Yuliya Latynina

Born 16 June, 1966 ( 58 years old) in Moscow, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Yuliya Latynina ?
According to the birthday of Yuliya Latynina the astrological sign is Gemini .

Yuliya Latynina's Height is 170 cm. ( 5 ft 6 ins).

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Russian journalist and writer Yulia Latynina is a laureate of numerous awards, including international ones. The title "Person of the Year", awarded to her in 1999, made Yulia a famous and scandalous face of the Russian literary and journalistic society.

Yulia Latynina was born on June 19, 1966 in the family of Moscow intellectuals Leonid Alexandrovich and Alla Nikolaevna. The Latynins couple are known for their creative activities - Yulia's father was a prose writer and poet known for his work in Europe and America, and his mother was a literary critic in her homeland. Yulia Latynina is Jewish by nationality.

Moscow Literary Institute. Julia graduated from Gorky with honors, after which she defended her Ph.D. thesis on the topic of dystopian discourse. In 1988, she was sent for an internship at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, and in 1993, after completing her postgraduate studies, she trained at King's College London, where she studied the economics of the European Middle Ages. Subsequently, Latynina used the acquired knowledge as material for lectures and historical and religious discourses.




Latynina found in herself the ability, in addition to work in specialization, for the literary genre - her prose is known under the theme of a historical and economic detective story. Among the first works by Latynina are "Bomb for the Banker", "Hello, I am your" roof ", or the new Aladdin", "The Tale of the Holy Grail". The writer has published up to four books a year for two decades. Popular were Latynina's novels "Industrial Zone", "Locust", "Land of War", which appeared on the shelves of bookstores in the early 2000s.

Thanks to her literary works, Julia became known for sharp statements that fans of the journalist use as quotes. The last published novel of the writer was the book “Russian baker. Essays on a Liberal Pragmatist ”, which was published in 2012.

Before her passion for prose, Yulia Latynina was known as the author of numerous popular science articles on the history of economics and culture. At the beginning of the last decade of the last century, Julia's works were published in the capital's publications, including "New World", "Knowledge and Power" and others.

As for the books, Julia herself noted that she dreams of writing a work with a happy ending, since all her creations do not end in the best way for the heroes. Latynina noted that she sees some of her own traits in the characters, so she cannot "allow" the heroes of the books to take many liberties.

Since 1995, a new stage began in the creative biography of Latynina. Yulia began to work hard in journalism as an economic columnist for the newspapers Izvestia, Segodnya, Sovershenno Sekretno and other publications. In the same year, she became a member of the Writers' Union, having published more than 20 books in the fantasy genre, as well as in the genre of detective stories with elements of economics and history.

After the release of Latynina's books, this genre gained popularity among readers, although it was not the first time it was presented in Russia. Julia herself noted that the heroes of the books are sustained in antique romance, but are always ready to prove themselves as aggressive people defending their interests. In the fantasy genre, she managed to define the plot as a confrontation between “our own” and “someone else's," “state” and “citizen” - these motives were the brightest in Julia's books. Latynina's bibliography is marked by the adaptation of her most popular book, The Hunt for Manchurian Deer.

The history of the creation of the only film in the author's filmography was associated with a conflict situation that arose between the ORT and NTV TV channels in the struggle for the rights to film the work. Since Yulia made a choice in favor of ORT, she had to leave NTV, where since 2000 she worked as a TV presenter of the rating program Ruble Zone, which she herself created.

Later, Yulia Latynina gave a negative description of the script, which was changed according to the idea of ​​the filmmakers. As Latynina later reflected, leaving the channel was like a betrayal of colleagues. And the unsuccessful, in her opinion, film adaptation (despite the fact that Alexander Baluev, Alexey Guskov, Ekaterina Guseva starred in the detective story) became a kind of retribution for a rash step.

After that, the TV journalist took part in the filming of the programs “Another time” (on the channel “ORT”), “There is an opinion” (“TVS”) and “In my own words” (Ren-TV).

In addition to working on television, since 2001, Yulia Latynina began cooperation with Novaya Gazeta, four years later, her author's columns appeared in the electronic editions of Daily Journal and Gazeta.Ru.

Yulia's career continued on the Echo of Moscow radio, where the journalist was the author of the Access Code program. At the radio station "Silver Rain" together with Anton Nosik hosted the program "Yoga for Brains".

The TV journalist is notable for her critical attitude towards the current government in Russia. Among the topics that Latynina touches on in her blog are reflections on the distribution of federal subsidies. A hot article was published under the title "Savages and Business".

Yulia Latynina speaks critically about Vladimir Putin, about the interaction between Russia and China. The relations of the heads of state of the former Soviet republics do not escape the journalist's eyes. According to Latynina, the policy of the Russian leadership is constantly losing out to the actions of Alexander Lukashenko. At one time, the journalist supported Sergei Sobyanin, but after the appearance of the law on renovation, she criticized the actions of the Moscow mayor's office.

The journalist has repeatedly raised the issue of issuing Russian citizenship to immigrants from Central Asia. Julia contributed to the discussion of the topic of global warming on the planet.

2016 was marked by an unpleasant incident for Latynina - she was doused with feces. The person who performed this performance remains unknown. As noted by the journalist herself, the “assassination attempts” on her account have already exceeded a dozen cases, and this particular case was the result of her criticism of the “trolls of the current regime” and specifically of the restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Despite the threats, Yulia Latynina continued to work at the radio station Echo of Moscow, giving analytical reviews. Latynina is a convinced individual and believes that each person is responsible for his actions independently. She observes this rule.

Prize to them. Goldy Meir, prize of Alexander II, prize to them. Maria Grazia Kutuli, the title of "Defender of Freedom", "Marble Faun" - these are not all the awards with which Julia Latynina was encouraged.



