Why I Kidnapped My Boss Review & Critics (Romantic Comedy, 2014)

Learn more about the movie "Why I Kidnapped My Boss" released in 2014. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Why I Kidnapped My Boss"?  ATTENTION: SPOILERS!
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"Warum ich meinen Boss entführte" vs "Why I Kidnapped My Boss"

Since the movie "Warum ich meinen Boss entführte" is a Deutsche production, made by Peter Gersina did not reach out worldwide exposure. Released in 2014, the movie has been distributed to many countries, mainly in Europe.


Anna is a young working mom, with baby twins. Her boss who doesn't understand the situation fires her just before losing his memory in an accident. Anna then decides to teach him a lesson and switch places with him.


IMDB rated the movie with 6.2/10. According to Google Users - 93% of the people watched the movie liked the story.


Most actors appear in the film are German.

Stephan Luca, and Julia Hartmann play a leading role in the tape.



Review of "Why I Kidnapped My Boss"

"Warum ich meinen Boss entführte" or "Why I Kidnapped My Boss" is a Deutsche television film from 2014, produced by a German team, that length is about 92 minutes as usual movie tape. The movie was been released back in 2014. The director Gersina and writer Jago had many years of experience in film-making combining more than 50 years of knowledge.  

There is no denying how stunning lead actress Julia Hartmann is, but still many people criticize her acting in the film. So it also should not be too surprising that her male co-lead here Stephan Luca fits this low-quality performance at the stage.

So this film is for simple audiences who automatically think a film is quality if beautiful people act in it and there is a romance story. In fact, the acting is not that bad as the idea of the scenario and specific scenes where the idea is not pure. 

First of all, it is totally unrealistic. Have you ever been looking for a job? Have you randomly called a company and with saying nothing but your name, they say yeah just come by? Unreal. And next, the result - you're the only one candidate and after all - you've been chosen (without any objective reasons). 

An insult to unemployed people worldwide. As for Luca's and Hartmann's meeting at the office early on: He keeps rambling about how he does not like it when his employees have children because it means they constantly have to leave work if something is up. There is one very bizarre piece of writing about what he says. He explicitly talks about single parents and then out of nowhere says oh well the other parent should take care of them then, so his employee does not have to leave the office. That so made no sense.

Just take a moment to mention the fact how the actress pouring noodles all over the boss on purpose, that guy is exactly the ones she sees right afterward for a job interview? Ridiculous. And despite the noodle incident happening hours ago (or a day max), he does not even remember her face? Still, he does not remember her face, but in the end, he hires the lady.

It's impressive how they managed to fit so much bull into under 90 minutes. The female protagonist's best friend is also as cringeworthy as it gets, the performance and the writing, not only in the final scene when one guy tries to put his arm around her.

Now, let me say a few words on the story at the film's core here, namely how he has an accident with his head and loses his memory. Needless to say, this is also a complete bull from a medical perspective, but even if it was realistic, then all that follows afterward just shows ow despicable the female protagonist is. She uses the guy to take care of her children.

She decides to do this immediately, without any rational thinking. Yes, she is a liar but not insane. Her impulsive decision doesn't surprise the neighbor. The opposite, she said: "that's not good but everything is fine".

Another silly moment - the protagonist is pedantic when she works the job (personal assistant) but her home is such a mess.

Yeah right, great mom, let a stranger (almost) caries for the kinds. The guy came to a babysitter. 

She uses him to get an extra job, so she has more money. She uses this lie that they are married to have sex with him, sounds like a sex crime to me honestly, even if he wanted it too, she clearly made use of him there, probably also in a legal sense.

In another way, he got jealous after a day living together and when he saw old pictures (with the origin husband and the kids) found in an accident box.

Next, they invented together a business idea. It appeared spontaneously. And finally, she decided to make sex with him. Present! In the morning, he shared it was an amazing night, but she was not so confident in that. That means, she uses the situation but later claimed she is felt in love.

The sister of the victim also does not respond to the scenario. She accidentally saw her brother but nothing happens with that line. 

I mean the writing was already completely garbage, but Hartmann made it even worse. Surely requires a special (lack of) talent there. What would you do if your significant other had a head injury with an impact on his brain apparently that causes him to lose his memory?

And how are we supposed to believe that neither parents, nor friends, nor colleagues (absolutely nobody) try to find out where he is, what he is doing, what happened... I mean there is so much wrong with this movie.

Remember how they showed us in Asterix how a hit to the head of the Druid made him lose (and regain?) his memory. Well, here the male protagonist also regains his memory after being punched by somebody else. This is, of course, the only reason why a handsome stud and desirable male would get punched by another male character without hitting back right? If the nonsense story requires him to do so.

What about the turned on speakers where the couple clarifying their relations and the customer listen to their arguing. And nothing. Just scene without any sense and consequences.

The neighbor is not reliable as well. She is in middle age, without family and finally, she flirted with a random old man. Also, she accepts to be babysitter after night shifts without remuneration. Not reliable.  She even cannot sleep.


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