Ya Khudeyu Review (Comedy, 2018)

Learn more about the movie "Ya khudeyu" released in 2018. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "I Am Losing Weight"?
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May 25, 2020

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Ya Khudeyu - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Ya khudeyu" is a Comedy production.

IMDB rated the movie with 7.0 / 10.

According to Google Users - 93% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Alexey Nuzhny Actors: Sergey Shnurov, Elena Valyushkina, Irina Gorbacheva, Roman Kurtsyn, Alexandra Bortich, Evgeny Kulik, Alexander Ptashenchuk, Valeria Dergileva, Andrey Trushin, Oleg Kassin

Ya khudeyu has been produced with the budget of Charges in Russia: $11.4 million lost weight divinely. Said the cat Bagel and sobbed with emotion, s went down yesterday to the "movie". Another failure of our film industry.

Flattering reviews and high marks for this masterpiece are probably written by the creators of this "comedy" to make a cash register! The whole plot is flat humor for stupid youth, a comedy club in the cinema ... Spectator If you have a head-on the spot if you at least understand something in the works of Bulgakov and Dostoevsky and at least periodically go to the theater, don’t even think about going to the film. My 11-year-old daughter went, she liked it.

This is exactly the level of this film. But not more. You won’t laugh during the film, just smile a couple of times. Cheap, simple film. Already at the 10th minute, the men in the hall began to play on phones (this is apparently more interesting). The film is suitable for children of secondary school age and people who are not burdened with intelligence. Even if you just want to laugh and relax, it’s better to go to another event, and not to this movie, do not spend money on empty viewing. Marina All congratulations ... This is not the bottom. But this is another stupid film to take away time and money from the people.

And this ... The actress is a defective woman: she is naked (she sells her body), and she advocates the legalization of same-sex marriage - sorry, but this is marriage. In general, what time - such and actresses, such and films. MariaFilm is sadder, although it was conceived as a comedy. I didn’t laugh at all. While working in public education, I have seen enough of poor girls who plague themselves with diets, fall into a hungry faint, and have health problems due to such films, books, articles, and more.

Uv.avtory film, you can not even imagine how many girls you hurt. This adult watching your movie will forget it the next day. But the girls will take it as a guide to action (which is what many Western enemies seek - to harm the health of Russian women and reduce fertility). Ask any endocrinologist - adipose tissue produces female hormones, and muscle tissue produces male hormones. This is inherent in nature. Scientists have proven that the less a man thinks about procreation, the more thin women he chooses. So much for the birth rate increase in Russia. And you are also promoting it.



Ya Khudeyu Review

Anna (Alexandra Bortic) - a beautiful young girl. She works as an art technologist in a confectionery factory - creates desserts. Anya loves to eat and also loves her boyfriend - pitching Eugene (Roman Kurtsyn), working as a coach in the pool. Anna's mindless fascination with caloric eating led to a natural result: Anya was noticeably fat. And it's scary not to like pitching Jena. Who at some point looked at what cow Anna looks like in dresses designed for a completely different figure, and gave her a turn from the gate.

Anya is desperate. After all, she loves pitching Eugene. In addition, the apartment in Nizhny Novgorod, where they lived, belongs to Jena, so Ana now has nothing to go.

First she went to her mother (Elena Valyushkina) in the village. But my mother has an affair with the harvester-condir Semyon (Mikhail Orlov), so she is not up to the suffering of her daughter.

After that, Anya was sheltered by her best friend Natasha (Irina Gorbacheva), but the girl has to sleep on the balcony, because Natasha - a one-room apartment in which she lives with her boyfriend - the best DJ of Nizhny Novgorod Dimas (Alexander Ptashenchuk).

Out of desperation, Anya even went to the psychological support group "Anonymous Fat." There she met Kolya (Eugene Kulik). Kolya - a loose fat, but he is seriously aimed to lose weight. And Kolya is trying to put Anya on the path of true weight loss.

In addition, Ana will have to change not only physically, but also mentally, because let's be honest - Anya is extremely selfish creature, which cares only his own person.


Russian youth comedy, and even with the title "I lose weight", and even the screenwriter-director wrote the script to the pregnant Duzhev - well, it's a fig, I thought when I heard about this film.

However, the director, Alexei Nuzhny, also made a short film "The Envelope" with Kevin Spacey, and it was quite a worthy job.

