How To Build My Webcam Model Business?

Starting your own webcam business could earn you a lot more money than working for a webcam company or in free platforms like Chaturbate. To be successful, however, you will need to go into the whole matter and decide whether to make the effort.
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January 28, 2020

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Definition of Webcam Business

Webcam Business refers to a company or individual that offers erotic shows after paying. Shortly, we will mention in the article as 'merchant'.

An adult webcam merchant cares about workflow, a platform where the webcam models will perform, integration of payment gateways, and the applied rates for tipping and selling the content.

It sounds sophisticated and probably it is.


Simple or Advanced

If you have only one model performing erotic shows, then we consider the business as  'simple'. Otherwise, it's an advanced form.


Workflow is the process of modeling, defining working hours or the type of performances. If you're the only one model or have only one employee, then the workflow depends on your preferences.


The platform is a website where the live shows will be broadcasted. Usually, it could be 'Content Management System' that is already developed for webcam purposes.

List of functionalities you may want:

  • integrated payment systems (Paypal, Credit Cards, etc)

  • player and webcam modules (technical solution for streaming live performances)

  • user management (standard options - register, sign in, forgotten password, etc)

  • analytical data (how many payments you achieved, how many people watched, etc)

  • tipping system (or subscription module)

  • custom features


How much the platform costs?

It depends on your requirements and the cost model of the provider (pay for quantity, pay initially or monthly). We spoke for a wide range of $50-$500 per year or free (see below).


What is the rate model?

You can charge the users through different rates. For example, you might want to get paid for an hour or as a monthly subscription. As an owner of the business, it could be easy to set the proper pattern.



Benefits to start webcam business

What are the benefits of having your own webcam business, might you ask?


Look at the list below:


  • work for yourself

  • whenever and wherever you want

  • you have flexible working hours

  • there is no risk of not receiving the money you have earned

  • you do not count the percentage in the form of commissions for a webcam company or free platforms like Chaturbate



Disadvantages to start webcam business


What are the disadvantages of growing your webcam business?


  • you need to take care of all the payments

  • you put a lot more effort into finding solvent viewers

  • a higher risk of being recorded while doing erotic live shows

  • you might have the cost of setting up a company or paying taxes



Creating an audience


The first step to creating your webcam business is to influent a loyal audience to expect and pay for your live performances.

By default, people who will be your target is solvent and willing to pay for an erotic show.



Perhaps the first logical thought comes to your mind is to create your page or profile on Facebook? But how do you find exactly those who would rather prefer an erotic show in front of a camera than an adult movie? Even sending friend requests to people, participating in groups, it won’t guarantee that the specific people you interact with are interested to pay. There are two ways of thinking in practice:

  • how to find people who like erotic performances in front of a camera

  • how to find people willing to pay for a live show


Who are the people we are looking for?
People looking for such experiences have freer time at the moment. Because when someone browses an adult movie, the sexual drive that they have would take a few minutes, while when came to erotic cameras, they should be on the alert that orgasm could appear after hours of seducing.

They are probably lonely. This is not always true, but think: if a person seeks communication over animal satisfaction (masturbating for example), is he not alone? Take advantage of the persons that are single or have recently had a breakup.

Ask your potential contacts what their social/family status is, what they do and whether have free time.

Be careful when crossing their personal space.

Find out about the urgency of their sexual feelings
Once you know the details of their lives, you can decide if such a contact might be helpful. For example, if a person was on vacation and after a day is at work, would he pay you for erotic services in long-term?

Sometimes quick and insecure contacts are better
There are men/women who do not even suspect that they are liable to pay for erotic live shows. They are so dispersed and horny that they would do anything. So if they have an aggressive sexual need, take advantage.

Platform Pyramid
Rethink how you use the media. For some platforms, you don’t have to think about having sex dialogues.
Do not use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for erotic purposes. Many people out there would have an erotic conversation to use against you later. Think of social profiles as an opportunity to retain or provoke an audience. Remind yourself or announce to be online and ready to show.

Some webcam fans are reluctant to pay.
Remember that as much as you want someone to pay, they may not be willing.


There are three types of viewers:

  • those who have already decided to pay to watch an erotic show

  • those who would never pay and prefer to visit free camera sites

  • those who, under the influence of intense emotions, would pay for an erotic show

You have probably guessed that the first group is the one you should aim for.

When working independently, it is imperative that you maintain an emotional connection with each of your contacts. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • choose men/women who you like a little, at least, to communicate with them with pleasure.
    But never forget that they have to pay for you.

