Viktor Orban

Born 31 May, 1963 ( 61 years old) in Szekesfehervar, Hungary .

What is the zodiac sign of Viktor Orban ?
According to the birthday of Viktor Orban the astrological sign is Gemini .

Currently, Viktor Orban is married.

Occupation: politician, civil servant.

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February 01, 2021

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Hungarian politician Viktor Orban first became prime minister at the age of 35. Now the man has held this position for 3 consecutive terms and is considered among European leaders to be one of the first friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among the leaders of the EU countries, Orban is considered an odious and radical figure, which does not prevent him from bending his line, built on an anti-immigrant policy and a desire to stop Western interference in the internal affairs of Hungary.



Childhood and youth

Victor was born on May 31, 1963 in the Hungarian city of Szekesfehervar into a rural middle-class family. The boy became the eldest son of an entrepreneur and agronomist Dyjo Balint Orban and a correctional teacher and speech therapist Erzhebet Shaposh. His younger brothers Djø and Aaron subsequently built a career in business.

Orban's childhood was spent in the countryside; it was not without reason that his grandfather Mihai devoted his life to agriculture and animal husbandry. Until the age of 14, Victor lived with his family in the villages of Alsudobos and Felxut, where he began to go to school. Later, the Orbans moved to Szekesfehervar, and there, in 1981, the guy graduated from Blanka Teleki High School, where, among other subjects, he studied English in depth.

Viktor Orban was previously recognized as one of the worst prime ministers, but, in the meantime, he is also one of the most "expensive" political leaders:

A 2-year term of military service began, after which the young man entered the University of Budapest to study law. After receiving his master's degree in 1987, Victor began working as a sociologist at the Institute for Management Training of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. After 2 years, the young specialist became a Soros Foundation scholar and began studying political science at Oxford Pembroke College.

In 1990, Orban returned to Budapest to pursue a political career in the renewed post-communist Hungary. By that time, Victor had already founded the Fidesz party, which was an association of young democrats.



Personal life

The family life of the politician was exemplary: at the age of 23, Victor married a lawyer Aniko Levai, and this union turned out to be strong and durable. The Prime Minister's wife does charity work and oversees the International Children's Rescue Service. The wife gave her husband five children. The eldest daughter Raquel was born in 1989, and now she is raising two girls herself. Her middle sister Shara also managed to please her parents with a grandson. The younger Rosa and Flora are still arranging their personal lives.

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Orban's only son Gaspar is seriously involved in football and even represented the national team. Now he is focused on running a firm that has consistently won government tenders. However, journalists cannot convict the prime minister of corruption and nepotism, since the contracts are legally flawless.

Victor is considered an exemplary family man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones. On Christmas 2019, the happy grandfather posted a photo with his beloved grandchildren on Instagram. It is known that the man and his wife belong to different confessions: Aniko professes Catholicism, and the politician was brought up in the Calvinist Reformed Church.



Career and politics

In 1990, Orban became a member of parliament for the first time, representing the Fidesz party. Sitting in the government for two terms, in 1998 Victor became the country's prime minister. By that time, his political views had shifted from liberal to center-right. The politician advocated social reforms, including free higher education, maternity benefits, lower tax rates, and the elimination of unemployment.

Under the young prime minister, Hungary managed to reduce inflation, join NATO and accelerate integration into the European Union. At the same time, Orban demonstrated a craving for authoritarianism, seeking to increase his own powers and reduce the influence of parliament. Increased claims played a cruel joke with Victor: the subsequent elections "Fidesz" and its leader lost.

In 2010, power returned to Orban's hands, and he was no longer going to share it with anyone. Having received a constitutional majority in parliament, the politician has become a modern dictator with unlimited powers. The first step was to rewrite the constitution, renew the structure of the constitutional court and parliament, where the key positions were taken by the members of the Fidesz party.

Issues of national politics are at the forefront, when the Prime Minister's statements constantly sound messages about the identity threats to which people of Hungarian nationality are exposed as a result of uncontrolled migration. In the European Parliament, Orban said he would protect his people and borders from the influx of refugees. At the same time, the man seeks to defend the rights of ethnic Hungarians living on the territory of other states - Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, etc.

Viktor is not afraid to come into conflict with the West, causing criticism from the European Union. At the same time, the Hungarian autocrat establishes close ties with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, focusing on their support. However, in negotiations with Donald Trump, Orban preferred to agree on alternative sources of gas supplies to Hungary, so as not to depend entirely on Russia for raw materials. At the same time, the politician ignored the demands of the United States to take a tough stance with respect to China and Russia, justifying this with economic benefits.



