Victoria Solomatina

Born 11 January, 1965 ( 56 years old) in Nikolaev, Ukraine .

What is the zodiac sign of Victoria Solomatina ?
According to the birthday of Victoria Solomatina the astrological sign is Capricorn .

Currently, Victoria Solomatina is divorced.

Occupation: writer.

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December 06, 2020

Victoria Solomatina



Victoria Platova is a popular writer who prefers a genre that is considered not quite feminine: she writes detective stories. Platova's books are filled with intrigue, crime and, of course, fascinating investigations. The plot of each work does not let go of the readers' attention to the last page, and the denouement, according to tradition, is not at all what one might expect.



Childhood and youth

Victoria Solomatina - this is the real name of the writer - was born in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine, on January 11, 1965. Since childhood, Victoria loved to write stories, so the choice of the further path seemed obvious to her: Platova (then Solomatina) went to Moscow and entered VGIK, deciding to become a screenwriter. Victoria's friends and relatives were surprised by this choice - at that time the professions of economist and lawyer were in vogue. The girl was predicted to fail in her career.

The partly skeptical statements of friends came true: right after the institute, Victoria, as she herself admits in an interview, was out of work. Then, in the early 1990s, there was practically no money to shoot films, and no one was interested in the scenarios of the future writer. There was also no place for the girl in the theater. It seemed that it was time to say goodbye to dreams of glory. Victoria found a job at a video rental shop and spent the whole day helping clients choose a movie they liked.




Everything changed overnight when a friend jokingly suggested that Victoria try to write a book. Reasoning that there is also a rational grain in this joke, the girl sat down at a typewriter. At first, things went with difficulty: the plot did not want to emerge. However, Victoria's fantasy soon prompted a way out - the heroine of the first novel, almost like Victoria herself, finding herself in a situation of lack of money, takes up writing porn scripts.

Soon the first manuscript was ready, and the aspiring writer, not counting too much on luck, sent the text to the publisher. Imagine Victoria's surprise when, after some time, she received an offer to sign a contract for subsequent books. So in 1998, the author's debut book was published, entitled "In a still whirlpool". At the same time, the pseudonym of Platov, proposed by representatives of the publishing house, appeared.

Since then, a new page has opened in the biography of Victoria Platova. The writer's work was to the liking of readers and critics, the circulation of books exceeded even daring expectations, and the name Platov became synonymous with a famously twisted plot and an exciting work.

At first, as Victoria Platova admitted in an interview, she was tormented by doubts and fears: the writer was afraid that the topics for the plots would run out. However, I soon realized that people and situations around give a huge scope for imagination - you just need to be able to observe.

In addition to the detective line, in almost every plot of Platova there is a share of mysticism. The writer herself claims that for her this is not magic, but a point of view on the surrounding reality.

After the first manuscript, several more works were published, and already in the early 2000s another dream of Victoria Platova came true: based on her books, a script was written and a series called "The Hunt for Cinderella" was shot. The main role in the film went to Amalia Mordvinova. Actors Andrey Urgant, Evgeny Dyatlov, Vladislav Nazarova and others also took part in this multi-part project.

The audience liked the series, the writer arrived in the regiment of fans. In 2008, several more plots of Victoria Platova's books were filmed - "Death on the Tip of the Tail" (dubbed "Invented Murder"), "Victory Wind, Clear Day" (with Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Nikita Zverev, Irina Apeksimova).

The works of Victoria Platova have gained popularity not only among Russian-speaking readers: the books have been translated into many languages, and the name of the writer is familiar to fans of the detective genre in European countries and even overseas. The first book by Platova, as well as the novels "The Devil's Font", "The Geometry of Murder", "The Inspector and the Butterfly", "Stalingrad, Metro Station" are still especially popular.

Also Victoria Platova surprised and delighted readers and fans by writing poetry for the songs of the singer Jamala. The songs "Cactus" and "I love you" belong to the writer's pen.



Personal life

Victoria Platova met her husband Mikhail in Moscow in 1994. Mikhail had just graduated from the theater institute. First, the personal life of the spouses passed the test of separation - Victoria's husband moved to St. Petersburg in the hope of finding a job. Victoria continued to live in the capital, but after a while she moved to her husband. The next test in those difficult years was lack of money: the actor and screenwriter were forced to stand behind the counter and sell clothes.

The couple lived together for ten years. Unfortunately, this relationship ended. Victoria admitted in an interview that grievances and omissions gradually accumulated, which, although they seemed insignificant individually, all together were too weighty. In addition, Mikhail could not become a popular actor and, apparently, was jealous of his wife for success and fame. The parting was given to the writer hard, Victoria closed in herself and completely switched to writing books.

After the divorce, the woman began to be wary of men, and a couple of short novels never ended with anything. Perhaps the writer simply did not meet her soul mate, and the main acquaintance is still ahead.