Personal life

Questions from journalists about Yulia Latynina's personal life are taboo. She even published some books under the pseudonym Evgeny Klimovich, although the reprint was published under the real name of the writer. Julia does not like publicity and rarely gives interviews, which gives rise to a lot of speculation.

Latynina herself has never confirmed or denied this or that statement in the media about her personal relationships. Family, husband and children are a topic hidden from the public that the journalist never discusses in public and in the media. At the same time, political views, reflections on economic topics are constantly present on the pages of her microblogging in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the official website.

Julia Latynina has been fond of sports since childhood. The journalist runs 10 km daily. In winter, Julia regularly goes skiing, in summer she switches to a bicycle, therefore, with a height of 170 cm, her weight never exceeds the norm, which can be seen in numerous personal photos of the journalist.



Julia Latynina now

In the summer of 2017, another attack was made on Yulia Latynin. The journalist's car was splashed with caustic gas, and in September unidentified persons set the car on fire. For the first time, Latynina became afraid for the life of her loved ones, so the journalist left Russia with her parents. At the same time, Latynina hides the place of emigration from the public.

Now Yulia Latynina continues to comment on the events taking place in Russia, speaking in the next issues of the "Access Code".




1990 - "The Tale of the Holy Grail" 1991 - "The Case of the Lost God" 1995 - "Bomb for the Banker" 1996 - "Sorcerers and Ministers" 1996 - "The Tale of the Golden Sovereign" 1997 - "Hello, I am your" roof ", or new Aladdin "1999 -" Red deer Hunt "1999 -" Insider "2000 -" Locust "2003 -" Industrial zone "2007 -" Land of War "2007 -" Inhuman "2012 -" Russian baker. Essays of a Liberal Pragmatist "



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Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2022

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1.2M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $510.5K - $2M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $74.4K - $116.1K
November 2022 $74.1K - $124.5K
October 2022 $46.8K - $141.4K
September 2022 $75.2K - $95.2K
August 2022 $66.3K - $122.9K
July 2022 $68.5K - $157.4K
June 2022 $82.4K - $143.2K
May 2022 $72K - $158.9K
April 2022 $44.5K - $131.9K
March 2022 $69.7K - $166.4K
February 2022 $54.7K - $126.4K
January 2022 $48.2K - $117.8K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2021

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $903K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $82.7K - $152.8K
November 2021 $69.8K - $126.6K
October 2021 $45.8K - $164.4K
September 2021 $56.2K - $144.6K
August 2021 $77.8K - $104.2K
July 2021 $70.4K - $114.3K
June 2021 $61.1K - $111.9K
May 2021 $47.8K - $100.3K
April 2021 $71.5K - $137.5K
March 2021 $41.7K - $93.6K
February 2021 $58.5K - $110.9K
January 2021 $82.4K - $143.1K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2020

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $2M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $919.5K - $1.4M.

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December 2020 $62.9K - $165.7K
November 2020 $82.1K - $101.5K
October 2020 $61.8K - $135.1K
September 2020 $52.9K - $160.7K
August 2020 $42.9K - $135.2K
July 2020 $65.3K - $123.6K
June 2020 $73.6K - $99.5K
May 2020 $75.7K - $159.5K
April 2020 $67.4K - $138.8K
March 2020 $81.4K - $93.1K
February 2020 $50.1K - $87.4K
January 2020 $75.3K - $140.6K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2019

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1.8M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $760.2K - $1.1M.

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December 2019 $59.4K - $90.1K
November 2019 $58.1K - $127.2K
October 2019 $72.7K - $144.4K
September 2019 $45.3K - $84.7K
August 2019 $64.1K - $153.3K
July 2019 $42.2K - $147.6K
June 2019 $64.3K - $105.1K
May 2019 $51.7K - $125.7K
April 2019 $56.9K - $86.2K
March 2019 $49.9K - $151.4K
February 2019 $52.7K - $110.4K
January 2019 $44.6K - $162.3K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2018

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1.2M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $611.4K - $2M.

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December 2018 $75.1K - $142.3K
November 2018 $74.7K - $146.7K
October 2018 $77.6K - $130.3K
September 2018 $63.6K - $107.7K
August 2018 $66.8K - $108.6K
July 2018 $59.5K - $103K
June 2018 $73.9K - $94.2K
May 2018 $55.9K - $84.3K
April 2018 $49.4K - $84.2K
March 2018 $82.3K - $136.3K
February 2018 $53.5K - $132.8K
January 2018 $74.5K - $89.6K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2017

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1.7M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $598.4K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $43.8K - $127.8K
November 2017 $59.6K - $126.9K
October 2017 $46.1K - $158.1K
September 2017 $82K - $124.3K
August 2017 $73.9K - $152.5K
July 2017 $43.8K - $123.6K
June 2017 $71.9K - $123.7K
May 2017 $58.8K - $149.7K
April 2017 $81.5K - $103.2K
March 2017 $70.8K - $89.2K
February 2017 $66K - $113.4K
January 2017 $52.3K - $101.9K


Yuliya Latynina Net Worth 2016

Yuliya Latynina 's revenue is $1.6M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Yuliya Latynina and could vary in the range between $538.8K - $2M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $53.7K - $121.6K
November 2016 $82K - $153.8K
October 2016 $43.5K - $113.2K
September 2016 $58.8K - $143.3K
August 2016 $49.7K - $92.7K
July 2016 $72.7K - $159.2K
June 2016 $73.3K - $120.4K
May 2016 $63.8K - $83.4K
April 2016 $76.3K - $133.6K
March 2016 $54.6K - $112.4K
February 2016 $61.5K - $115.7K
January 2016 $80.9K - $150.8K


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