How To Behave In Front Of Webcam?

Specific behavior in front of the camera has a huge role in your successful performance. Along with the good quality of the video and sound, what matters is how you speak, body position and your non-verbal skills.
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January 31, 2020

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Speaking during the live show


If you are not fluent in English, consider it as a problem and as a must to work on your verbal skills. Most webcam sites require you to talk at least freely with viewers. The webcam industry is different from ordinary adult movies because it offers a dynamic chat with the models in real-time.

In case, you speak with an accent, this is no problem at all. Many viewers would love your international spirit. For the average American, the accent is regarded as an exotic fetish. You can afford to talk about naughty things in your mother language if you are not English-speaking. It will appeal to people who speak your language and also to those who have never heard it.


Things you speak for

Always be careful when talking in your public room. Be polite and do not allow offensive words, even if you do not like someone.



Prepare the appearance


Set the stage

Pick up a well-lit corner of the room and place the camera. It should also be comfortable for you. You need to strike a balance between the best light and a place allowing to get straight and feel flexible. Provide enough free space around you and put the camera so that everything you plan to do can be visible from your viewers.


Prepare the appearance

Depending on the type of show, you may want to prepare a costume, specific clothing or hairstyle. Often, models prefer to wear home clothes so that viewers percept hospitable.

Formal clothing, or a specific vesture inherent to different cultures, could catch the eye of many watchers. This can repeatedly boost the interest of your room.

Like anything, try to look consistent with your outfit. Imagine being a doctor and acting as a clerk. It doesn't look realistic, does it? Be as confident in your garments as possible. Whether you are doing well enough will be proved from the time that new viewers are being held up in the room (at least a minute).


How To Define Your Role In Front Of The Cam



Non-verbal skills


What gestures do you make?

Sitting with your arms crossed usually means you are not happy. The body position must be authentic. Sometimes the models look either too wooden on camera or too slack.

Relax, but not so much that it doesn't seem like you have the strength. Do not make excessive grimaces. Look innocently at the camera. You do not always have to have a wet look and lustful gestures.

Touching your neck will make viewers trust you more.


Do not give everything the viewer expects, at least until a larger the audience is ready to pay.

Viewers will request for everything as quickly as possible. Especially if you act provocatively. They are really in a hurry to end their excitement.



Verbal Signals (Signs)

Stay verbal active

The way you speak to viewers is paramount. If you do not pay attention to them, they will leave the room and find another model. In the worst-case scenario, they will nibble with you. This will force you to block the user, and it will give a negative signal to other viewers as well. They will feel threatened to come calm and will prefer to leave. In either case, you are the loser.


The length of the visit

Many watchers leave a room in less than 30 seconds. They strive to satisfy their excitement as fully as possible and look for the webcam model that will give them the greatest pleasure.


Did you already think, "What is the chance I will be best for them"?

You may not be, in principle, the best choice, but at some point, you have to convince them that there is nothing better than your show. How can you achieve that?


→ As the first step, do not wait for someone to ask for a private chat with you, be first and type "hello".

You can write it as a comment in public chat as well. If you decided to talk instead of typing, you can say 'welcome' to the newbies. Be aware! Some users have muted the sound so they will never know that you have greeted them. And if you want to make a real emotional connection, write 'hello' to them as a private message (PM). Maybe you welcomed the person who will send you a tip in a few minutes later?


→ In the second step, ask them why they came into your room.

Allow the viewer to answer freely, even read more than asking. When the viewer tells you what liked about you, you will know what to emphasize in your show.

Next, If you have noticed that the viewer is not responding in detail, probably may not want such in-depth communication with you or in general. But that doesn't mean stopping there. Ask the user constantly what he thinks about the way you look, whether the video quality is good, or the sound. Thus, on the one hand, you will keep the attention, and on the other, you will have another concurrent viewer. Usually, people who are not talkative do not pay a tip. This is because their goal is to end their excitement quickly and go further with their daily tasks.


If the viewer is very sociable, then continue to be interested. Ask the person where it is from, how old it is, etc. If you note that the response is not enthusiastic, try to keep the user in the room using another tactic. For example, interrogate about what the user likes about sex or what is doing at the moment.


→ In case, the viewer responds with pleasure, then you can query a question about personal life. Does it have a relationship, how the viewer looks, how is dressed right now?

Never ask the viewer to show you themselves unless you have an extremely close relationship or he/she raise the topic.

People who have joined the webcam room are more voyeurs and rarely have the desire to show themselves.



Subscribing for the room (Follow the model)


Kindly, please the viewer to subscribe to your room.

If you established communicating with a particular viewer and don't ask to subscribe for your next live shows, why did you even begin? The basic idea is to build a sense of closeness and collecting followers.

Even if a certain user does not frequently browse rooms like yours, it will become more regular when someone invites him/her personally.

In addition, a close relationship will help to increase the number of simultaneous viewers, which will move the room in the front positions in the categories with cameras like yours and it is possible that this fan to decide to pay you even if he never did because of the hype.



About Tokens and how to request a tip

When is a viewer ready to pay you? In any case, don't ask for tokens immediately after he is joined to the room unless you have something in mind.

Some models try to make their fans feel sorry for them. They tell personal stories, sad stories, and waiting for emphasis. Pure student begs for token or single mother that should take care of her child. Have to be a good psychologist to keep that story alive. In addition, there is always a danger of annoying the viewer.

Imagine a horny visitor who burns of excitement. Would the visitor feels comfortable telling a story: “the parents die in an accident”? If you've made an emotional connection with a viewer (you've chatted at least a few times), then a fictional story like this may incline it to start paying you.


Advice: invent only one story and tell it in the same way to everyone.


Some viewers, however, have tokens and are prepared to grant you (purchase tokens in the account), as long as they get something that affords them the most pleasure. When you know roughly what they love, it's easy for the other one.

Have to hurry! If the viewer is impatient, be frank and say that you would do what they imagine and even more, but you will need the incentive.

How Long Takes To Get Tips On Cam Sites?


Don't ask for tokens directly.

Use close words such as - incentive, evaluation, support.

For example, "if you like me, send me a tip" or "to excite me, send a tip", "stimulate me with a beautiful tip". Sounds much sexier and more open-minded than "send a tip".



Take care of your security when communicating with your followers. It may not be safe.


In conclusion:

If you want success in the webcam business industry, you need to befriend your followers. Many models manage to build a deep relationship with their regular visitors and receive tips (or mostly) from them.

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