What Can Make A Man Stop Loving You?

The Story

It was love at first sight for both of us. From the first minute we became inseparable and from the first week we lived together. We counted the hours when the day would end, we would return from work and see each other. We couldn't detach ourselves from each other. We were all very happy. Our families, friends, colleagues saw that we were happy. I always wanted to cry with happiness and that happened then. We lived alone. We renovated our apartment, made it good for us. We had no problems with work, we both have a stable income and money was not a problem for us. We went to many places, we went out with friends, our daily life was varied. The sex was amazing. His relatives and friends began to talk to him about marriage and children, sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously. And so until the beginning of this year. Sometime in February, everything changed in a flash, and in March he wanted to break up because he didn't love me anymore. It was like a shock to me. I didn't understand what was happening and my god I still don't know what happened. Where I went wrong and what I did. I don't even remember arguing about anything. He just said and cut off. And until the day before, everything was fine. We went to a family reunion with his relatives, the sex had not changed or decreased, I only felt a change in his attitude last week, but I attributed it to the problems in his work. Believe me, I'm not the same person this day. He was the perfect one for me and so far I can't find a flaw in him, and I have no explanation for his behavior. We see each other from time to time by chance and talk normally like old acquaintances about common things. Once I just tried to raise the question of why he left me, whereupon he became angry and left. Tell me how to forget it when I don't know if I will ever experience that feeling again. I have other fans, but none can compare to him. I have to make a lot of compromises to be with them, it doesn't feel the same way. Tell me he's not worth it.

Last Updated
October 06, 2020