Victor Belan

Born 24 December, 1981 ( 43 years old) in Ust-Dzheguta, USSR .

What is the zodiac sign of Victor Belan ?
According to the birthday of Victor Belan the astrological sign is Capricorn .

Victor Belan's Height is 182 cm. ( 5 ft 11 ins).

Currently, Victor Belan is single.

Occupation: actor, cinema, singer.

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August 06, 2021

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The biography of Dima Bilan is an interesting story about how an ordinary Kabardian boy from a small town reached unprecedented heights in Russian show business. The main breakthrough in the performer's career was the victory at Eurovision-2008, which until that moment had not been possible for any Russian performer.



Childhood and youth

Dima Bilan was born on December 24, 1981 in the family of an engineer and social worker. In the family of the future artist there were representatives of different nationalities - Russians, Tatars and Karachais. The future idol was born in the small town of Ust-Dzhegut (Karachay-Cherkessia). Dima's real surname is Belan, and his name is Viktor Nikolaevich.

In addition to Victor, the Belan family had two daughters, Anna and Elena. Later, the family of the future star moved to Kabardino-Balkaria and settled in the city of Maysky.

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Dima had a craving for music since childhood. From the 5th grade, the future singer attended a music school, graduating from an educational institution in the accordion class. Even then, the talented guy participated in all kinds of competitions, and in 1999 he even went to Moscow for the Chunga-Changa children's festival, where he received a diploma from Joseph Kobzon himself.

Further, the biography of Dima Bilan was replenished with the receipt of a diploma from the Gnesins State Music College, and then the acting department of GITIS.



Personal life

Dima Bilan's personal life worries millions of fans. In his youth, the singer met with the model Lena Kuletskaya. The artist was carried away by the relationship, so he publicly announced that in case of winning Eurovision, he would marry Elena. However, the performer did not keep his word, the wedding never took place. This romance did not end with anything, and the couple broke up.

Who owns the heart of an enviable groom is unknown. Fans often ascribe to the man relations with prominent representatives of show business, and some even suggest that the singer returned to his ex-girlfriend, but does not publicly report this.

The former bride of Dima Bilan first showed the face of her youngest daughter Elena Kuletskaya and Dima Bilan // Photo: Social ...

Perhaps the imagination of the fans was the alleged romance with the artist's longtime acquaintance - the opera singer Yulia Lima, who some time ago worked as a backing vocalist for Dima. Photos with the performer appeared on social networks, and fans immediately started talking about an affair between celebrities. Nevertheless, there were no comments from the artist.

Such secrecy of Bilan forced the yellow press to spread publications about the artist's orientation, and ill-wishers more than once called him gay. The singer himself does not comment on such a stir around his name.

In 2014, information appeared on the Web about a certain Inna Andreeva, whom Dima met through his sister Elena in the early 2000s. The girl comes from Anapa, worked as an instructor in therapeutic gymnastics. Their relationship was not easy. According to Bilan's sister, Inna repeatedly returned to her small homeland, then again came to Moscow. The romance ended in parting.

The life and career biography of a tall (height 180 cm, weight 75 kg), sports artist is watched by millions of fans on the social networks Instagram and Twitter. There, the singer shares personal and work photos. Both accounts have been officially verified. Dima also has a confirmed page on VKontakte.

In July 2018, the artist posted an emotional post on Instagram, where he wrote that he was thinking about a radical change of place of residence. The singer also shared that he is not going to have a wife and children yet. Dima told the fans that he was not ready to enter into a serious relationship and let someone into his inner world.

Earlier, information about Bilan's romance with the former Voice member Yulia Tereshchenko was disseminated on the Web. Similar rumors appeared when the artist posted a general photo with the girl on his personal page. But later it turned out that it was only a meeting of old acquaintances.

Later, the fans became confident that the singer Polina Gudieva became the singer's new chosen one. When Dima shared a photo where female legs were visible, the fans thought about several candidates, but they agreed on Polina.

Interestingly, Bilan is on the list of the most gambling celebrities. This opinion is shared by Forbes magazine. According to the publication, Dima devotes a lot of free time to gambling.

Fans suspected Dima Bilan of a relationship with a participant in the show "Voice" On the social network ...

