When A Friend Betrays You

The Story

Please for some advice. I'll start with this I'm a girl of 18 and a month and something I feel terrible, no one cares about me even the people I trusted and considered my friends turned their backs on me. At school, my best friend stopped talking to me, she dumped me because of another girl, they fit me, and they stopped totally reflecting on me, the girls are having fun, and even if I try to get into a conversation with them, I somehow feel no. wanted and I just decided one day to get away from them, they didn't realize that I wasn't there, they didn't even ask me what was wrong with you, it's nothing, they just didn't care, even the girl I thought was a close friend at school before we've always been together and now he just dumps me like that without showing that he cares about me a lot. I don't know if other people have had similar experiences, but it really hurts when a person you care about and thought you were close to finds out that he doesn't care about you at all (once he finds another company and he gets bored you don't need him anymore) Not that I'm not trying to find another company but my class is out of 10 people in the class we are only 4 girls, and all of them are led by a traitor, no one prefers me to her. I know she is very much above me and everyone pays enough attention to her, and if I don't say something no one remembers to look for me, I really start to get depressed and hate myself.

Last Updated
November 11, 2020