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The Rock - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "The Rock" is an Action movie production.

Director: Michael Bay

Actors: Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris, Sean Connery



The Rock Review

A very touching and instructive story I looked with a lot of excitement. But she's so rattled. nerves that strongly impressionable viewers I didn't I recommend to watch it, and better just read a summary of the plot, followed by themselves decide - to watch this film or not.

In the U.S. Military serves a very combative and cool General Francis Hammel (Ed Harris). This name is more appropriate to some German standard-bearer, but in America has equal opportunities, so Hammel was promoted to general. However, he did not was daddy's son, and he fought in all hot spots starting from Vietnam with its kind morning and ending with the Iraqi storm in a glass Desert. But closer to the general's pension, he began to torment one difficult question: why brave guys, who fought with him in all these hot points, including the Arizona desert, were not received normal military pension? After all, for no one secret that the authorities often hid some military operations where America is not very nice looked, and since the operation as if there were no, then there's nothing to pay for.

This injustice is very annoying general, that's why he's born in his head. witty plan: why not assemble a team brave lads who had already fought with him, to attack some powerful army warehouse, steal from there a dozen atomic or some other bombs, and then grab something impregnable, aim missiles on America and demand from the government million dollars to the family of every person who died in Vietnam soldier plus a million dollars every brave lad who participates together with him in this ingenious operation?

Thought, as we see, is sound. Actually, that's what the general does. He's with his guys attack the warehouse, interrupts everyone there soldiers (at the beginning of the film he's not yet so scrupulous, like in the middle, and especially at the end) and steals missiles with deadly green balls (in the picture is not exactly explained - what it is, but it says that inside the balloons is eerie gas, that destroys all living things). For convenience transport, the balls are made very soft, so that in case of accidental fall to the ground they immediately spread poisonous gas.

Then the general with his guys captures Alcatraz prison on the island opposite San Francisco, taking hostages (these are tourists who walk around the now-disabled prison), aims rockets at the city, and announces government has its ultimatum. The head of the FBI consults with the president, but he says that the treasury was significantly depleted during the scandal with a speck on Monica Lewinsky's dress, so, dear FBI chief, there's no money, so Get out as you can. That's what you're for. wages are carving.


The head of the FBI is born two bright Thoughts. The first is to equip planes with missiles from the napalm, which the nail will burn all these green Balls. The second is to send a team to the island, that will defuse the missiles, the soldier, and the general. But no one knows how to get into jail. Knows it's just one person -- a former secret agent British intelligence 007 (of course, it's Sean Connery), who at one time scouted all creepy American secrets: Kennedy's assassination, a catastrophe of the flying saucer, the recipe of Coca-Cola and so on but he was caught personally by the head of the FBI and put Alcatraz without trial. Agent 007 from there escaped, though no one had ever succeeded before. But he was caught and put back in jail.


And now 007 has been pulled out of prison, to have him take the special squad to the prison back. By. The main task is to defuse the missiles, so they're given an unfinished-peet-boy -- a kind of Laboratory Rat - Stenka Cool-Speed (played by Nicolas Cage; in English, that name sounds like Stanley Goodspeed), which is neither on he's not capable of it, but he's good at these poison balls and can defuse them. No one's going to send Stanley first. together with the squad, but he explains that layman defuses these missiles -- well, no way That's impossible.


In preparation for Operation 007, he's running around by accident, chasing him. whole police platoon, but no one has anything It turns out. But then Stanley rushes in pursuit, who suddenly forgets that he's a lab rat, so the guy arranges a nightmarish race around the city in a sports car, trying to Catch 007. Why did a guy get so caught? 007 - it's not clear, but maybe it just never before have I went to a Sports Car? However, on his ride, you can't say that.


Group pulls scuba gear, dives into the water and swims to the Island. It lands down the drain and sneaks to the rockets. Right in jail. a cool detector is triggered, and The general, along with a bunch of soldiers, runs to meet Squad. Of course, the whole squad should Shoot. But then the general suddenly falls into childish sentimentality.

