You Are Fat!-lolashine5

The Story

I was in my underwear - as I slept. Then my mother spoke in a great way - - You have become very fat again! Look in the mirror what you look like! See how thick your thighs are (she used the word 'hips', but ...) It affected me a lot with this statement. Not that I'm going to pay attention to her ... I'm just not that kind of person. But I don't understand her. Here is the moment to note that my mother is 50 kilos with the clothes and as she has told me many times - Look at me, look at yourself! If I had a different character, how would I react .. Most girls would probably start with diets .. Some would develop complexes, I know. But it doesn't stop there. He constantly finds flaws in me for something. See what your hair looks like, see your face, you still don't maintain it (under maintenance - steam baths, nose patches, mats, various ointments, nonsense ..) .. I understand that she is worried about me, and he wants me to look good, but do you think that's the way he should tell me ! I don't know her way of thinking. How can you say that to your daughter. These are horribly disgusting things ...

Last Updated
November 12, 2020