What Should I Do Now....

The Story

Hi boy I'm 21 years old and my story is a little complicated maybe ahaha. I like a girl who has a boyfriend, she is a little younger than me, her boyfriend is older than me, but for a month we do not stop writing and going out, even once we were hugged on a bench and she held my hand. Apparently things are not going very well with her boyfriend, but I know from her that they have been dating for 3 years and obviously it is difficult for her to end the relationship with him, why then do you hold my hand and we keep writing to each other ?? Give me advice what to do, it's a stupid situation, she doesn't know what she wants .... she's afraid to dump her boyfriend because it's 3 years ... but you have to be happy if you're not happy even 6, 7 , 10 years to be .... nz and I what can I do to continue this connection between us with the chat and the outings and wait for her to break up with him ??? tell me the opinions she likes me and I like her, she is happy around me and I am so, but is this 3-year relationship an obstacle and that she is afraid to end it? .. I have said it, but sometimes a woman and they obviously want it ... 1 time she wants me, another time he will hurt her again, then should I act ...

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November 11, 2020