Women, Don't Stop Having Sex So As Not To Ruin The Family

The Story

Happy young father. Well, most of the time happy because he's close to the kid and the woman - I love both, very much. However, they stopped my sex. And before we got pregnant, we had brought it to 2-3 (I'm not kidding) a month, which made the family squeak. We fixed the frequency, got pregnant. The doctors recommended that we stop him (we were both 35 years old) until the birth. Hooray, we have a child. However, the woman doesn't like it, if she doesn't like it, we don't have sex because she was fat. I make an effort to raise our self-esteem, about 6 months after the birth we started with a frequency of 1-2 times a month. I started looking at women (it was spring), I gritted my teeth - we will take care of the family, I don't even flirt. Summer, sea, I don't hang out with anyone, I pump up a woman's self-confidence. We are still 1-2 times a month, even those with two are lucky. This job is not good. I will not become younger and prettier, and this sexual hunger affects not only my nerves but also my self-esteem. Interestingly, often even many young girls and women stare at me, perhaps because of their youthful appearance and clothing. So I'm not quite for disposal. I have been on the scales several times and I am waging an internal struggle. If I wipe something sideways and the woman learns, we will break up our family. However, this sexual hunger makes me nervous, sometimes aggressive verbally, and things are connected vessels. She teases me, there is no sex, I get nervous, I get involved in provocations and we fight. This does not lead to anything good. Years ago, I happened to be in similar situations with long-term relationships. No one has done anything good. I really wonder if if I have a parallel sexual relationship like a sex buddy (I had it years ago, but just because I was naughty about a relationship, and I didn't want a new one) the tension in the family will drop and things will get better. It's not easy ...

Last Updated
November 09, 2020