Ultraviolet Review (Action Fantastic, 2020)

Learn more about the movie "Ultraviolet" released in 2020. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Ultraviolet"?
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September 09, 2020

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Ultraviolet - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Ultraviolet" is a Action Fantastic production. Director: Kurt Wimmer Actors: Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund, William Fichtner, Milla Jovovich, Sebastian Andrew Garth I'm not a brake. Astronaut. Brake boy



Ultraviolet Review

Earth. Far-away Future. Criminal giants corporations (probably cinematic) created a nightmarish virus the cleaning lady's neglect got into the vent, and now some people are infected with the terrible disease - hemophagy. What kind of disease is this? Such? The disease is interesting. It's the people who are from her. acquire the ability instantly change the color of their hair and the color of their hair costume, and at the same time supplied unseen by the power of a young man plus the sizeless pockets in which It's easy to get two boxes of beer. More they grow incisors like vampires that gives an unimaginable charm to the smile.

It would seem, with such amazing opportunities - live and Hail. No, the hemofages are all fussing and they're building some kind of machinations. However, as it turned out from the film, for good reason. Because Supreme Vice-Cardinal Franz-Ferdinand Duxus (Nick Chinlund) - man with unkind, deeply planted eyes - conceived to lime all the hemofages to the root. Because what's going on!.. For the ubiquitous reason hemophages in underground Vice Cardinal Laboratories Manufactured Lethal Weapon. Special Agent 00217 must pick it up. weapons and deliver somewhere there right guys who have guns and will be used to make all the haemaphages lose the ability to repaint hair and died a terrible death.

But there are still people who able to resist sinister plans the cardinal's dastardly! It's a cool aunt. Ultraviolet (Milla) Djokovic)! Once upon a time it was just It's a violet. But she was infected with hemophagia, after that the aunt abruptly circled, studied gun-kata tricks (this is when a gun, instead of just shooting. opponent's head, used to nuptial dances), and friends nicknamed her Ultraviolet - for nightmarish color wig that the aunt uses always when he wants to hit enemies in The liver most.

The ultraviolet team snuck into the secret lair of the enemy and kidnapped Lethal Weapon representing a small flat suitcase. You ask how she managed to get into holy saints? Are they fools? Can't tell the difference between a hemofag and a simple law-abiding citizen? No, not Fools. But Ultraviolet was bored a pill made by her friend, Chemist-Homekeeper Garth (William Fichtner), and her haemphagism temporarily was gone -- the blood became clean and light, in as a result, the enemies were deceived.

The suitcase turned out to be with Surprise. Inside this device a centimeter in thickness of two Pretty fat kid suffering species. He suffers because he was raised vegetative way, and then the sneaky cardinal infected kid's another nefarious virus, and Now if the boy accidentally sprays himself over cities and scales, then all hemofages will die from a complex Diarrhea.

Of course, hemofaphous the authorities decided to kill the boy. No boy, the bosses decided, no Problems. But they didn't guess. Because in Ultraviolet suddenly woke up maternal feelings, and she decided to kid Save. Fig with us, with the hemofagami, decided Aunt. We're not living with pink anyway. hair, so let the kid Grow. That's what it showed up. hemopofigism.


Another movie comic book. The idea behind this film was born to Kurt Wimmer at the time when he looked up the picture of the "Resident evil" where Milla Jovovich in red combidres and erotic boots went back and forth on the walls Umbrella Corporation and the zombie who are with an incredibly unfortunate view roamed the corridors. Wimmer immediately I wanted Milla to go. back and forth -- perhaps no longer in combidres -- and someone got swayed with attracting Wimmer's branded "technique" of gan-kata, which he invented for Equilybrium. Milla Didn't seem to mind, so Wimmer sat in for the script.

What exactly he smoked and what drugs used in the process "Ultraviolet" - history Silent. However, by the level of Wimmer's unsosimal debolism succeeded to surpass even "Resident Evil," already on the that there's a script also shone masterpieces of stupidity. When you watch "Ultraviolet" brains can't be turned on for a second, because otherwise from what's going on on The screen immediately begins hysterics.

However, some fans paintings (yes, there are some) say that, they say, you don't have to pay for the script attention, because it is, they say, put comic book and all that. Guys. I am quite aware that the movies have their own Conventions. I'm quite prepared to assume that there are 1345-charging pistols. I am quite willing to assume that one Aunt is able to swell a couple dozens of special forces. I'm even quite imean that my aunt's hair can instantly repaint from pink in black and then purple. But when i get snuffed out all this debilitation with the kid, where The logical component is presented only in the form of zigzag scrap line drawn by branded random number generator, I still have there is an assumption that either me hold for an idiot, or a screenwriter takes something very vigorous. You can't serious kind of give out such nonsense - it's just unseemly.

Fans also shout about fantastic visual component - they say, it's just something incredible. Yes There's nothing incredible about it. Blur picture of the blur, bringing Milla in a state called the Barbie doll, "You don't have to think about it. At the same time, Of course, there is a purpose - stylized as a comic book, but these unnaturally smoothed faces pretty annoying.

Yes, there are some pretty beautiful ones. pictures and a few spectacular episodes Visually speaking. However the other part of the episodes is drawn so stupid that it's not clear how this could have been allowed in the film XXI century with not the smallest budget. Fans, however, say that it is, they say, specifically as a computer game pastiche, but that kind of manner can justify all that Related: The plot is stupid because it's not the plot of happiness, the face is smined, because under the comic, the graphics are terrible, because the game, the music is wacky, because it's not about music.

Anyway, if you're not a milla fan Djokovic, the dumbest stories, lousy computer processing and Barbie dolls, bouncing across the screen, then this movie You don't have to look. Those are some beautiful the pictures that are found there absolutely not deserving of spending 88 minutes to contemplate this ugliness. And if you fan of Milla Jovovich, the dumbest stories, lousy computer processing and dolls Barbie jumping on the screen - then Look, you'll like it.

P. S. By the way, Rostotsky praises this nightmare. He says it's an underrated masterpiece. But I so much not to drink to watch such a movie is on standby to see an underrated masterpiece. And he this "ultraviolet" is blasphemous compares with "Kill Bill." You have to kill for these Comparison.

P. P. S. Special thanks to Twister Digital. She is released the most charming release of this Movie: There are no subtiters, There is no original track, quality the images are lousy. But there are two Russian dubbing, both of which disgustingly translated and disgusting voiced (creepy swings between levels and so on). And they're selling this joy for 307 rubles. Who is this Twister meet, give them in the face. Because they've tortured everyone. issue at the price of a normal license.




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