Womb Hired Or Wife Hired ...

The Story

Hello, due to the fact that today everyone is dissatisfied with the other, someone still lacks something in the other and still can not reach a unified solution and still live the so-called happy-unhappy family life, which gives me the disappointment of these things, I decided to ask a hundred women, like that game ... I'm looking for a woman aged 29 to 43, from 50 kg to 65 kg must have given birth, at least once, who would agree to have sex with me to get pregnant and give birth this child and after weaning him, leave him in my care. I will try to cover all her health and living expenses all the time, even if she takes things in favor of me, I can still help her. I don't want to have a so-called woman with whom I can have a family and poison my life as it usually does, thank you. My question is specific and clear, and I would not like to read a debate on whether my wish is right or not. Thanks to everyone who will understand me.

Last Updated
November 11, 2020