When You Are Lonely And Need A Change

Who hasn't felt lonely? This is not always bad, because at such times a person ponders and sometimes reaches important conclusions about himself and the things that are part of his life. But sometimes loneliness can be really painful. Here are the signs that your case is such and you need a change.
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May 27, 2020

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Loneliness and the change

 You are constantly hungry

When a person is stressed, the body often feels hungry. Constantly. Scientists have conducted studies and have found that there is a correlation between the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and loneliness – in single people there is an increased secretion of this hormone. Especially inclined at such a time is a person to cram with harmful foods-chocolate, donuts, pizza, any kind of junk food. These high-calorie foods bring us a little bit of happiness in the daily grind, but briefly. Then we quickly feel not only even more hungry but even more miserable and lonely.


So popular in recent times "shopping mania" is not a myth. Some really act invigorating and uplifting. A study shows that lonely people often experience the need to buy something because they want to fill the void in their lives with something tangible. Unfortunately, this method of "filling the holes" in the soul is also with a temporary effect.

  Do not dream or rejoice for others

A prolonged feeling of loneliness can lead to a depressive state, in which people simply can not experience happiness. They refuse to dream because they believe that there is no point, but they can not be happy with the good news from their friends. People who have gone through this path advise you to practice in being happy for others – to experience a sense of satisfaction or joy in things that are not directly related to your own life: scientific discovery, someone's victory in sports, etc.

 You start to think you will always be alone

When parting, we often get overwhelmed with the feeling that we will die alone and never meet a soul mate, a man who truly loves us. If we start to constantly repeat ourselves, we finally live with such an attitude and acquire this conviction as truth. So repeat your opposite – that sooner or later you will be happy.

 You can not relax

Lonely people are accustomed to dealing with everything on their own, so they are always on the lookout for new problems and can not relax. Even when something good happens in their lives, they cannot enjoy it fully in anticipation of new future troubles.

 You suffer from insomnia

Usually, the quality of their sleep is disturbed because at night they cover the biggest worries, doubts, fluctuations, alarming reflections about life and the world. When we feel frightened, our body secretes cortisol – a stress hormone that prevents us from relax and sleeping peacefully. Research shows that in single people, the levels of this hormone are markedly elevated.

 Spend a lot of time in front of the TV

Excessive TV viewing can be a sign of loneliness – something like an attempt to escape from reality or create the illusory feeling that you are not alone. You've often heard someone who lives alone or spends a lot of time alone, saying, "I'm running the TV, not that I'm watching, but to hum something...". Movies and books allow us to move to other worlds and forget our problems, but if you refuse to go to a meeting too often or have an event to rest on the couch for a night, there is a problem.

 You have no desire to do anything

It's not about mere laziness, but about the first signs of depression and strong loneliness – then when you have absolutely no desire to do anything, even if you get up in the morning from the bed and get dressed. If your only wish is to sleep, watch serials and see funny pictures on Facebook, there is something wrong and you need to pay attention – go out and move, sign up for a course, find a hobby, call a friend.

 You have a feeling that you are redundant and you are not needed

The feeling of unnecessary and unusefulness, of non-belonging to any environment, can be detrimental. If you are systematically and seriously asking yourself what the meaning of your life is and why you are alive at all, ask a specialist for help or look for one from a loved one. Try to find a cause in which to get involved to start feeling useful – so many homes and shelters for people and animals need support.

 You haven't tried anything new for a long time now

The first step to change is always the most difficult, but procrastination in time will further complicate the process. It is not easy for anyone to get out of their comfort zone and cause themselves, but it can be very exciting. As you try out new things, you learn something else about yourself and expand your worldview, you meet new people. Maybe this is your moment.


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