Dima Bilan is considered one of the richest Russian celebrities. According to the same Forbes magazine for 2017, the singer was in 5th place with an income of $ 6 million.

Such an annual salary allows the star to run his own business. So, in the summer of 2018, the artist boasted of his "brainchild": a man opened a hotel that received a 3-star classification and is intended for budget vacations.



Working with Yuri Aizenshpis

The singer's career began with an acquaintance with producer Yuri Aizenshpis. It was this music manager who recommended the guy to take the pseudonym Dima Bilan. In collaboration with Aizenshpis, Bilan tried his hand at the "New Wave", where he took 4th place.

In 2003, Bilan's first album "I am a night hooligan" was released. Clips and songs from this disc soon became popular in Russia. The fans especially remembered the songs "You, only you", "I was wrong, I got it" and "Baby". In the video for the hit "I love you so much," the main female role was played by the daughter of Igor Krutoy. The artist's subsequent albums become equally interesting to the public.

The main producer of the 90s is Yuri Aizepshpis. 18 years of camps and the last album of the Kino group. July 15, 1945 was born ...

In collaboration with Aizenshpis in 2004, the album "On the Shore of the Sky" appeared. Among the new songs, fans and critics noted a composition called "You should be near."



Working with Yana Rudkovskaya

Working with Yana Rudkovskaya


On September 20, 2005, Yuri Aizenshpis passed away. Dima immediately received offers of cooperation from other production companies. As a result, the singer decided to break off relations with the center of the former mentor. At that moment, Aizenshpis's company demanded not to use the Dima Bilan brand, the right to which belonged to this organization. But in 2008, thanks to the alliance of Dima Bilan with Yana Rudkovskaya, the conflict was resolved. Soon the singer himself officially changed his name.

The tandem with Yana Rudkovskaya turned out to be fruitful. By the end of 2005, the singer won two Golden Gramophone awards. Dima Bilan's songs received recognition, awards poured down on the artist as from a cornucopia - "Singer of the Year" (2006), "Best Performer of the Year" (2007), "Best Album", "Best Composition" for the song "Impossible is Possible".

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At the same time, the artist's first solo shows took place at Luzhniki. Fokas Evangelinos, famous in the international show business world, became the director of the 2007 concerts. Despite the advertising and many regalia of the singer, there was no full house at his first performances.

The press conference, which took place before this important event for the performer, was marked by a gay scandal. During the conversation with journalists, a provocative question was raised from a Baltic reporter. He asked the artist about his proposed wedding with a Latvian young man. The singer was stunned by this kind of information and could not find words for an answer.

Dima gradually became the best, improving his professionalism. In fact, every composition performed by Dima Bilan becomes a hit. Such was the song called "Dreamers", which became the favorite single of millions of Russian fans of the singer. Recognition of the artist's undisputed talent was the role entrusted to him as an ambassador for the 2014 Olympics.

In 2009, the artist's first English-language studio album Believe was released, which was recorded in Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia. And immediately - a new victory in the "Album of the Year" category at the ZD Awards 2009.

Dima Bilan and Sergey Lazarev asked each other for forgiveness  

The video for the song "I just love you" became a prize-winner in the "Muz-TV chart" in 2011, staying 20 weeks at the top lines. The list of victories and awards in the career of Dima Bilan is huge. In 2011, fans liked the song "Choking", the video for which was named the best in the artist's career.

2015 was no less successful for the artist. The musician presented an album called "Don't be silent."

Dima Bilan's performance at the "New Wave - 2016" competition was spectacular. The number for the song "Indivisible" was again among the best. In addition, the singer sang the song "Mama" together with Danil Pluzhnikov, the winner of the project "Voice. Children - 3 ".

In May 2017, the singer presented a new video for the song "Labyrinths". The music video was directed by Alexei Golubev, and the video was produced by Yana Rudkovskaya. The fans are again singing the familiar chorus, which begins with the words "I will run across the sky, across the thin".

Viewers note that the clip turned out to be exciting and mystical due to the mass of special effects. Fans loved the video, and many were impressed by the huge glowing ball, the puffs of smoke and the colorful glow. All this created an unusually beautiful picture, harmoniously combining deep drama with an exciting plot.

