What To Do - I Feel Unloved By My Family

The Story

I am a 24 year old man, I work and play sports. I can't say that I have a good life, I feel unloved by my family. I live with my mother, but she generally uses me to help her with the bills. He never asks me how I am, am I okay when I come home if I have dinner, if I have problems, he never calls me on the phone. My father is the same, he also calls me only if I have to serve him some money. When I play Facebook, sometimes I look at pictures of my mother and sister, I see how they make her presents and I don't have anyone. I don't envy anything. It's just stupid to watch from the sidelines that they ignore and use you and you don't have the necessary finances to move out and start a new life away from everyone. I want to move out in general, but I don't have big finances, this is my big problem, I rely only on myself. I'm sad because I have no one to share with.

Last Updated
November 03, 2020