Retraining For 30 Years

The Story

Hello, I am 29 years old, in a few months I will be 30. I graduated from the University of National and World Economy and in the last 8 years since I graduated from the university, I have worked in trade and insurance companies. The problem is that the more time passes, the more I realize for myself that I haven't hit my profession, I feel out of place, things aren't going well, it makes sense to do my job well, but I'm not happy, although no one it doesn't bother me, the climate in the company is good, the bosses are ok, but still the inner feeling is negative. On the other hand, I have always loved to cook, it is my great passion, I am very passionate. I wonder if I should try to retrain in the economic field - chef insurance. There are cooking classes that are really expensive and worth it, which, in my opinion, can give you a very good basis to start working directly in a good restaurant, and not to start from the neighborhood kebab shop. I think I would be a good cook and most importantly - I would do it with great pleasure. The things that worry me are that it is said that cooking is a low-paid profession, at least until you become good, there is dishonesty on the part of employers and great exploitation, and that it is a misery. In insurance, working in an international company, I still have a social and living standard that satisfies me at this stage. But isn't everything in this world money ... Shouldn't I take a risk now before I have children and a serious family and try to do what will make me happy Most of my friends call me - you're crazy, it's a prestigious profession, you will peel carrots for 1 year until someone gives you a chance, etc. The general opinion in Bulgaria is that only the losers, the socially weak, etc. become cooks, but in my opinion in the last few years, cooking has become more popular and good. paid profession? What do you think?

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October 19, 2020