Vladimir Uyba

Born 04 October, 1958 ( 66 years old) in Omsk, USSR .

What is the zodiac sign of Vladimir Uyba ?
According to the birthday of Vladimir Uyba the astrological sign is Libra .

Currently, Vladimir Uyba is married.

Occupation: politician, statesman, scientist, physician.

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February 01, 2021

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Vladimir Uyba is a Russian statesman known in the field of medicine and politics. Now in his work, the official seeks to introduce innovative programs that should help in the fight against epidemics, incurable diseases, and make the life of disabled people easier. The man made a brilliant political career, going from doctor to acting head of the Komi Republic.



Childhood and youth

There is practically no information in the public domain about childhood and adolescence in the biography of Vladimir Viktorovich. It is known that Uyba was born on October 4, 1958 in Omsk. The boy's parents worked as engineers, and from a young age he was interested in medicine and biology. After graduating from secondary school, the young man became a student at the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, where he mastered medical hygiene and epidemiology.



Personal life

Details of the politician's personal life were not disclosed to the press. Vladimir Viktorovich is married and has five children. Spouse Galina Yuryevna is also associated with medicine - the woman works as a doctor. Perhaps because the couple is united, in addition to feelings, and a common cause, the family has existed for many years. In an interview, the statesman admitted that work can be tough and dry, but at home it can be different. The politician does not post personal photos on the Internet.




After completing his studies at the institute in 1982, the young man began to work as a workshop doctor at hospital No. 20 in Sverdlovsk. After 2 years, the talented specialist was invited to take the position of head physician of the dispensary in Zarechny, where the employees of the Beloyarsk NPP were treated. In 1989, Vladimir took part in a competition, according to the results of which he was elected to the position of the head of the medical unit No. 32, which he held for 10 years.

As a promising epidemiologist, in 1999 he served as deputy head of the Federal Directorate for Biomedical and Extreme Problems, which worked under the Russian Ministry of Health. The man was in this status until 2002, as well as from June to December 2003.

In the same period, Vladimir Viktorovich simultaneously performed the duties of the General Director of Viru LLC, located in Zarechny. The company specialized in the wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical products.

The head of the FMBA of Russia Vladimir Uyba presented the latest developments to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which should ...

In the winter of 2003, Uyba headed the Medbioekstrem organization, and a year later became the head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), where he worked until January 2020. Journalists associate scandals with the activities of Vladimir Viktorovich at FMBA, periodically covered in the press.

Thus, Uiba, together with the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, a member of the United Russia party, Tatyana Golikova, was accused of corruption. Information appeared on the site "Kompromat.ru" that the agency is implementing clever schemes for withdrawing budget funds.

At first, according to the source, money was made on medical equipment, which was specially purchased at inflated prices. Golikova already had experience in this - in 2010, with the assistance of the minister, a massive purchase of tomographs took place in the Russian regions. The devices, which had a cost of 16-20 million rubles, were purchased for 50-80 million.

The case received widespread publicity, but none of the superiors were punished. Then, on the basis of the FMBA, a subdivision "Organization of the Blood Service" ("Blood Service of Russia") appeared. Several billion rubles were allocated from the state budget for the development of the fund.

Vladimir Uyba has been appointed acting head of Komi https://komiinform.ru/news/195306

It also became known that Golikova chose her cousin Olga Grishina for the position of head of the new structure. For this, the director of the center, Yevgeny Borisovich Zhiburt, one of the best specialists in transfusiology, was fired. Soon the FMBA turned into a control and supervisory body through which the control of the "Blood Service" passes in all Russian regions.

In addition, according to the site, Uyba and Grishina also managed to get for their personal use part of the funds allocated by the state for the development of radiation medicine. The officials received income and programs "Oncology" and "Modernization of health care".

In 2017, the name of the head of the FMBA sounded in the framework of a scandalous case related to the construction of a vaccine production center for the local population in Nicaragua. The complex was created by Mechnikov, a subsidiary of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums, subordinate to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

Vladimir Uyba discussed the development of the region with Komi Senator Dmitry Shatokhin https://komiinform.ru/news/195411

Stanislav Uyba, the son of Vladimir Viktorovich, became the head of the organization. Upon completion of construction, the center was officially opened. However, it only started working in 2019, after articles appeared in the press reporting on a simple enterprise.

In 2019, Vladimir Viktorovich became a defendant in a criminal case related to the construction of a medical and sanitary part of the Vostochny cosmodrome. At the grand opening of the first stage of the center in 2017, together with Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the FMBA said that the equipment was completed on a "large scale", since not only the cosmodrome employees, but also residents of nearby settlements will be visitors to medical institutions.

However, after an inspection by the Investigative Committee, a fraud case was initiated in the amount of over 100 million rubles. It was noted that numerous violations were committed during the construction. According to the investigation, representatives of the Federal Biomedical Agency concluded fictitious contracts between the Federal Center for the Design and Development of Nuclear Medicine Facilities and the construction organization MosPromStroy.



Vladimir Uyba now

At the end of January 2020, by order of Mikhail Mishustin, Uyba was appointed Deputy Minister of Health of Russia. Mikhail Murashko became the head of the organization and the immediate head of the politician. On April 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the former head of FMBA was appointed Acting Head of the Komi Republic.

His predecessor, Governor Sergei Gaplikov, terminated his powers ahead of schedule by writing a statement of his own free will. Vladimir Viktorovich's accession to the new post coincided with a difficult period - the outbreak of coronavirus in the republic. A number of measures were taken by the Vrio to prevent the spread of the virus in the region.

In an interview with the 60 Minutes program, aired on the Russia-1 channel, the politician reported on the current situation with COVID-19. The man said: a sharp increase in cases of diseases in Komi is due to the fact that the quarantine was postponed against the background of the already infected. Local doctors were unable to conduct testing due to lack of the necessary laboratory facilities.




1995 - badge "Excellence in Healthcare" 2011 - Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" II, III and IV degree 2012 - Order of Friendship of the Republic of South Ossetia 2017 - Medal "For Merit to the Chechen Republic"



Net Worth

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Vladimir Uyba Net Worth 2022

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August 2017 $58.6K - $136.9K
July 2017 $65.9K - $94.8K
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May 2017 $69.6K - $123.8K
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Vladimir Uyba Net Worth 2016

Vladimir Uyba 's revenue is $1.8M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vladimir Uyba and could vary in the range between $689K - $1.1M.

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