Truth Or Lie?

The Story

My story is probably familiar to many of you. The story also needs a little background. Everything was more or less bearable before I started with drugs and more precisely with the hardest ones. I met a girl and we both fell in love, and we spent a year and a half together, having an amazing relationship, unfortunately, broke my heart by cheating on me. Then I started with these drugs that I mentioned and it was a big mistake but I was so ruined by life that the line was very thin, I knew what this drug was about, I grew up in such an environment and not one or two friends I lost because of this drug. And yet I did. I did it with a clear thought in my head of what awaited me. Then I met another girl thinking she was real, she was everything. She swore to me every day that we would always be together, that we were for each other, and I finally believed her words. I am a strong character and I rarely let anyone in because I know what it's like to be hurt and suffer. But still I was deceived again, we got engaged, we were going to have a wedding when I found out the truth about her ... it turned out to be a "little girl" ... okay ... and how this little angel ... how to look at her in the eyes It wasn't a problem, but it was obviously for her and we broke up. 6 months later, at that moment, I met another person ... we understood how much we matched each other, but she, like me, had suffered a lot and she was afraid to commit like me, but I believed in her. I can't forget how he told me that from now on you and I are gone, only we ... have discovered each other. When I looked into her eyes and something inside me began to blaze like never before, although we really know very little about each other. She told me so many real things on our first date that I really told myself that this was the girl I wanted to be with ... forever. Because of her, I stopped using drugs and started living for real. But just then trouble happened to her and she didn't have time to see and hear for a long time, during which I constantly showed her how much it means to me that she can be sure of me, to have the security that any normal woman would want. to have in a relationship. I must mention here that in all my relationships I have always been faithful, I have never even thought of something "other". My essence is that I am very ... good-natured, I can accept everything, I trust when I have feelings and when I see the same on the other side, but I have never cheated. And after that time we didn't see each other, suddenly out of nowhere she left me. And he told me that none of us would be ... lonely anymore. And I had just started to organize my life, just the thought of it ... ignites me and makes me feel alive, to be full of energy. She has an incredible character, I have never met such a person and I will not meet. And she told me what happened so much after she held my hand 10 days ago with the words that we will always be together? Truth or lie? that we will always be together? Truth or lie? that we will always be together? Truth or lie?

Last Updated
October 21, 2020