What's Your Partner? The Kind You Searched For Or The Opposite Of That?

The Story

Hi! I recently talked to my friends and caught an interesting topic for me, so I decided to ask you. I'm 28, and so are they. We accidentally detected a passing pair. I took the liberty of commenting on the fact that I was very annoyed by the address they used to each other, namely "baby." That's where the subject went, that I would never go with such a gooey man, that I couldn't imagine ever having to turn to each other with these diminutive ones. So I started talking, and what other things I don't like about men, what repacks me. The two laughed and shared that their current partners were completely opposed to what they were looking for. One, for example, said that he always claimed that he would not leave with a policeman, the same as with a larger man, but the current and partner is exactly that. The other one, she said that since high school she's been pushing men with long hair, but guess what... Her boyfriend has long hair. As a conclusion, I was told to watch what I was talking about, because eventually we finally get together with one that we least expected. Therefore, I would be happy if you share your point of view.

Last Updated
May 25, 2020