Who remembers what song Dima Bilan and Pelageya are dancing to?) The answer is on the site! #GolosChildren

In 2017, viewers saw the long-awaited joint performance of Dima Bilan and Sergei Lazarev at a concert held as part of the Muz-TV award. An unexpected duet presented the song "Forgive Me". Later Bilan presented new compositions "Hold" and "You are my ocean".

In February 2018, Love radio turned 10 years old. In honor of this event, a grand show took place. Dima Bilan, the permanent headliner of the project, took part in the anniversary series of concerts in Russian cities.

In the spring, the singer presented a new video for the song "Girl, Don't Cry". The video came out colorful and dynamic. Fans appreciated the new creation of their favorite artist and his team. In May, Dima was awarded the High Five for the best show.

The beginning of summer was marked by the release of a new single by Dima Bilan and singer Polina "Drunken Love". A little later, the artist posted the first footage from the filming of the video for this composition. As planned, the performer in the video participates in a brawl at a wedding. The video featured prominent representatives of Russian show business and the blogosphere.

Another premiere of the year is the video for the song "Lightning", in which the main female role was played by the model Daria Klyukina, the winner of the "Bachelor" project. During the first day, the video was watched by 1 million Internet users. Many of the artist's fans appreciated the sense of humor that Bilan showed when creating the video.




For the first time, Bilan decided to try his hand at an international competition in 2005, choosing the song Not That Simple for this. Then Natalia Podolskaya bypassed the singer at the stage of national selection. Dima took 2nd place.

In 2006, Dima Bilan went to Athens by the decision of Channel One to represent Russia at the prestigious Eurovision-2006 contest. With the song Never Let You Go, Bilan takes 2nd place. Only Alsou achieved such success in the history of the country in 2000.

The brightest moment and peak in the creative biography of Dima Bilan is the long-awaited victory at Eurovision 2008, which was so difficult for the artist. In tandem with renowned musician Edwin Marton and Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko, Dima Bilan presented the whole world with an amazing number on ice to the song Believe in the final of the competition. He became the first Russian in history to win the competition.

In 2012, Bilan almost went to Eurovision again. Dima sang the song Back To Her Future in a duet with Yulia Volkova, taking 2nd place in the Russian qualifying round.



Films and TV projects

Dima Bilan is actively involved in television projects. In 2012, the singer became the mentor of the popular Channel One show "The Voice" for adult participants. In 2014, the television project “Voice. Children ”, in which Dima Bilan also acted as a mentor. Colleagues on the new show were Pelageya and Maxim Fadeev, who was replaced in the 3rd season by Leonid Agutin. The project was a great success.

Bilan also became a mentor of the Voice show for adult participants in 2016. This turned out to be the 5th season, the judges' chairs with the singer were shared by Polina Gagarina, Grigory Leps and Leonid Agutin.

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Repeatedly the performances of the contestants brought the mentors to tears. So, after the hit "Requiem" sung by Mariam Merabova, the artist could not hold back his tears. And the performance of his wards Tornike Kvitatiani and Vladi Bleiberg of Soso Pavliashvili's song "Let's Pray for Parents" made not only the mentor himself cry, but also Polina Gagarina and Leonid Agutin.

In October 2016, the premiere of the animated film Trolls took place, in which Dima Bilan, in tandem with Victoria Daineko, voiced the main characters of the film. The participants of the show “Voice. Children ”who attended the premiere.

This is not the first experience of an artist in cinema. Bilan's voice was spoken by Hans from the American animated feature film Frozen. The singer first appeared as a cameo in the 2005 New Year's musical Disco Style Night. Then there were the works "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "Golden Key".

The debut of the actor in a full-length movie was the melodrama "Hero", where the artist appeared in the lead role along with Svetlana Ivanova. The premiere took place in 2016.

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The release of the film "Midshipmen IV" by directors Svetlana Druzhinina and Ivan Krivoruchko was scheduled for 2020. The story is set in the Russian Empire in 1787. According to the plot, the midshipmen must help the commander Suvorov defeat the Turks, and Catherine the Great announces the annexation of the Crimea to Russia.

The long-awaited film stars Dmitry Kharatyan, Alexander Domogarov, Mikhail Mamaev, Mikhail Boyarsky and other famous Russian actors. In addition, Nikita Presnyakov, Kristina Orbakaite, Tatiana Navka are participating in the project. Dima Bilan got the role of Captain Giuliano De Lombardi in the film.