Viktor Orban now

The beginning of 2020 turned out to be alarming: the coronavirus pandemic has led to a state of emergency across the planet. News and statistics only convince that the situation with COVID-19 does not have the prospect of a quick solution. In this regard, Hungary expanded Orban's powers for an indefinite period, making early elections impossible and suspending certain laws.

Since March 30, 2020, the country has a "coronavirus law", according to which the government runs the country through operational decrees and decrees. These measures caused a flurry of criticism in the society, already outraged by the unlimited power of Orban and his party. However, in modern conditions, critical statements can threaten with a criminal sentence if they are interpreted as obstacles to the state in effective protection against the spread of coronavirus.

For one in five people in Hungary, it is clear that political competition, media independence and the legitimacy of the judiciary are long gone. However, in the conditions of a "mafia state" where power is concentrated in the hands of the prime minister and his entourage, hardly anyone seriously counts on a quick change in the current situation.



Net Worth

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Viktor Orban Net Worth 2022

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.9M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $713.6K - $1.1M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $69K - $94.6K
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October 2022 $52.4K - $90.9K
September 2022 $61K - $109.7K
August 2022 $65.2K - $157K
July 2022 $53.2K - $121.5K
June 2022 $77.5K - $111.2K
May 2022 $74.8K - $137.9K
April 2022 $46.2K - $122.4K
March 2022 $51.9K - $138.7K
February 2022 $55.3K - $89.8K
January 2022 $59.1K - $117.7K


Viktor Orban Net Worth 2021

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.7M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $567.9K - $1.2M.

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December 2021 $73K - $133.5K
November 2021 $51.9K - $98.8K
October 2021 $57.3K - $92.7K
September 2021 $61.7K - $163.8K
August 2021 $58.5K - $164.5K
July 2021 $51.4K - $95.4K
June 2021 $50.3K - $158.1K
May 2021 $58.9K - $134.9K
April 2021 $72.4K - $148.8K
March 2021 $77.7K - $153.3K
February 2021 $64.1K - $126.1K
January 2021 $57.3K - $135.4K


Viktor Orban Net Worth 2020

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.5M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $835.9K - $1M.

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December 2020 $60.2K - $94.3K
November 2020 $78.5K - $155.8K
October 2020 $43K - $111.1K
September 2020 $50.6K - $160.3K
August 2020 $82.7K - $130.4K
July 2020 $53.6K - $160.6K
June 2020 $76.3K - $107.6K
May 2020 $55.8K - $123.4K
April 2020 $60.8K - $128.2K
March 2020 $76.4K - $140.1K
February 2020 $76.5K - $161.3K
January 2020 $66.3K - $110.1K


Viktor Orban Net Worth 2019

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.9M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $970K - $1.8M.

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December 2019 $54.4K - $154.1K
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September 2019 $45.4K - $112K
August 2019 $60K - $108.3K
July 2019 $79.6K - $154K
June 2019 $80.3K - $116.1K
May 2019 $74.1K - $86.3K
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Viktor Orban Net Worth 2018

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $562.1K - $2M.

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December 2018 $45.5K - $161.7K
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July 2018 $45.3K - $140.4K
June 2018 $61.8K - $150.6K
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Viktor Orban Net Worth 2017

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.9M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $669.1K - $1.2M.

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December 2017 $59.4K - $143.7K
November 2017 $75.3K - $155.2K
October 2017 $66.2K - $105.7K
September 2017 $76.1K - $150.2K
August 2017 $76.6K - $159.7K
July 2017 $57.9K - $107.9K
June 2017 $68.8K - $162.3K
May 2017 $52.5K - $149.4K
April 2017 $63.4K - $166K
March 2017 $52.8K - $93.6K
February 2017 $44.1K - $117.2K
January 2017 $62.3K - $121.1K


Viktor Orban Net Worth 2016

Viktor Orban 's revenue is $1.9M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Viktor Orban and could vary in the range between $829.4K - $1.4M.

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December 2016 $56K - $130.9K
November 2016 $75.8K - $97.7K
October 2016 $45.5K - $132.3K
September 2016 $70.1K - $137.2K
August 2016 $45.2K - $136.2K
July 2016 $73.7K - $146.4K
June 2016 $45.8K - $155.6K
May 2016 $49.8K - $105.2K
April 2016 $58K - $90.1K
March 2016 $45.8K - $95.8K
February 2016 $60.7K - $130.7K
January 2016 $79.1K - $100.5K


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