How To Make A Reliable Fake Facebook Account In 2020?

Learn how to create a fake Facebook account in 2020. Detailed information about how to register, manage and communicate when you've created a fake account. Make this account trustable and learn how to use it carefully.
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April 16, 2020

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Prepare a fake account

Have a phone number

You must have a phone number that is not used for previous registrations. Be able to receive messages on it, because Facebook sends a validation code.


Register an email

The first step before the actual registration on Facebook is to grab a brand-new email address that is not related to the real one (as a name). Pick up the name of the email and go to Gmail. Validate the email using the phone or secondary email address.


Determine your reason to create a fake account

Are you going to use this fake account for personal purposes or you're planning to expand your business?

That's the fundamental question because verifying an identity could be sophisticated if you develop a community of online friends (strangers).


Don't pretend to be someone that you're not

Don't use an identity/photos that could expose who you're. Pictures, given from the internet, will betray that you're a fake account.


Purposes of use

Do you want to follow every step of your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or get him/her caught? Well, you have to think about how to build an identity that is reliable in the context of the life of your partner. Is it reliable just to send a friend request to your partner with your fake profile? It looks suspicious. Isn't it?

Who you are? Why do you add someone as a friend on Facebook? How do you know the person that you've sent a request?

In case, you want to grow your brand, consider the interests and the country where is your target audience.


Female or Male Profile

What gender you should choose when you've creating a fake Facebook profile?

Business Purpose: a female account will guarantee more friends and followers. Probably, you'll collect more friend requests by males. Think about the target audience of your business: males or women? If your business target homosexual men, expect better results with a male profile.

Personal Purpose: If you try to send a request to a man, claiming that you're man, most likely he won't respond to it. Even a man accepts a request, probably will delete it shortly, when you cannot explain clearly who you're.


Account Name

Choose reliable names. John Doe, for example, is not a good choice. It seems spammy. If you want to construct an ideal profile, find a name that is correlated to the country of your potential audience. However, you may need of foreign names that cannot connect with you.

For example, if your girlfriend/boyfriend is an American, you may want to pick up german names to deceive that the account is accidentally added her/his profile. On the contrary, your partner will try to investigate who you're.

Consider country-related names if you intend to promote products/websites, etc. It's more likely to be added if the name seems close to the nationality of the person. NationsOnline could suggest a list of names typically used in a particular region/country.




Hide your IP - VPN

What is a VPN?

VPN tools hide your IP, location, or device information and replace it with a random one. In order to keep your safety, don't use free VPN tools because they swap a limited number of IPs between all users. Often, most IPs are spammy and used for illegal activities.

The Opera browser has a free VPN integrated by default itself. You can enable VPN from the settings of the browser. Unfortunately, there are limited IP networks that you can use and they haven't clear previously activity.

Get quality VPN service (unique IP) for $15 per month.


Could you create a fake profile without VPN?

Yes, you do. In most cases, Facebook understands that many people could log in to the site from one device and browser. Of course, if you pretend that you're living in Germany and your IP is located in the USA is not trustable. Also, if the same IP network had been used inappropriately on Facebook, that could cause locking your profile.


Facebook could detect IP networks that are spammy. So, using free VPN services are not considered a good idea.



Upload Fake Photos

Use natural-looking photos

Pretty women/men, in the best shape, could alert people that your profile is a fake. Remember, most people in the world don't look like stars. Probably, 80% of people who received a friend request by you, will believe you're real but think about the other 20%. They could report your profile and will act as Facebook police officers. Also, you can prefer using photos with not that good quality.


Find photos for your fake account

Do not use photos from an existing Facebook account. Facebook has a very intelligent algorithm for recognizing faces and photos. That means it could block your account once you upload an image that already exists in their database.

Go to VKontakte. It's a Russian social media, alternative of Facebook, but for the Russian-speaking people as primary. Don't worry. VK has an English version and it's open to everyone. Find a profile with a lower number of followers/friends and as many as possible photos. Download all photos on your computer. Next, investigate are these photos have already uploaded on the internet using Google Images. If they're, choose another one profile and photos and repeat this step.

When you have photos, don't hurry to upload them on Facebook.


Avoid photos with watermark

They could be an object of copyright and easily recognizable.



More photos will create better confidence. Upload photos often.

Advice: Keep some photos in reserve and send them only to contacts that insist to see private photos of you.


Crop the photos

Crop the photo. Change the angle or rotate it. Reduce the quality or dimensions of the image. Make it untraceable for the Facebook algorithm. Don't use many effects. You can change hair color, eye color, covering watermarks if any. Use free tools like Pixir or PhotoPea to edit all photos.

After that, check your images on Google Images again. Be ensure, the photos are not detected as already uploaded on the internet.

Finally, you can upload your profile picture on Facebook.



Facebook protection - Security Identifying

Date of birth

It's crucial to remember the date of birth of your fake profile. Sometimes, Facebook will block temporarily the account and you must verify it picking the day, month, and year of the profile's birth. So, take a diary with the details of your profile.


