How To Quickly Translate Sales Online: 3 Easy Steps

If what you offer customers can be sold on the Internet, it's time to start doing it. There is a chance that this will make it easier for your business to survive the crisis.
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May 21, 2020

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Set up online pay

Where to sell?

Your task is to start sales as quickly as possible, so do not waste money and time creating a sophisticated website. A simple landing with a showcase of goods is enough. With the help of popular designers like Tilda or Wix, you can assemble it literally in the evening. Place a catalog of goods on the page, leave contacts for communication, and tell us how to pay for the goods and what with delivery. In order not to waste time, use a ready-made example - you just need to enter the name of your legal entity in the text.

You can use the Instagram page as an additional sales channel.

How to sell?

Reject online payments is the same as sending a customer directly to a competitor who can be paid through the site.

Basket your site will not need: customers can pay for orders directly in an email or messenger. Here's how it works: the buyer chooses the item, writes to you in the messenger listed on the page, and you send the customer a link to pay for the order and negotiate the delivery date.

Before connecting to the payment service, find out how many days after paying the money will come into your account, and specify how the maintenance of the payment service works.

Most entrepreneurs need

Please attention to the size of the payment service commission.

Form a link to payment can be sent to the customer in a messenger, a message in the social network, or SMS.

Money from customers will come into the account the day after payment, and all problems with passing payments CloudPayments take over - technical support will be in touch 24/7.



Arrange delivery

Of course, contactless.

The buyer can refuse an order upon receipt, so find out if there is a possibility of _ #shemy a partial refund and in how many days the item will return to you. This means that after the order will first authorize the customer's card, and then the purchase amount will be blocked in his account.

If you work only with buyers from your city, you can organize your own delivery service - at the same time left idle employees will earn.

Don't forget the safety of your couriers and provide them with protective masks, gloves and antiseptic.



Tell your customers about yourself

For this will be a useful Instagram account.

If you know who your typical buyer is, you can connect targeted advertising.

By the way, you can earn not only on sales: everyone who uses Internet-acquiring CloudPayments, can participate in the partner program.

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