What Types Of Webcam Modelling You Have To Try

When we spoke about the webcam industry, there have three main types of modeling. According to the experience, personal goals, and expectations, your choice might be crucial about your success being a webcam model.
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January 25, 2020

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Free webcam websites (Public rooms)


It's the easiest way to get started broadcast yourself. These websites allow you to perform live without any fees. They require a registration. The most popular free cam websites are Chaturbate and Cam4.

Chaturbate is the largest webcam website with more than 350 million viewers per month. In 2019, the company's annual worth is about 300 million dollars (around 130 million dollars allocated to models). The freemium model is a very popular way to involve a large audience. On the other hand, sites like Chaturbate have hundreds of performers online and that guarantees the diversity of shows. Practically, no matter of sexual orientation, age, origin, or fetishes, Chaturbate delivers fantasies for every taste.


The idea behind cam free chats is to bring more visitors to your live performance. Next, you get tips for strictly, described by you, actions, also known as `flashes` or `goals`. For example, you might want to show a tongue for $1. In webcam terminology we use tokens instead of dollars. For example, 1 token could be exchanged for 5 cents. Users send you tips that convert to tokens. After you've received enough tokens you can exchange them for USD dollars and then claim the money to your bank account, or Paypal.




  • no need for investment

  • easy registration and verification

  • varied categories

  • schedule of broadcasting depends on you

  • blocking controls, DMCA privacy

  • bi-monthly payments or even daily

  • getting up to 50% of the received tokens (free cam websites takes a commission)



  • many room competitors

  • more publicity (still you can block countries or registered visitors)

  • a risk to record your cam and appearing on adult sites (DMCA protection, you can claim compensation in court)




Private webcam websites (Private rooms)

Also known as webcam modeling companies, they're an advanced option to get starting broadcasting yourself. Unfortunately, you have to do research first and discover a legal and correct company that fits your expectations, including finances. Next, you must contact them and usually to fill an application with your credentials, photos, and pros as a model. Be aware! Some companies are scam and could use your photos/videos outlaw. That's the reason you have to double-check every company.

Most webcam companies deliver targeted content. For example only fat ladies cams, or really thin ones. So, you can candidate for a particular theme. Because they are small players on the market, the casting is complicated and wasting time on your side.

If you're not that good-looking man/woman, you have to discover model websites that need exactly for you. And that narrows your choice.


Let's say you're already approved to join in a private company. The next step is to sign a contract. The documents will define your commission, work-time, and details about the working process. Unfortunately, it's possible to work on a strict schedule and a place where the company wants. Another possible restriction – you have to keep your body in shape, your salary could behold. Being a confident and nice person is a must. Model studios keep the copyrights of the content, so it could be reused in the future without your agreement.


How private rooms work, may you ask?

Usually, the watchers are forced to start a subscription in order to get access to adult rooms like yours. In some cases, your photos or short videos will be announced on the home page and they will attract the audience.

Another approach to join in a private room is paying hourly. For example, the viewer should pay $1 (XX tokens) per minute. Great, right?


How the studios exist on the market?

Honestly, they don't. Most model companies liquidate in the first year of launching. We recommend you to do deep research before contracting.



  • no need for investment

  • fixed salary

  • more privacy (only strongly targeted people will see you)

  • no room competition

  • expand scope of model-looking (everyone could earn money)



  • need of deeply research

  • harsh approval process (an application) as a model

  • strictly requirements for schedule, workplace, the way you look.

  • delaying payments

  • risk of scam model companies



Personal webcam websites (Advanced Opportunity)


The 3rd way to start broadcasting is to build your own website and define paying terms as you wish. It's not that complicated as it sounds. The negative part is that you need an initial investment. Not that expensive but if you're a newbie it's not the best solution for you, right?

To be successful, you have to read about entrepreneurship. Personal webcam website is very close to the 'private model companies', but the difference is crucial – you won't recruit cam models. You're the only one model.

It's a perfect solution to combine the 'free cam websites' and 'private company' patterns. Also, the knowledge that you will acquire could be implemented for future web projects.


What investment you have to expect?

It depends on your goals and skills. The range could be between $50 - $1,000. The good thing is that you probably will pay for all the expenses once. Recurring payments could occur, such as hosting, software support, etc.

OK! We mentioned above that most private companies failed. That's true! The reason behind that is trivial. They cannot reach the right audience or tried to create content for everyone. It's complicated to get growing with content that is not unique. Also, fame comes with a good knowledge of marketing.



  • more privacy (depends on you)

  • no room competition

  • home-office, flexible working time, no approvals, no boss



  • no salary or fixed commission


  • need for investment

  • requires skills and knowledge


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