How To Define Your Role In Front Of The Cam

Learn more about how to define your purpose when broadcasting. What do you like?  Playing a role, acting as an actor, or just stream yourself casually? What you're ready to do for money? 
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January 26, 2020

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Target a specific audience


Some models prefer to interact with one type of audience – for example – males who like toys. More targeted groups tend to pay more money because they know how hard is to find specific a niche-based erotic room.


Smaller competition = higher revenue = recurring visitors.


Don't hesitate if the room has not many viewers. Remember, they will turn back again; will serve you; and will subscribe for the next live performances that you broadcast.


Because it is extremely difficult to find a model that meets the extremely narrow erotic expectations, role-playing viewers are very dedicated and willing to encourage you. Of course, your main task is to get them to have an emotional attachment not only to the the role that you perform, but into you, personally, as well.



Keep your privacy


Communication with fetishists is at the heart of long-term relationships. Role-playing webcam models sometimes rely on a few viewers, and they tend to pay for the role you play each time. To a large extent, fetishes do not get bored thinking about their sexual fantasies, and often feeling a guilty of having such needs. If there is such behavior, try to get under their skin and talk to them during the chat.

Never get too attached. Do not allow viewers too close to your privacy unless they have paid you in advance.




Target a broad audience


On the other side, you may expand the audience and present diverse shows every time. That will increase the number of watching people.

The broad range of roles you play will lead to a larger audience. In this case, you risk the viewers who watched you last time to stay disappointed (or not satisfied) with your new fit. That's why it is important when you decide to make different shows to build personal relationships with the viewers. This will make them attached to you, not to the specific role you are perform.


Not always, more viewers will lead to better broadcast revenue. If you fail to get viewers numb, they will watch passively and ain't pay for your show.

But when you have more w
atchers, it will move your room to higher positions in the camera list. For example, Chaturbate ranks rooms according to the number of viewers. When you are among the most popular cameras, you will be seen by more solvent users. As you know, just like with Google Search, cameras, on the first page, are most visited.

Frequent change of roles could increase the curiosity of your regular viewers who have subscribed to your
room. So they will continue to wait for you, stalking online. Your old followers can keep the room very active, writing comments enthusiastically because of they have already seen more of you and feel you are part of their lives. And this is not exaggerated at all. Your regular viewers can develop an obsession and do their best to not miss your shows.



Perform without role


The latest option is to play as usual. The laziest behavior in front of a camera is when you never change the way you play/looks. Nearly 80% of all cameras do not suggest role-playing games, and 91% show themselves in the usual way - sitting on the couch; lying on the bed or in a position that never changes.

show is similar to the previous one. You may be surprised, but despite the monotony, viewers continue to subscribe to such webcam models because they know what to expect from them.

The problem occurs when a viewer subscribes to many models. This, in turn, increases the ability to have more than one model online, broadcast
ing as regular. This way, the viewer can ignore your camera, and prior to choosing another one.

In this approach, the number of subscribers is irrelevant, because partially they will join your room if you are better, compared to other models that also broadcast at the time.



Insights You Have To See


Another interesting phenomenon is that 59% of all newly registered models stop broadcasting even after the first time. 19% quit after the second show, and 12% turn into successful webcam models.

80% of the models do not play role-playing games. 9% present the the same role-playing show and 5% prepare a different
live show each time.

71% of viewers are inclined to enter a room as a result of what they saw from the thumbnail. When you present something unique, your chances of high r
anking increase many times over.

11% of your subscribers will be online when you broadcast. Unfortunately, about 6% on an average basis, will c
hoose to watch your room.

In conclusion: You can stand out from the many cameras by presenting role-playing games to the audience. If you are patient enough, even if your role is too specific, you can a
ttract more serious fans than models without any prelude.

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