What Is Your Opinion About Marriage?

The Story

Hello, it so happened that my wife (not married) got pregnant unplanned. It was a big shock for me, but things are slowly being channeled (do I have a choice), so my question is mentioned in the title - What is your opinion about marriage I don't want to get married for a number of reasons: I don't have to spend money on a wedding. For me, a wedding is an unnecessary ostentation and a whim of a league "to be seen dressed in a dress". In my opinion, people do it to show others how much money they have and how much they love each other. And last but not least, I don't want to get married, because I think that when women get married, they lose motivation. They say to themselves: Hey, I tangled my basket. I tied him up (not that I wasn't tied up with a child), I have nowhere else to work and improve myself, I did my job. Not to mention that there are a lot of cheeky creatures, who think that once they have strained once in a lifetime and forever someone has to serve them. In my opinion, marriage does just that. Because a woman works until she gets married, she works with a man after she gets married. That's exactly why I don't want to get married. I do not want my wife to lose motivation and think that the signature and the child have provided her with everything, because if only one gives, then cohabitation is doomed sooner or later. I'm not saying that all women are like that, but I'm saying that there are many of them and what you come across is a dose of luck, no matter how much you look at it, although I didn't try to admit much. I don't want to get married just to satisfy people's whims. People will always speak badly and find out what. God grant that my life will start, maybe one day I will get married. It is clear to me that there will be many angry aunts, but that is the reality. Here is a topic of conversation. Have your say.

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November 10, 2020