How Can You Target Any Facebook Group For Your Facebook Ads?

Learn more about advertising on Facebook using Groups. In this article, we will tell you how to target any group and member of a group. Publish your Facebook Ads with precise. Find the right audience for your campaign.
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April 16, 2020

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Target the right Facebook Groups

Many marketers expect that when they find a Facebook group in their niche and with many followers, they have discovered a gold mine.

Multi-user groups are never the most reliable source of results.

For example, one Facebook group with 300 members may be more effective than another with 3,000 members.

Before you waste your time in unnecessary spam, messaging members, or posting in a group, make sure you are in the right place.

Determine the quality of the group
We guarantee that sometimes large groups are round zero and it is not worth the waste of time in them.


However, how do we recognize them?

Are there a lot of user activity - reactions, shares and most of all comments? If not, then most likely the group has attracted new members with random invitations to everyone (friend invites all friend list).

For example, imagine you are a writer. It's just that your Facebook friends aren't interested in books. However, you do create a group to share your work with. You know this group will be inactive. Because the fewer reactions and interest it provokes, the fewer publications it will show to its members at their newsfeed.


The highest quality groups are those that gather members naturally.

That is when someone finds the group himself and decides to join it. Exactly when one searches for information, it means that one has an interest in the subject matter of a given group.

Of course, if you invite your friends who are sure to share the interests shared by the group, they will be fully effective members.

When a group is not created by you, you cannot be sure how it has accumulated its members over time.

Therefore, we need to consider how many members it is by looking at its activity. The most important sign is the number of commenters, and only then are reactions and shares.

The groups have no public statistics, so even the owners cannot guarantee a reach. However, group administrators can tell a post how many times it has been viewed.




Prepare trusted Facebook Profile

Do you have a good enough account?
Make sure your gender does not prevent you from posting to a group. For example, if you constantly post articles from your blog to a female group, it's almost certain that you will either be kicked out of the community or Facebook will block your access to the platform or group. And this is because you're a man and spam.

Also, if your profile hasn't trusted photos, that looks suspicious.



Create a realistic character
If you use a fake account, you must be convincing. Do not rush to post your videos, links. First, establish yourself as a permanent member of the group. Wait at least a few weeks before you start publishing. Create contacts from the group. Communicate. It's the only possible way to receive their trust.

Identify the niche
The first step is to find groups that fit your field. If you're selling clothes, look for groups with the same focus.



Method: Use this trick to target Facebook Group Members

Unfortunately, there is no way to target Facebook groups directly.

There is however a method  to do which is go into the group you want to advertise to:

Find a group worth targeting.  Locate the most active users in the group. Check out their profile. See their interests, Age, marital status, location, job, etc. Do this with 15–20 people. Is it a lot of work?

Yes! Please, don't even consider to make manually!

Here is the trick:

When you join a group, create a 30-second video introducing yourself or something that related to the topic of the group. Admins of the group will normally approve this post as it encourages active engagement. It should be catchy!

A week after the post, then create a custom audience in Ads Manager targeting anyone who has viewed 3 seconds of that particular video.

This will allow you to then target members of a specific group.

But! It still doesn't work if the group is private. Probably the video should be hidden and not reachable.

OK! Then upload the video on your Facebook Page. If the page is popular, it's fine. Note: Many admins of groups will disapprove of videos from not viral sources. Let say, your page has 50 fans. How serious it is? Then, upload your video to a more trusted page and then re-post it in the group which you would like to target.


One way you can build an audience from members of a Facebook group is:

  1. Upload a video to your Facebook page
  2. Share that video into the Facebook group you want to target
  3. Create an audience of people who have watched that video for 3 seconds
  4. Target an ad at the people who have watched the video.

This won’t capture everyone in the group but it’s a way of capturing them.

If you publish the video post as a ‘dark post’ you can share that post to the group and you won’t get people outside the group seeing it (unless it’s shared again outside the group).


How to not mixing results of a video?

Probably, when you upload the video to the page, it'll generate some views. You can exclude people that already interact with your page and target only the custom audience that you've built from a group posting.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you advertise on Facebook groups?

Facebook ads appear along the right side next to the group post feed and below the suggested groups to join.

The short answer to it is no. You can't advertise to a Facebook Group directly using Facebook Ads.


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