Vera Polozkova

Born 05 March, 1986 ( 38 years old) in Moscow, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Vera Polozkova ?
According to the birthday of Vera Polozkova the astrological sign is Pisces .

Currently, Vera Polozkova is married.

Occupation: singer, actress, poetess.

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February 01, 2021

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Vera Polozkova is a new generation phenomenon. She made young people stuck in blogs and social networks to love poetry, read and write poetry, exchange "units of meaning" rhymed in vivid images. Polozkova made poetry a trend, became the flagship of a new literary wave - the wave of Internet poets.

Her composition, which begins with the words “We must live by the sea, mother,” is both a personal conclusion and a hint to people rushing about in search of a solution - how to live. According to rumors, this work is already being read at the entrance exams by university entrants to the theater.



Childhood and youth

The poetess was born in the capital in the spring of 1986. Vera was a late child, so she was allowed a lot. The girl was very friendly with her mother, until the age of 13 Vera had no secrets from her mother. At the age of 9, Polozkova began to keep a personal diary, and the first poems appeared at the age of 5.

The poet's father did not live with his family. The last time Vera saw him was when she was 2 years old. And when the girl turned 7, her dad died. From the second marriage, the father left two daughters. The poetess maintains friendly relations with the youngest, who lives in Finland, believing that she is in many ways similar to herself.

As a child, Vera Polozkova sang in the choir and studied choreography, which she quit after 6 years of training. The girl graduated from school as an external student and at the age of 15 entered the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. However, despite her great love for literature, the girl quickly realized that she was not very interested in reporting and journalistic investigations. The world of poetry became much more exciting for Polozkova. At the same time, in her first year at the institute, Vera published her first collection of poems.

While studying at the university, Polozkova led the column "A Difficult Story" in the magazine "Cosmopolitan", wrote articles for the publications "Book Review" and "Afisha". Later, the girl got a job as an employee of the publishing house "FBI-Press", published her articles in the magazines "Shik-Magazine" and "Iskra-Spark". Also from 2007 to 2008, the poetess was listed as an employee of the Museum of Contemporary Art ART4.RU.




In 2003, Vera Polozkova opened her personal blog vero4ka (later - mantrabox) on the service. He quickly became a "thousand-man", the audience of "Live Journal" almost immediately responded to poetic sketches. At the same time, Vera takes an active part in poetry evenings, competitions and competitions. In 2006 she became a finalist of the youth poetic SLEM. The girl also became a laureate of the Poet of the Year for LiveJournal award, sharing it with another network poet Oleg Borichev.

Polozkova was also published on the portal, intended for free demonstration by everyone of their own literary talents. The site contains "Bernard writes to Esther", "You should have been careful", "If you want, I will be your Margarita." Readers write reviews and criticisms to this day.

For the first time Vera Polozkova performed with a solo creative evening in 2007. The event took place at the Bulgakov House, a well-known Moscow cultural center.

A few months later, the first serious edition of Polozkova came out - the book "Nonpoemanie", published with the support of the writer Alexander Zhitinsky, who got acquainted with her work through the Internet. The presentation of the collection took place in the premises of the ART4.RU museum, where Polozkova worked at that time. "Nepoemanie" quickly won the hearts of readers, and a year later the poetess became a laureate of the "Neformat" prize.

In 2008, the poet's first trip to India took place. The "Land of Contrasts" made an indelible impression, and subsequently, as a result of the trip, the "Indian Cycle" was formed, consisting of works from that period.

Now Polozkova tries to regularly visit this country and brings new poems from each trip. Then the intimate lyrics of her work to a certain extent gave way to reflections on her own spiritual experience and relationship with the Divine principle.

In 2008, the poetess published the collection "Photosynthesis", illustrations for which were done by photographer Olga Pavolga. This work went through 3 reprints with a total circulation of more than 30 thousand books.

The capital's Union of Writers presented Vera with the Rimma Kazakova Prize. In 2012, Polozkova travels to New York, where she arranges a solo reading as part of a local book fair. Then the poetess takes part in the reality show for the study of the French language "Polyglot" under the direction of Dmitry Petrov on the channel "Culture".

