Very Damaged Hair

The Story

Hello everyone! This year I'm on the 12th grade and I have a prom and like every girl I want to look like prom queen, but the problem is that my hair is very exhausted and will ruin my whole vision. I know there's a lot of time to prom, but I want if I can do something to do it now.. My hair was at the waist, but of the many paints I had to cut to the shoulders, now it's a little under the shoulders, but it's like straw, it's terrible. I can't stop painting because I like the color, no matter how weird it is (my hair is green, however strange it is), but I want to have nice hair to the prom. How can I get my hands on it and feed it and what kind of masks should I use to restore it a little?

Last Updated
May 25, 2020