Types Of Tippers That You Have To Aware On Chaturbate

  In this article, you will learn about the major groups of webcam fans on Chaturbate and will make assumptions about what would be their motives to behave accordingly. If you're a webcam model you have to read the article. 
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February 18, 2020



They seek and insist, but do not like to give tips


The largest group of viewers are reluctant to pay for erotic cam shows.

They visit free web sites and prefer to browse into rooms where models do not want money (not accept tips). In some cases, when the model still requires tokens, viewers of this type patiently wait for other users to send the expected tip. And yes, they're mingy.



They seek, but cannot afford to grant you tips


Typically, this group includes people under the age of 18 who do not have a credit card or other payment instruments to send a tip to the models. Another common case is when the viewer is from a poorly developed country and the amount required by a model is too high. Such countries are from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.



Those who seek attention


Attention-seeking viewers are usually regular visitors to webcams. They are looking for communication with models, and then nudity. This group is not always inclined to send a tip, because it expects too personal attitude and more attention from the model. Sometimes it will take a long time to convince them that they have to pay.

In some cases, they act like jealousy and can attack other viewers verbally or do their best to get your personal attention, even if they have to offend you.



Those who are planning to deceive you


Such viewers will assure you that they have tokens and will send you a tip as soon as you do something they asked. Next, when you agree to meet their expectations, probably, in order to avoid tipping, they will accuse you of not showing exactly what you were promised. They may also be justified by their low level of understanding of English. Their delusion will continue as long as you are prone to believe.



Those who will try to "kidnap" personal information about you


Gentle, polite, nice - they are an ideal company for chatting. Well-intentioned. They can propose assistance while you broadcast - for example, announcing how many tokens are needed to the next goal (flash); or will warm other viewers to send more tokens.

In the meantime, they will ask you personal questions - from the most general ones like from what country you are, how old you are and so on, through more personal ones like - a Facebook profile, your names, what
do you do for a living, and finally everything for you - with who you live, what your relatives, etc.



Those who conceal their identities and impersonate other sexes


These types of users are registered on the site as the opposite sex for several possible reasons:

  • your camera is banned for people of the same gender;

  • fear that you may not want to communicate with a person of your gender, especially if you are heterosexual;

  • transsexuality.


When you ask for personal contact with them or request a cam2cam (also known as c2c) they will reveal themselves hoping that you will accept them as they are. 



Those who aggress when they don't get what they want


They are potentially the stratum to be wary of. Refusing to get what they want can affect them so much that they try to make you their victims. To invalidate them, simply do not repel or block them. Very often, this group is an extension of the one that would hurt you or taking information about you.




Those who will try to pay less than they should


Even if they have enough tokens, they will insist more and more on you in order to finish the goal and paying you. The value of your show is determined by their judgment. This makes these viewers extremely difficult to manipulate. The good news is that they'll pay you at the end.



Those who will offer you a threesome


This is the group of unlimited proposals. Some users of your gender will suggest a threesome in order to justify their attendance in the room or more trivial – to avoid a ban from you.

Others will offer you a job. The list of suggestions can be long, but in the end, they usually try to manipulate you.



Those who will ask for a personal message (PM)


They will request personal correspondence with you. They may only search for a chat, but generally, they will offer you tokens, a threesome, and more. In most free cam sites, regular users are not allowed to start private messages. That way, only the model can initiate a personal conversation.

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