  • make them believe you are extremely close, but remind them you are still looking for a financial return

  • When you show that you are interested in the other person, they will be willing to pay you. But remember, people get attached and that could harm you.

  • Get used to the idea that even long-standing contacts can stop unaware, without a reason. Collect as many contacts as you could.




Preparation of social platforms


Get prepared - some people prefer one social network over another. Sometimes it is a matter of taste but in most cases of popularity. For example, Skype is most popular in Europe and Asia than in North America. So be flexible and offer as many platforms as possible to continue the conversation.

Maintain all accounts and never miss saying ‘hello‘ to your contacts daily.

Plan when to poke someone

Keep in mind that if a person becomes your contact at certain time of the day and on a particular day of the week, he or she will probably be online again at the same time recurrently. You can keep a diary, noting when it would be the right time for typing/calling someone. Although most communication platforms permit an option for checking the status of a user (online, offline, nearby). In this way, you can also record a brief information about the the person you are talking to - for example, what he does when he works and when he has days off, whether is engaged with hobbies.




Platform hosting a show


Using free platform
Broadcasting your performance on a handmade platform will save you the cost of buying a custom platform. Most viewers, in turn, would feel more comfortable using a familiar video service such as Skype, Viber, even Facebook (not preferred).



  • convenience of using a familiar platform

  • greater trust in viewers

  • no additional fees, it’s free


  • max viewers limit at a time (although most platforms support group calling)

  • Less flexible payment options — pay per hour or pay per flashes. It’s complicated to organize a nice payment flow.

  • Using multiple platforms (because it is more convenient for different viewers. For example: a customer prefer using Skype instead of Viber)

  • increased risk of losing your money if the viewer requests a refund (Paypal thinks the customer is always right)

  • If you are making group video chats, viewers can get to know each other and start sharing your videos or information among them and outside of the group. Also, announce fixed prices for every customer because they know each other and communicate with each other.



Using a custom platform (website)
Already developed platforms (Content Management Streaming Platforms) in the Internet world that allow you to manage your contacts, payments, and customers extremely easily. Plus, no limitations occurred by external sites like Skype, Viber, etc.


  • all the accumulated contacts watch your show directly on your site instead of going to diverse platforms

  • more opportunities to upgrade and develop additional functionalities to help you;

  • easy management of payments and pick up diverse payment flows, for example, on an hourly basis or paying as a fixed amount

  • secure payments — 3D secure, easy integration of credit cards.

  • Multiple cameras capability. You can also combine your efforts with other webcams models sharing one custom platform bought from all of you.

  • Easily integrate a system for buying and downloading your erotic videos


  • you need to buy a built platform, ready to go, and pay monthly support, with costs ranging from up to $2,000 per year, usually $40-$200 per month.





Selling Videos and Pics


Should you sell videos/photos?
Selling videos/pics will increase your revenue but also expand the risk of leaking to adult sites. This way, you may find yourself much more famous as you would like, bringing more of your acquaintances to your private videos. If you do not want this to happen, do not trade videos that show your face.

What prices should you announce?
Prices are entirely at your assessment. Ask for tiny sums, like up to $5 per piece. Remember that your contacts are more interested in watching webcams rather than purchasing recorded videos. Use your video clips as bait to spark viewer interest. We recommend that the video length be up to a minute and present just a small fraction of your capabilities in front of the camera. Send a photo as a prelude and retaining curiosity. The honest price for a picture is no more a dollar. You can increase the value of the video/photos if they're made exclusively to the customer.

How do I request a payment?
Your first task is to choose a payment method. Some webcam models choose Paypal as the most trusted and popular international payment gateway. Our recommendation to you is to send payment requests, rather than claiming direct payment when we consider of using Paypal.

How to make a payment request
1. Define an email address of the customer and show the amount you owe. Describing the reason to request funds (since ‘webcam shows‘ are a high-risk service according to Paypal Terms, you can state that you want money from a friend without specifying for what purpose).
2. Wait the person behind the email to pay or decline this proforma invoice that requesting the payment.

Here, you are protecting yourself somewhat from a request for a refund.

Direct payment works like this:
1. A customer uses your Paypal email and the amount you expect to send a payment.
2. The customer makes a payment.

The problem with direct payments is that the payer may claim that it sent the payment amount to the wrong person (misspelling email address). The customer might prefer to check an option that requires paying the transaction fee on your side. So instead of $30, you will get $25.

Do I need to have a company?
According to the law of your country, you can declare this income as an individual.

Do I bypass laws?
Ask if your country allows erotic and pornography.

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