In the spring of 2013, Polozkova's third collection of poems, entitled "Ostocherchenie", was released. The book consists of 13 parts, it also includes works from "Short Film" and "Indian Cycle". In the same year, Vera was nominated for the "Parabola" prize of the Andrei Voznesensky Foundation. A year later, Glamor named the columnist the Woman of the Year status in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination. According to the magazine HELLO !, Polozkova became the best among the most stylish people in Russia in the category Self-made Woman.



Theater and music

In 2008 Polozkova decides to try her hand at the theatrical stage. The poetess participated in an interactive production by Georg Genaud entitled "The Society of Artists Anonymous".

In 2009, the poetess met with Eduard Boyakov, founder, director and producer of the Praktika theater (then - Polytheatra). Boyakov invites Polozkova to take part in the poetic performance "Poems of Love", based on the poet's texts. The premiere of the production took place in October of the same year at the Molot Scene Theater in Perm. Two years later, the premiere of the new play "Poems about Moscow" took place.

In the renewed "Polytheater" the premiere of the third performance based on the texts of Vera Polozkova took place. Actors Pavel Artemiev, Alisa Grebenshchikova and Mikhail Kozyrev took part in the production of "The Chosen". This performance, which is a reflection on creative craft and poetry, summed up a kind of result in the then work of Polozkova.

In the play "Happy 60s" Vera Polozkova performed exclusively as an actress. Stage partners are Yegor Salnikov, Ilya Barabanov, Ekaterina Volkova and other artists.

In 2009, the poetess expanded the format of her work and released the first audiobook entitled "Photosynthesis", where she reads her works to the soundtrack. In addition, "Photosynthesis" includes both the author's remarks by Polozkova herself and her individual phrases uttered during the recording. The audiobook has gone through more than 6 reprints.

At the end of the same year, the lyrics were recorded, which will later be included in the first music album. "Sign of Inequality" was released in June 2011 and became the leader in terms of the number of downloads in the first week of sales. As it was initially announced as experimental, the album never came out on physical media.

Subsequently, Vera Polozkova gathered a group of musicians with whom she continued to work: Nikolai Saginashvili, Anatoly Levitin, Vladimir Litsov and Alexander Bgantsev. In the period 2011-2012, the collective gave about six dozen concerts in the CIS countries, the guys took part in the anniversary "Invasion", became the headliners of the "More Amore" festival, opened the "Festival of Festivals" on the famous Poklonnaya Hill in the capital on the City Day.

Six months later, the album "Sign of Inequality" was recorded at Music Street Studio and presented in November of the same year. A trip to her beloved India prompted Vera to create a new concert program "Cities and Numbers". From the stages of theaters and clubs Polozkova shared her impressions of Venice and New York, London and Kiev. The poetess noted that the depth of perception is affected both by the place you visit and communication with people who are nearby at that moment.

The same program includes the poem "Again, not us". A video has been circulated on the Web where the song to this text is performed by Valentin Gaft's nephew, producer of the Dozhd TV channel, Mikhail Kozyrev.



Personal life

In 2014, Vera Polozkova married the bass player of her own band, Alexander Bgantsev. A rustic-style wedding celebration took place in Pereslavl-Zalessky, and then the newly made husband and wife left for Odessa. In December of the same year, the girl gave birth to a son, who was named Fedor.

The personal life of Vera Polozkova is often covered in social networks - photos of family members are published on the page on Instagram. Now Polozkova is already dividing attention between two children - the son of Savva was born in April 2018.



Vera Polozkova now

In 2017, the publishing house "Makhaon" published a collection of children's poems "Responsible child". According to critics, the book is also intended for parents, since the works are presented in a clear, concise language and can become an example of communication with the younger generation without the usual lisp and simplification of meaning.

The biography of the poetess was not without a scandalous page. Vera's post on Facebook was interpreted as a death wish to the writer Zakhar Prilepin. The media spread calls to deprive Polozkova of her citizenship. State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov said that the woman "risks getting hit in the face." His colleague Alexander Sidyakin said that “peeing on the Internet” is easier than fighting with a weapon in hand. To the people who bombarded the page with angry comments, Vera also answered sharply, not being too shy in expressions.

Prilepin, however, only advised the woman to take care of her psyche.

