7 Professions To Be In-Demand In 2020

What kind of work to choose, so as not to be afraid of quarantine, epidemic or other cataclysms. Some professions have been affected by the crisis. We have compiled a list of professions that will be in-demand in the near future.
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May 17, 2020

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What's happening in the labour market

The market for labor in the UK has changed a lot over the past month.

Some sent employees on unpaid leave.

Others have cut wages.

The most popular solution to the problem was to transfer employees to remote work: it was transferred.



Which profession to choose?

Cybersecurity specialist

In this area, the official unemployment rate Cybersecurity specialists are able to find vulnerabilities in software and software codes, anticipate the actions of cybercriminals and develop methods to prevent hackers.

Such specialists are needed in financial and IT-companies, state structures and defense departments.


Web developer

This is the most popular IT profession in 2019, according to StackOverflow research.

Web developers are divided into four types:

  • Backend-developers. They are engaged in the server part: the database, architecture, and logic of the site or application. With the help of Python, PHP, Ruby, and other programming languages, they write code that provides adequate work and prevents the web page from plotting.
  • Frontend-developers. Responsible for the visual or user part of sites: pictures, buttons, fonts, drop-down menus. Their goal is to make sure that all this is displayed correctly on any device. To do this, they work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Fullstack-developers. Combine the functions of the first and second
  • Testers. They're making sure everything works the way it should. They find bugs and braking.


Interface designer

A specialist who is thinking about how to make the interface of a site or application as convenient as possible for a person: that the user is not confused in tabs and links and can easily find on the page what is needed.

For this interface designer, he is a designer UX/UI (experience design/interface design) must:

  • explore the target audience;
  • to analyze the market;
  • write custom scripts, that is, to predict how people will behave on a particular site;
  • work out the visuals, that is, draw the future product on a piece of paper or in a graphic editor;
  • create and test prototypes of the finished product.


Data Analyst

The Man who helps find the right solutions in business, science, and management.

Data analysts are divided into several types:

  • Product Analyst. Helps in promoting the business. He needs to explore the market and potential customers of the brand, and then figure out how to implement a particular product as efficiently as possible.
  • Big Data. Analyst Reveals relationships in a huge amount of information. For example, studying people's preferences, market trends.
  • Web Analyst. A specialist who evaluates people's behavior on different web resources. It helps develop an effective advertising strategy.


Smart Environment Designer

it specialist who makes the surrounding space comfortable and functional.

This specialist should know programming, chemistry, the Internet of Things, be able to process data.


Graphic designer

A creative specialist who develops the identity of the brand, that is, its visual part: logo, branded colors, font, design of advertising products, packaging design, and so on.

The graphic designer uses Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, and other editors.


Game developer

He's a game dev. Gamedev knows how to work with animation, can draw, master the basics of programming, and understands how game worlds work.

Gamedev can work not only in the gaming industry but also in advertising: many companies use games to promote their products.

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