What Do I Do With My Wife?

The Story

Hello, I have the following problem and no longer know what to do and how to approach. I met her three years ago, at first everything was great except for one thing - JEALOUSY of everything!!! T. k. I do not give her absolutely any reason to be jealous of my past (previous relationships), from stopping on a footpath with the car to cross a woman, for that, in her opinion, I have constantly looked at other women, even looking into the ground!!! I decided that there was a problem from the past, and for that, there is a fear of it, I tried to explain to her that there is no point in being jealous of past things is meaningless. The other problem is that she thinks anything that doesn't seem logical to her is a lie - and whatever I say and do, even if I put it with evidence again, is a lie. I tried different techniques and approaches to her to understand that she needed to relax and feel comfortable.... before long and I proposed marriage and we got married, I thought that in time she would settle down and start living normal and happy... yes, but no! ... Jealousy and trust in me continue to be in excess, changing the mood in seconds, uttering harsh words, killing and threatening to break up... we love each other... the rest of the time when it is not in such a phase, everything is fine and very pleasant but did you decide that you will mess with me even without expecting, it comes across like a storm on a summer's day and from there everything goes badly.. I love her very much, I want to build our future together, but she and her actions destroy what we build... The easiest thing to say is Over. So far we've been to escape the problem... To... but I don't want to run, I want to decide! I want her to feel good and to finally live happily ever without unnecessary quarrels and mistrust! I want to clarify something very important! I DIDN'T LIE TO HER, I DON'T DATE OTHER WOMEN, I DON'T GIVE HER JEALOUSY, I LOVE HER, AND I ALWAYS WORRY SHE'S OKAY! I just want advice because I'm starting mentally to endure and I want to save my relationship and my marriage! Thank you!

Last Updated
June 02, 2020