The Story

Years ago I had a relationship with a boy ... It all started on the Internet ... I liked him a lot, and the similar banal things that are written on the Internet. It turned out that we were in the same school (I was a student then). He was chasing me, he wanted to be with me ... and I still had this one. But despite everything, I decided to try ... (from experience my head does not hurt, right) ... but I fell in love very quickly ... until I came to the spontaneous phrase: I LOVE YOU! .. I told him a lot often .. but I did not receive an answer .. later it was explained to me that he could not express his feelings and that I did not think that they did not exist. After about a year since we were together, we would go to a disco one night, and before that we would have a drink somewhere (in a club). I had agreed with my friends to go to a club, and he to his. But before I go out, he called me to tell me to go to their house because his mother wanted to talk to me .... I left immediately. But, it turned out to be a lie (a very good lie). We were alone. There was no mention of his parents. We spent about an hour with them ... and suddenly ... he told me he loved me ... for the first time. Then he sent me to the meeting with my friends and he went to the restaurant where his people were waiting for him, with the stipulation that we would meet at the disco. And here we go to the disco .. and of course I go looking for him ... and what my eyes saw ..... he and his ex-girlfriend in his arms ... and kiss with such passion, as if he had not been kissed from a woman. I couldn't stand it ... I didn't even have the strength to tell him anything ... I just went outside. My friend naturally put it in place. The next day I was ready to forgive him ... but in a telephone conversation ... he said he didn't know which of us to choose ... . That's how it all ended ... but since then I can't trust any man ... I've become terribly jealous ... I'm trying to hide in some way ... but I'm tormented inside. Is this normal!! Now I even have a friend ... he didn't give me reason to doubt ... and I can't and can't stop being jealous of him ... I think I have a problem with trust since then. What to do?

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November 12, 2020