Vera is truly passionate about literature, follows the work of her colleagues. The Livebook Publishing House publishes a series of books "New Poetry" with the subtitle "Vera Polozkova read and fell in love". This is how she draws attention to young writers and poets. She likes the works of Dana Sideros and Evgenia Lavut, Linor Goralik and Katya Perchenkova. Of the classics, Vladimir Nabokov, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Garcia Marquez are interesting.




"Photosynthesis" "Lack of poem" "Depression" "Responsible child"



Net Worth

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Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2022

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1.4M in 2022. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $887.3K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2022 $44K - $166.1K
November 2022 $58.3K - $107.9K
October 2022 $79.7K - $151.3K
September 2022 $49.4K - $160.6K
August 2022 $46.2K - $101.4K
July 2022 $73.1K - $100.9K
June 2022 $66.1K - $155.6K
May 2022 $73.7K - $116.4K
April 2022 $52.7K - $148.4K
March 2022 $52.1K - $125.3K
February 2022 $82.5K - $126.9K
January 2022 $55.2K - $91.5K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2021

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1.6M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $856.6K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $58.2K - $123.7K
November 2021 $81.5K - $105.3K
October 2021 $58.1K - $119.7K
September 2021 $48.6K - $128.5K
August 2021 $70.9K - $154.2K
July 2021 $51.5K - $150.8K
June 2021 $45.5K - $94.1K
May 2021 $74.9K - $152K
April 2021 $82.1K - $93.2K
March 2021 $55.9K - $163K
February 2021 $59.9K - $123.1K
January 2021 $73.4K - $106.4K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2020

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1.9M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $843.2K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $60K - $102.2K
November 2020 $66.8K - $166.2K
October 2020 $44.8K - $107K
September 2020 $56.6K - $114.6K
August 2020 $72.7K - $112.8K
July 2020 $62K - $110.9K
June 2020 $60.7K - $116.5K
May 2020 $76K - $157.4K
April 2020 $42.8K - $114.2K
March 2020 $58.5K - $139.4K
February 2020 $78.7K - $134.6K
January 2020 $48.6K - $149.3K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2019

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $2M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $909.4K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $58.2K - $116.7K
November 2019 $80.1K - $142.8K
October 2019 $62.1K - $165.5K
September 2019 $45.3K - $104.7K
August 2019 $56.4K - $84.1K
July 2019 $65K - $93.4K
June 2019 $82.6K - $92.2K
May 2019 $65.1K - $158.9K
April 2019 $78.4K - $164.2K
March 2019 $82.5K - $162.2K
February 2019 $69.3K - $87.1K
January 2019 $56K - $105.9K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2018

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1.9M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $644K - $1.5M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $54.2K - $131.8K
November 2018 $49.5K - $89.7K
October 2018 $74.3K - $90.3K
September 2018 $72.9K - $157.3K
August 2018 $47.2K - $154.2K
July 2018 $78.2K - $86.4K
June 2018 $45.6K - $92.9K
May 2018 $45.9K - $152.9K
April 2018 $71.1K - $94.3K
March 2018 $63.5K - $151K
February 2018 $50.3K - $117.6K
January 2018 $82.3K - $96.6K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2017

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1.1M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $936.3K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $58.5K - $156.8K
November 2017 $55K - $150.8K
October 2017 $47.3K - $129.9K
September 2017 $52.3K - $98.6K
August 2017 $61.8K - $116.5K
July 2017 $66.9K - $126.4K
June 2017 $82K - $109.5K
May 2017 $49.3K - $110.8K
April 2017 $58.6K - $107.3K
March 2017 $81.6K - $88.3K
February 2017 $81.2K - $93.9K
January 2017 $50.1K - $165.3K


Vera Polozkova Net Worth 2016

Vera Polozkova 's revenue is $1M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Vera Polozkova and could vary in the range between $669.1K - $1M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $83.2K - $122.3K
November 2016 $54.6K - $140.3K
October 2016 $74.4K - $151.2K
September 2016 $77K - $162.5K
August 2016 $76.1K - $111.3K
July 2016 $74.2K - $155.4K
June 2016 $74.1K - $135.5K
May 2016 $65K - $128.6K
April 2016 $48.7K - $119.4K
March 2016 $77.4K - $138.9K
February 2016 $62.5K - $125.4K
January 2016 $76.4K - $140.2K


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