Victoria Platova now

Now Victoria Platova continues to work on new subjects, giving preference to the genre of mystical realism. In 2017, fans were delighted with the release of a novel entitled “What the Red Poppies Are Hiding,” which focuses on the investigation of a series of murders of young women.

The perpetrator ties each victim's wrist with a piece of cloth depicting poppies. And in 2018, according to rumors, another work of the writer is already being prepared for release.




1998 - "In a still water" 1999 - "Doll for a monster" 1999 - "Ship of ghosts" 2000 - "Death on the tip of the tail" 2001 - "Battles of ladybugs" 2005 - "Terrible innocents" 2006 - "After love" 2008 - " STALINGRAD. Metro station "2009 -" From the life of caramel "2010 -" Maria in search of a whale "2012 -" Inspector and the butterfly "2015 -" Snakes and ladders "2017 -" What do the red poppies hide "



Net Worth

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Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2021

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $ 1.3M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $ 704.9K - $ 1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $ 71.3K - $ 104.2K
November 2021 $ 66K - $ 129.4K
October 2021 $ 70.1K - $ 147.8K
September 2021 $78.7K - $110.7K
August 2021 $71.5K - $93.4K
July 2021 $68.9K - $154.1K
June 2021 $64.7K - $157K
May 2021 $76.4K - $160.6K
April 2021 $42K - $136.3K
March 2021 $73.1K - $160.5K
February 2021 $46.2K - $94.7K
January 2021 $44.2K - $140.2K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2020

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $1.8M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $906.5K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $60.8K - $112.1K
November 2020 $69.3K - $108K
October 2020 $78.1K - $124.2K
September 2020 $81.5K - $130.4K
August 2020 $43K - $102.2K
July 2020 $63.9K - $160.2K
June 2020 $52K - $152.4K
May 2020 $56.3K - $133.5K
April 2020 $50.1K - $129.3K
March 2020 $73.2K - $117.5K
February 2020 $69.2K - $135.1K
January 2020 $70.5K - $106.1K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2019

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $1.5M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $811.5K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $63.4K - $96.8K
November 2019 $64.8K - $98.4K
October 2019 $52.7K - $88.3K
September 2019 $64.8K - $108.7K
August 2019 $48.3K - $157.3K
July 2019 $56.6K - $108.9K
June 2019 $67.4K - $107.2K
May 2019 $81.1K - $156.7K
April 2019 $81.9K - $123.4K
March 2019 $65.6K - $129.9K
February 2019 $61K - $85K
January 2019 $67.7K - $130.1K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2018

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $1.3M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $854.4K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $50.6K - $126.5K
November 2018 $48.7K - $90.7K
October 2018 $41.9K - $146.3K
September 2018 $59.2K - $130.8K
August 2018 $69.3K - $152K
July 2018 $51.6K - $116.8K
June 2018 $52.4K - $135.9K
May 2018 $56.1K - $141K
April 2018 $57.9K - $161.3K
March 2018 $57.2K - $99.7K
February 2018 $55.2K - $88.3K
January 2018 $68.9K - $108.1K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2017

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $1.7M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $801.7K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $56.5K - $148.4K
November 2017 $80.5K - $95.3K
October 2017 $80.5K - $122.7K
September 2017 $82K - $156.7K
August 2017 $52.7K - $95.3K
July 2017 $79.5K - $162.4K
June 2017 $70.5K - $89.8K
May 2017 $74.3K - $163.7K
April 2017 $56.7K - $139.8K
March 2017 $43.1K - $92.1K
February 2017 $52.6K - $129.5K
January 2017 $59.5K - $166K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2016

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $2M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $717.4K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $51.1K - $150.1K
November 2016 $80.5K - $126.9K
October 2016 $51.9K - $108.4K
September 2016 $43.5K - $160K
August 2016 $73.3K - $137.1K
July 2016 $54K - $101.6K
June 2016 $70.6K - $109.9K
May 2016 $67K - $145.3K
April 2016 $42.2K - $128.3K
March 2016 $66K - $153.3K
February 2016 $61K - $154.6K
January 2016 $48.5K - $125.2K


Victoria Solomatina Net Worth 2015

Victoria Solomatina 's revenue is $1.7M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victoria Solomatina and could vary in the range between $957.7K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $46.9K - $129.4K
November 2015 $70K - $137.6K
October 2015 $63.5K - $158.1K
September 2015 $45.7K - $155K
August 2015 $72.2K - $99.5K
July 2015 $65.7K - $83.6K
June 2015 $71.8K - $158.3K
May 2015 $80.7K - $125.7K
April 2015 $63.8K - $106.6K
March 2015 $80.4K - $139K
February 2015 $53.6K - $83.5K
January 2015 $76.8K - $143.5K


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