"I lose weight" on "Kinopoisk" rating is quite high, the box office film also collected excellent, and recommended - as a result still decided to look.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It's not a comedy in the truest sense of the word, it's more of a comedy melodrama. But it is also good, and then from trying to laugh in Russian comedies usually want to cry.

And on the topic of weight loss, the filmmakers did not particularly cycle, bringing themselves into the form of the heroine showed a large grind of healthy eating and physical activity. By the way, actress Alexandra Bortich really gained as much as 20 kilograms for the film, and then had to stop shooting for a month and a half, so that she could return to her normal weight.

The film turned out "about life": about family relationships, about selfishness and how to overcome it, about personal development (don't worry, there were no trainings of personal growth), about a sense of gratitude, about friendship and how harmful to sleep on a wheat field during cleaning.

The main character, played by Alexandra Bortic, liked it. She was very natural in her suffering, charming in her infantile selfishness and well demonstrated how her Anya began to understand something in this life. Well, besides, she's a charming girl, and her and Bublik's optic nerve didn't irritate her.

Irina Gorbacheva played her soulful friend perfectly. But she is generally a strong actress, I remember her on "Arrhythmia" immediately. By the way, I read somewhere that it was as if Gorbachev was offered the main role in this film, but she preferred to play an girlfriend of Ani Natasha. And this Natasha - just a class, about her quietly could make a separate movie.

I loved Eugene Kulik, who played fat Nikolai. The fat loser is such a slippery theme. But at Kulik this Kolya was and very funny, and at the same time aroused respect: the character turned out to be interesting and quite strong.

Sergey Shnurov in the role of Anna's father caused some bewilderment. In my opinion, Shnurov himself is such a bright personality that when he plays someone (unless it is a frank banter, as in "Hardcore" Naishuller) - there still turns out only Shnurov and no one but Shnurov. Although I note that the final dance under "Freestyle" is just five points, for his sake it was possible to tolerate Shnurov in the role of a father.

The combiner, played by Mikhail Orlov, liked it. Although however, I will note that on the classic village converd he was a little like, I have seen these sorcerers. So, rather a kind of dreaming intellectual, who has a higher education written on his forehead. And the fascination with the British band queen - it, you know, also speaks a lot. On the other hand, what did I want - to show a real sorcerer? "For real life, you're going to shoot me yourself," Dovlatov said.

Roman Kurtsyn played a somewhat stupid pitching, obsessed with sports women's forms, and he was not allowed to turn around. But he's a good actor - he's like he did in Karimov's "Walk, Vasya." (About the disgrace called "Crimea" I am silent: everyone chooses, to act in stupid agitations or to keep some self-respect.)

The most important advantage of this film is that it is staged somehow really sincerely. The director likes his characters, he is not indifferent to them, and he makes a film about life, not torments "youth comedy." I read in some reviews the claim that in the film, they say, a lot of youth slang, which the writers have snacked from the Internet, and it, they say, looks very artificial. I do not agree with this once: well, yes, modern youth just like that and speaks, it was listened to quite normal, the hearing did not cut. Even vice versa - added relevance.

Some viewers complain that they were promised comedy, and in the picture literally two funny jokes. Well, if you think of the jokes that someone's pants are falling off, then yes, with this tension. However, the picture is really a lot of funny episodes and soft humor, which, apparently, is so neatly woven into the narrative that it is not even noticed. Well, it's clear that not everyone gets it unless the word "shovel" is explicitly stated.

Of the things that caught my eye, I would have noted more than a strange episode with the burnt-out bath of Anna's father: it was the impression that she was badly shredded during the installation, and as a result there was a complete slurp. However, there was only one such scene.

By and large - liked it, that's just a solid four. In style, something reminded of the films of the same Karimov: the actors are good and undrawn, looks great, and that in the end the main character voice-over slightly moralized in the spirit of the universal values she gained - well, it really somehow did not even irritate.

Because losing weight - it really is not harmful, and useful, well, and between a boy and a girl can really be a friendship, especially if the girl in it will appreciate a sensitive and delicate soul, as well as the car "Niva Taiga" in good condition.



Я худею — Трейлер - Official Trailer

Дата выхода в РФ - ►8 марта 2018◄

Страна: Россия

Дистрибьютор: Universal Pictures Россия

Режиссер: Алексей Нужный

Жанр: комедия

В главных ролях: Елена Валюшкина, Ирина Горбачева, Александра Бортич, Сергей Шнуров, Роман Курцын, Евгений Кулик, Александр Пташенчук


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