Scandals and health

Social media users continue to follow the latest news by browsing the idol's official website. In June 2017, the Russian performer surprised fans with photos published on Instagram.

Bilan's photo shoot in the arthouse style caused a mixed reaction from fans. Some users called the figure of the artist gorgeous. At the same time, others noticed in the eyes of the singer, lying naked in the bathroom, longing and loneliness. Most of the fans of the Russian singer were interested in who captured the artist in the bathroom while listening to music. Followers were delighted with the new photos, since the performer rarely shares such pictures.

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In the same year, Bilan's fans learned that the singer was sick. Fans who were worried about the health of the idol even found out Dima's phone number to support them with advice. According to the celebrity, fans often manage to get his number. This forced the singer to stock up on a pack of SIM cards.

It is known that doctors discovered a hernia of the spine in the performer, which clamp the nerve, causing severe pain. The singer had to undergo a long course of treatment to get rid of the disease.

There were even rumors in Russian social networks and the media that Bilan had died. The artist soon reacted to such information with humor.

In March 2017, the singer on Instagram published an image in which he appeared in a new image - with a shaved head. Media officials suggested that Bilan's decision to "become bald" is a kind of challenge to those who spread rumors about the allegedly fatal illness of the artist.

Bald Dima Bilan alarmed the fans Russian pop singer Dima Bilan seriously alarmed his fans, ...

The singer himself believes that such tests made him think about the future. According to the artist, he made a conclusion.

In the fall of 2019, the artist became a figurant of the yellow chronicle. During a concert on the City Day in Samara, Bilan, being in a strong alcoholic intoxication, took the stage. The artist shocked the audience with his behavior, many amateur videos appeared on the Internet. Later, Dima apologized to the residents of Samara for his behavior. As compensation, the singer gave a second concert in the city and allocated money for the construction of a playground.

This story became the theme of the meeting between Dima Bilan and Ivan Urgant on the TV show "Evening Urgant". In addition, on the air, the artist spoke about a new trend in his work - the use of the style of the end of the Soviet era. Bilan explained this by the fact that the modern audience missed the sincerity and melody of the songs of that time.

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Another reason for mentioning the name of the star of Russian show business in the press was his refusal to participate in the combined concert of the Eurovision winners in Amsterdam on the eve of the 2020 Christmas holidays.

The artist explained the cancellation of the previously signed contract with the organizers of the event by the fact that the participants in the performance were not only the winners of the first places, but also other performers who were remembered for their performances at Eurovision in different years.



Dima Bilan now

Dima continues to expand his video library with clips for songs from new and unreleased albums. In 2019, he released several works - videos for the tracks "Ocean" and "About White Roses".

The second song was created in the style of the 80s. The text of the composition used phrases from the iconic hits of that time - "White Roses", "Siberian Frosts", "Yellow Tulips", "Music Tied Us" and others. The track "Midnight Taxi" was created in a similar style.

Bilan's new songs were warmly received by the public. Now many fans expect the idol to replenish the discography with an album in the style of the 80s and 90s. And at the Topical Style Awards ceremony, which took place in the Chaika restaurant, Dima was recognized as the most stylish artist of the year.

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As an actor, the musician appeared in Danila Pluzhnikov's video for the young man's song “Pilgrim”. Dima's company on the screen was made by his colleague - the singer Zara.

Another star is growing up in the family of Dima Bilan. The musician's younger sister Anna studied in the United States and returned to Russia in 2019. The girl plans to pursue a career in show business. Despite the statements of his older brother that he will not participate in the promotion of the girl's career, the singer has already managed to introduce her to the public: at the 2020 New Year's Light on the Russia-1 channel, relatives appeared together.

In 2020, the artist continued touring the country with the Planet Bilan program, later the star is scheduled to tour Germany. Dima was invited to the Big Love Show concert as a headliner. The singer entered the stage with the hit "About White Roses". The performer also took part in the dubbing of the cartoon “Trolls. World Tour ". Victoria Daineko, Polina Gagarina and Mikhail Galustyan joined him in the dubbing studio.




