list of the things (also known as 'goals') you agree to do when you have received a particular number of tokens.

For example, you can flash a particular part of your body for 5 tokens or take off your panties when you reach 20 tokens.  Mostly, the men trade their cum as a final goal.


Private cams

On private-based sites, the focus is on private shows which are charged by the minute instead of per quantity of tokens.
Private sites are not visible to everyone and the viewers have to pay a subscription to join in the community. 



Payment Methods and Payouts

Most sites offer different payout schedules and the minimum amount to get the commission. If the minimum payout is not reached, the earnings will roll over until the next payment circle. In most cases, webcam companies pay on a daily, weekly or every other week basis.


Typically, the received funds by you are between 50% - 75% of the tokens earned, as web sites gather part of the revenue to improve their services (including support and transaction fees).


Popular payment methods for receiving earned commissions are Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill, and others. Usually, most webcams companies offer a long list of possible ways to get your money.



How Long Takes To Get Tips On Cam Sites?




Prepare the best show you can deliver

Prepare the best show you can deliver


Think about your attendance. Who you are and what do you like?

Make your show stunning. You have to be confident and calm. Catching attention is not that simple. Once your camera turns on, the next you should consider is the way that you'll achieve more visitors. As many viewers arrived as many tips you'll get.


Are you a role player or consistent model?

Some performers prefer to show themselves only as usual. This approach helps to collect subscribers that expect a certain behavior in front of the camera. Probably, the same audience will visit you every time you go online.

But you can try acting as an actor. Are you ready to make the wishes come true? It's a perfect way to claim more tokens because you are the golden fish for the tippers. As many wishes, as many tokens. Yes, rolling performers cannot create a permanent audience with ease, because some viewers won't like all the things you did (do) but are more loyal.



How To Behave In Front Of Webcam?




Test camera and sound and finally go live.


Chaturbate allows you to set a password to your profile and you can test your camera and audio settings privately. Putting a password hide your room and only people that know your secret combination could join into it and watching you. Once you're done, just remove the password and your room will be visible to everyone.

Alternatively, use software like ManyCams to test your camera and sound settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have many viewers but don't receive tokens?

The reasons could be a thousand. The easiest way to understand viewer behavior is to ask transparently why they did not send you tips.

Inspect their location, how long they stay online (in your room).

What is the best quality camera for streaming?

We recommend you Logitech C920 HD Pro. It's the cheapest possible high-quality web camera you can find. In fact, don't expect a good internal microphone.

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