Apples Will Solve Our Problems

Get rid of all the chemicals you have prepared to lose weight. There is a much more natural and delicious way to lose weight without crowding with the nastiest representatives of the Mendeleev table. And this is the apple.
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May 16, 2020

Apples Will Solve Our Problems


Apples - Calorie intake

If you eat one apple before a meal, you will reduce your calorie intake during the actual meal.

And in significant quantities.

For example, eating an apple before lunch reduces calorie intake by 15%. Which in simple language means - about 185 calories. It sounds ridiculous but expressed in kilograms, this ingestion of an apple will affect 700 grams per month and a little over 9 kilograms in one year. If, in addition to before lunch, you eat an apple and before dinner, logically, the numbers we told you should double.

And before you ask candied apples, apple cakes and pies do not count as fruit before dinner. We don't know about you, but something turns in our stomachs when we think we need to eat fruit just before we eat. At the moment when we would eat everything in the world, just when we are the hungriest, and the kitchen smells of something indefinite, but almost delicious. 

It's just not true. Probably one day we will try to eat apples before lunch and dinner, but honestly, just thinking about it and something scratched us. I hope at least you have a little stronger will.

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