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Good morning, dear readers. I want you to give your opinion on what you think I should do in this case. I had a girlfriend that I broke up with about a month ago. He went to study in Sofia but is not from there. So since we broke up, she had blocked me everywhere and two days ago she had unblocked me to see if I had found another one. The problem is that there is a bastard who is also from Sofia and she constantly likes the photos with hearts, but she doesn't like him. They saw each other through messenger and this irritates me a lot, because I still have feelings for her. She blocked me again this morning and I'm already wondering what to do. I told that sludge that sooner or later we would meet and he would eat a big fight. Of course, in order to pretend to be a man, he gave me his address and I plan to go and break his teeth and let him suffer. I'm dumb because I over time, when she unblocked me I told her I loved her, that I wanted to get together, and she said she didn't unblock me to pour out feelings. I will be happy for adequate opinions. I'm 23 by the way.

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November 11, 2020