Recognize your friends

That's the most annoying security check. Facebook will show random people that you've added as a friend and you should guess their name by their profile photos. If you fail to pass this, Facebook considers your profile as a fake. And yes, sometimes the photos are blurred or not clear (because of the owner of the photo ) and not possible to guess who they are but Facebook gives you a number of attempts to getting wrong.

So, we recommend you to make screenshots to all friend list and that will increase the possibility to recover your fake account. Also, when you add someone as a friend, try to remember how they looking and what's the name.


Email/Phone Verification

If something wrong happens with your profile, Facebook will suggest you recover it using email/phone. Don't forget to actualize your mail/phone with real ones. 




Create a realible human profile

Work and education

Where you've worked and what education do you have? Leave a brief description of your perspectives. If you're adding germans, make it sure that you're speaking german. Otherwise, pretend you are a foreigner in Germany.

If you're foreigner, you have to prove what's your purpose - are you working or studying in the country? Why're you not speaking German?

As you see, you have to devise the whole story.


Interests and Lifestyle

What're your interests and how they correlate to the work/education that you've got? If you want to use Facebook for the marketing of a product, think about how to connect your interests, lifestyle, work, education to the product niche.

How's going your a usual day? What're your daily activities? Do you have boyfriends/girlfriend?

To avoid offline meetings, pretend that you're in a relationship.


Don't be too sexual

If you made a female profile, don't upload too many erotic photos. Keep them for private messages.


Tagging and Exposing

Don't allow tagging on your feed. Someone could be offended by you or reveal that you're lying. In this case, you have to block it gently, without warnings and very quickly before this person starts commenting/reporting your photos and profile. If someone exposes you, don't try to persuade them they're wrong. Block them immediately.



  • Make your profile invisible in the search section.

  • Do not allow tagging or posting on the feed.

  • Hide your email, location, year of birth and secret data from the profile.

  • Hide your activities and when you're online. You can enable this information to the messenger contacts manually.

  • Hide the number of friends and the whole friend list.
  • Allow accepting friend requests only by friends (or their friends).


Tag other fake profiles

Upload photos claiming that captured in a specific place.  You can tag a friend (another fake profile). Or using an edited photo.



Building a friend list

Send a friend request

Do not send more than 50 friend requests per day and 25 per hour. Otherwise, Facebook may detect your activity as spam.

Precise your requests. Do not send accident queries. Carefully gather friends.


Welcoming every new contact.

Facebook determines each account without interactions as fake, especially if it's registered soon. Keep your friend in touch. Communicate privately with them (send messages) on a daily basis.


Prefer to not sending a request

When you reach out to 50 friends on Facebook, turn the logic in the opposite way. Don't send friend requests and wait. Earlier, we spoke about privacy settings. Your profile should be settled to receiving friend requests from mutual people. You'll be surprised how many people will add you, just because you have a mutual connection. It's a safe way of gathering friends. If people want a friendship with you, probably your profile is trusted, right? That thinks Facebook too.


Mix your friend requests

Make your friend list realistic.

Yes, you can hide who is in it but the list of post reactions is available to anyone.

Think about: You're chatting with someone who is already your friend on Facebook. Next, he/she wants a moment photo from you but you cannot provide it. Then he/she gets doubt about your profile. Most likely they begin with an investigation of the profile. If they cannot prove that your photos are not real, the next thing is to review all posts that you've published. And guess what, they'll look who is your friend and many more. Let's say he/she saw only male profiles are your friends. That's a problem. It's not realistic.

You must have friends from both sexes.

Don't forget the rule by 30% against 70%.

If your profile is a woman interested in men - add 70% men but also 30% females at least.

If your profile is a woman interested in women - add 70% women but also 30% of males at least.

The same is valid for male accounts.



How to handle conflicts and exposing

No doubt. Keeping your fake identity as real is sophisticated. It's going tough when a particular contact insists moment photo of you. How to provide a photo? You cannot. This situation will occur from time to time and we have to get used to it.

Preventing is the number one lesson.

When someone gets suspicious don't waste time convincing that you're real. Block this person immediately. Before that, check the mutual contacts with the person and make a screenshot. Sometimes, these people persist. It's not excluded to contact their friends (that are also your friend) and try to torture you or report the profile. If you have not so many mutual contacts, you might consider to delete them from the friend list of your fake profile.


Try to contact the person outside of Facebook

These days, the software makes miracles. You can change your audio settings and change your voice. And it's work.

Advice: Test your voice changes before you call someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my alternate Facebook account when I'm using my main one?

You can log out of your main one, and log into your alternate one. Facebook understands that many people could access their profiles using one device/IP.

Or log in through other browsers. For example, if you're using Chrome when logging in to the main profile, then open Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and sign in on Facebook with the credentials of your fake account.

How do I make a fake account of a celebrity for my friend?

We do not recommend it. Facebook could block this profile with ease. You can create a fan page or group related to the celebrity.

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