What Is The Next Level Of Webcam Modeling?

Webcam industry grows its market share every year keeping in mind the dominance of adult movies. With the increase in demand, an environment for the increasing innovation in webcams to aid webcam models stand out. Learn what are the most trending ideas in 2020.
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January 28, 2020

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Annual growth of the market


Webcam industry is growing its share and over 18% of people looking for erotic performances admitting they visit webcams sites at least once a month. 6% is the share of viewers who have already paid. This statistic, shown in dollars, equals about $2 billion a year.

, known so far, can turn into a real terminator on the market because, as we know, the porn industry gives the beginning of major technological breakthroughs. For example, DVD technology and virtual reality are emerging because of the efforts of the industry.

In this article, we will not talk about niche webcams that
reveal us models that are scarcely dressed in specific clothing or using sex toys. We will look ahead to the future, and if you plan or already own a webcam company, you can steal an idea from this list.



Camera scenes (actor's show)


Imagine accidentally catching your friend masturbating. This can ignite your sexual desire so much that it keeps you dirty subconscious for months forward. Increasingly, models will portray themselves as actors. They will act roles that will excite you to the fullest. Some of the most attractive cues that always warm are: infidelity with another; surprising sex; masturbation while playing games; during cooking and others.



Surprising masturbation


Who never happened to want to masturbate in public or forbidden places? Starting an erotic exhibition from such a secret location would be extremely inspiring to the viewers. Live broadcast from the roof of a building, basement or in the middle of a forest could expand your modeling revenue. You will quickly gather viewers who are eager to stag you.



Psychological cameras


The social element when it comes to webcams is always among the powerful weapons you hold. You are an individual and viewers adore to communicate with you.

You're a psychologist. Don't you know? Listening to the person watching you, even being friends. Give them advice or polite conversation, be part of their daily routine. Think about how connected you're and how easy is to grab their tips at the end.



Cam For Cam (c2c or cam to cam)


Although this approach references a free show and many people say - if you turn camera on, I'll show you what you want”. Their slogan could be: "to receive you have to give first".

Our idea is a little different - all participants in the show have their camera on. This is how you will inspect what the viewers are doing while they are staring on you - how they react, how they look while masturbating to you. It's best for you, because the viewers could felt much more cautious and that grant you an opportunity to manipulate easier. It's a quiet panic when the most important thing for them is to perform (to look stunning) as well as possible in front of a camera. You're the model, not them. So, the lack of experience will make them sensitive and pliant to take you a tip.



Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR)


The future of the porn industry has already turned its gaze to virtual reality, or the picture we see is under 360 degrees, we feel like we are in the home of the broadcast model. The webcam industry also has already produced virtual reality shows that build a sense of completeness and increment closeness to the broadcast model.




Multiple sources of broadcasting


Put multiple cameras in your home and start broadcasting. Alternate thะต cameras on each a few minutes through software, or show each of them on the screen. If you have the technical capability, broadcast all cameras at the same time and allow the viewer to determine at own which camera and angle to watch.



Reality cameras


Are you familiar with the king of the tv reality formats - Big Brother?

The idea is close. Your webcam doesn't stop working around the clock, even when you sleep. You will be surprised how many people would enjoy watching you non-stop. If you combine this approach with multiple broadcasts or with any of the other ideas above, you have the chance to gather an extremely loyal audience who is not only erotic-oriented but also interested in how your day goes.



Group shows with friends


Go live with friends and turn the camera on. Although this type of camera is no longer infrequent, so try to offer an exclusive mix that combines any of the above ideas. Fans love open-minded models, and when you broadcast with your friends, it means you have no trammels.

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