The Gray Everyday Life

The Story

Hello, yes, I was also born somewhere in the 90s .. a little later, but then it was really different .. well, at least until the machine called "computer" became popular among all. I know I'm not the only one with this gray routine, spending all my fucking day in front of a fucking laptop. Why the hell isn't it like before Out with your friends, then your parents scolding you, slapping you? It may have sucked, but I miss it now. Everything has changed, even our diet. People nowadays prefer to have breakfast at mc donalds instead of at home with a slice of butter, tea and cheese. We hang out all day in our room or living room, eat in front of the computer, communicate with people in front of the computer, listen to music in front of it ...! Now even my cousin, who is only 11 years old, goes to the toilet with his laptop. Why don't we just go outside and hide at home? Life flies, and we bleat like goats all day in monitors. To know that I am such a "bleating goat", but no one wants to go out, they always find excuses. This face, this skype and everything else is just waiting for our lives. Before the beginning of 2008 I didn't have internet and you know? My life was super cool. I went to school, wrote homework in the classrooms, went home, negotiated lessons, and then went out with friends. However, suddenly everything slowly became rarer. If we are not at home hanging in the face, oh, MIRACLE, we have phones with a built-in face. But what the hell is a face? A shit that drives you crazy loses your valuable time during which you can read a book. Oh, yes ... I include myself too. I am no different from those. Yes, hanging out all day in front of the computer and so on until the next morning. Years ago, I could hardly wait for the winter holidays, and now I want it to pass faster. Do you know why? Because at least I will go to school, exchange a word with some acquaintances and my half day will be spent filling time usefully, not hanging in front of the laptop. Yes, I know ... now you will say that I am bad, that I am crazy, that I am to blame ... Well, no! It's not my fault that everything alive these days is stuck in front of computers. There must be more people online on my Skype than out there on the street. But what am I talking about, nowadays it is fashionable when you go out to be with your phone or the pad again writing to someone .. I have the feeling that we will forget to talk, because we write all day and if one day we do it we will receive muscle strain. Why don't we use the language of the deaf and dumb, anyway, only our hands work all day and we use our mouths to eat? I don't know if I'm crazy, but I finally realized that the internet is useless except to ruin our lives. I shared it because I already feel crazy. :) (if they have remained normal, it is normal to hang in front of a computer nowadays, but I already seem to have realized.)

Last Updated
October 25, 2020