Why would you do that - not very clear because the day before he had no problems ordered to cut all those met soldiers who guarded missiles with green balls, but the fact is important -- the general has become sentimental and does not want to shoot the squad, who came to kill him. But here - cheers, cheers! - The ceiling drops a pebble and provokes gunfire. In general, all the fighters of the detachment died. Except, of course, Stanley and 007, who in this film get the biggest fees, so you can't kill them right away. You can't kill you at all, but you'll talk about it later.

007, seeing that the squad had been interrupted, was going to get out of this dead place, but Laboratory rat suddenly acquires steel These... Like them... wings so says they must complete the task. 007 touched by this sentence and says, "Yes, lad. I'm you Underestimated. Let's go and write someone's ass out. faster than rabbits fuck." And they went! Almost all the rockets were found in two seconds. They guarded by some armed soldiers, but isn't this can be a hindrance to the lab rat, and who's been sitting for 30 years, 007? They killed the soldiers, then Stanley began an insanely complex operation to neutralize the missiles (we remember that it's no one couldn't be trusted, it's so complicated): Stanley pulls balls out of the rocket, pulls out microchip, which is controlled by the rocket, and then drops him on the floor and rubs his foot. And 007 is worth beside him and sentences: "Oops mother! What's the good it's been science in the 30 years I've been in prison, studying Tolstoy and Solzhenitsyn!"


Finally, all the missiles are defused. But there are still three more missiles that are dispersed in different places. Friends (they became close to each other time of operation) go in search of these Missiles. Periodically they are shot, thrown grenades, gassed, and burned with napalm. But they live like cockroaches. Lab rat - because he became a cool guy, and 007 - because more no one managed to kill Agent 007.


At some point, the term ends ultimatum, which the general had given before Government. Soldiers demand from the general, to launch a rocket at San Francisco, as it was. agreed. The general hesitates, but the missile launches. She cheerfully flies towards the city, but suddenly General gets ashamed, he overloads Windows95 on his laptop, from what the rocket first hangs, and then flies somewhere in the sea and blows up a poor fish.


And then the soldiers realize that the general put it in his pants. And that he doesn't want to blow up San Francisco and make sure that the soldiers get a million bucks. Hazing begins a relationship and the general suddenly dies. Or slipped from behind his pants, or got a few bullets in the stomach. There's only one left rocket that just started to defuse Stanley's lab rat. At this point, the president gives command of the planes to fly to the island and cover it with napalm from and to, to no one missile, much less a general, is gone.


007 runs around the island and wets the best soldier, and Stanley fights some sergeant, which is as wicked as hell because of the slipping Million. At the time of The Stanley fight, it was undemocratic to salinate a soldier in the mouth of one of the green balls. The soldier is so surprised that he dies. And Stanley for some reason makes himself a harakiri. Really then it turned out it was him that way pulled out of his jacket two green whistles, which should have been given in the event of a successful Mine.


Stanley gives two green whistles but the president doesn't have time command a rebound, so the planes cover napalm the whole island from and to. And all the nafi have died. Except, of course, Stanley and 007, because as said in the film, the planes bombed the OTHER end islands (I think so that all the pilots after should be fired unless it's for the filmmakers will speak out).


It's almost a happy ending. 007 the nearest submarine is about to go to shore, but before leaving he reports his favorite guy is a place where 30 years all of America's national secrets were kept.


And the movie ends with Stanley goes there, pulls out microfilm with secrets, after what he's starting to tell his fiancee -- who that killed Kennedy. And at this exciting moment, The film ends. And he's just getting started. Like...

I'm going to take a while. Normal Fufski combat. Something like "Strong nut." The scenario is deliberately blunt or it just happened. Cage then builds himself the coolest guy, he suddenly remembers that he -- Lab rat. He looks weak there. However, I only like Cage at the Club. Cotton." That's where he's good. And in the action movies...

Well okay, I'll not say anything. Sean Connery is good, of course. But he bad and it doesn't happen. Ed Harris as General - persuasive as much as it can be a compelling similar role in such a scenario.


Effects -- so-so, but maybe it's the case that I don't like such militants at all. Although "Armageddon" by the same director to me just Liked. In short, you won't understand me.

In general, you can see "The Rock" those who love militants. Critics of this film praised, and for me - no better, but no worse than the rest nightmarish pictures of this genre.


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