2003 - "I am a night bully" 2004 - "On the shore of the sky" 2006 - "River time" 2008 - "Against the rules" 2009 - Believe 2011 - "Dreamer" 2013 - "Reach out" 2014 - Alien 2015 - "Don't be silent" 2017 - "Egoist" 2019 - "Planet Bilan EP"



Net Worth

Victor Belan 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

Let's check, How Rich is Victor Belan in 2020 ?


Victor Belan Net Worth 2021

Victor Belan 's revenue is $2M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $622.5K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $62.3K - $134.7K
November 2021 $74.4K - $138.7K
October 2021 $67.9K - $130.5K
September 2021 $44.4K - $114.7K
August 2021 $59.4K - $114.5K
July 2021 $69K - $123.8K
June 2021 $65.3K - $128K
May 2021 $72.1K - $93.9K
April 2021 $63.1K - $88.7K
March 2021 $78.7K - $133.8K
February 2021 $81.2K - $90.4K
January 2021 $71.9K - $106.9K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2020

Victor Belan 's revenue is $1M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $661.1K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $54.9K - $89.7K
November 2020 $75.3K - $163.6K
October 2020 $70.3K - $150.3K
September 2020 $43.4K - $153.1K
August 2020 $76.1K - $130.8K
July 2020 $49.3K - $122.9K
June 2020 $78.8K - $147.8K
May 2020 $49.1K - $160.3K
April 2020 $64.8K - $90.5K
March 2020 $45.8K - $99.4K
February 2020 $73.2K - $101.2K
January 2020 $79.7K - $146.6K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2019

Victor Belan 's revenue is $1.3M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $620.8K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $56K - $149.8K
November 2019 $67.1K - $150.4K
October 2019 $81.7K - $154.5K
September 2019 $82.6K - $118.3K
August 2019 $45.6K - $89.8K
July 2019 $55.9K - $109.2K
June 2019 $71.4K - $147.8K
May 2019 $64.3K - $121.9K
April 2019 $42.1K - $88K
March 2019 $77.9K - $93.8K
February 2019 $53.7K - $157.2K
January 2019 $54.9K - $141.9K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2018

Victor Belan 's revenue is $1.6M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $954.4K - $1.2M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $45.4K - $104.9K
November 2018 $42.8K - $135.7K
October 2018 $75.4K - $149.1K
September 2018 $62.7K - $165.8K
August 2018 $45.9K - $124.7K
July 2018 $73.1K - $135.4K
June 2018 $80.9K - $161.2K
May 2018 $43.5K - $151.4K
April 2018 $72.9K - $131.3K
March 2018 $47.2K - $104K
February 2018 $79.3K - $129.2K
January 2018 $46.4K - $117.9K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2017

Victor Belan 's revenue is $1.7M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $951.1K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $48.8K - $164.3K
November 2017 $43.1K - $133.9K
October 2017 $67.6K - $85.2K
September 2017 $82.3K - $118.8K
August 2017 $77.3K - $135K
July 2017 $70.3K - $108.6K
June 2017 $44.3K - $128.9K
May 2017 $61.6K - $112K
April 2017 $71.4K - $98.5K
March 2017 $49.3K - $109.8K
February 2017 $62.5K - $139.8K
January 2017 $51.4K - $121.8K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2016

Victor Belan 's revenue is $1.2M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $605K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $62.1K - $83.4K
November 2016 $69.8K - $99.3K
October 2016 $53.6K - $122.4K
September 2016 $79.4K - $139.7K
August 2016 $76.7K - $94.1K
July 2016 $48.6K - $95.1K
June 2016 $50.6K - $141.9K
May 2016 $75K - $107.3K
April 2016 $62.4K - $109.4K
March 2016 $57.3K - $112.9K
February 2016 $60.4K - $109K
January 2016 $66.1K - $106.4K


Victor Belan Net Worth 2015

Victor Belan 's revenue is $2M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Victor Belan and could vary in the range between $591.8K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $78K - $155.4K
November 2015 $61.2K - $162.4K
October 2015 $79K - $166.5K
September 2015 $60.7K - $138.1K
August 2015 $78.8K - $113.1K
July 2015 $65.4K - $123.9K
June 2015 $66.7K - $128.6K
May 2015 $63.6K - $152.2K
April 2015 $64.8K - $129.4K
March 2015 $74.6K - $90.2K
February 2015 $65.4K - $103.4K
January 2015 $78.6K - $125.5K


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