Work After Prison?

The Story

Hi, I have a long time on this site and mostly read. I want to ask people here for advice. I was and am still in prison outside of UK in a white country and I am under a light regime, as you can see I have a phone. I was lying about complicity in a robbery. But it's almost past a lifetime. I'm going out this year, and I have to look for a job to relive. Before the prison I worked mainly as a driver of cars, vans, trucks, and truck transport. But I don't want to work anymore. And before as a twenty-year-old I was a swimmer and sea lifeguard. I don't have any qualifications other than those who are nothing actually. I'm not going to study, and there's no time for 32 years. After those few years in prison, I was very much on sports, and I liked it before, but now even more so. What can I do to work in sports? I can take courses for a water instructor, for example, that won't be a problem. I'd like to train kids, teenagers, for instance. We are not talking about UK to emphasize I have no intention of going back to UK ever. After 5 years I'm closed I don't want to work anymore in a cubicle or office. I want a job where I can be between people and especially sports-related activities. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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May 26, 2020