Women Want Money, Men Desire...

The Story

I want to raise this subject for money again! My question is to women! Obviously for all of us to have a relationship, women need money!!! And while not all of you are relying on your partner to endure them, all to one dear ladies, you want your husband to have money!!! Now say how much money you want your men to receive? Under how much money per month do you agree to a relationship with the individual? How much and how much do you feel "good"? And how many months are you "happy" and you don't replace it for another and you don't buzz anywhere else...? You can actually share how much they take, i.e. What the reality is! Our men know us well, we are satisfied with unconditional love and we are looking for someone to love us REAL! ... Greetings!

Last Updated
May 25, 2020