How Long Takes To Get Tips On Cam Sites?

Taking tips could be tough work, especially if you expect fast results for no time. Probably, thought like: “I give up” backs to your mind often. But don't leave. Occasionally we do something wrong and it costs a pure failure. Promise you! You did not try everything possible.
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February 20, 2020

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Rule: Patience first


The number one rule is – be patient. It's frustrating when giving the best of you but without results. But think about: how quickly you decide to give money to a stranger when singing on the street? Not often, right? So, why do you think someone will pay you tokens as fast you wish?



To answer yourself - how long will it take to get your first tip, think about the following important aspects of your broadcast:

  1. how many people watching your live show at the moment?

  2. how many people interacting with other viewers in the chat room?

  3. are you communicative enough?

  4. how good the picture and sound of your video are?


Your first tip could be earned from the beginning of your broadcasting or after a month. It depends on you.




Rule: Stubborn next


Stubborn person

Be stubborn and stay online. This can help you analyze the audience that joins the room. Do you have enough traffic and concurrent viewers?

The sooner you get more watchers, the promptly you will have the chance to claim a tip. Of course, even if you have a few viewers you can request tips, but before that, you need keeping their attention. You're not obliged to undress or do anything specific. Often, the emotional attachment created by the personal attitude to someone can cause a viewer to send your first tip.


And guess, sometimes when a fan sends you a tip afterward and others do it.


You may have noticed all those annoying models who sit in front of a camera and do nothing but act arrogantly or just staring at the phone without respecting the people entering their room. Don't be like them. Most viewers leave a few seconds after seeing the lack of interest. As you know, the average viewing time is about 11 minutes. You need to get the attention of your viewers within the first 30 seconds. Even those who do not have tokens are important because they are more talkative and create a sense of community. People who follow you as their favourite model expect to be apart of a community.

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