The Faculty Review (Fantastic Thriller, 1998)

Learn more about the movie "The Faculty" released in 1998. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "The Faculty"?
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The Faculty - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The film "The Faculty" is a production of a Fantastic Thriller.

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Actors: Jordana Brewster, Elijah Wood, Clea Duvall



The Faculty Review

The critics have managed to find so much in this rather simple film that is simply amazing. And you "philosophical questions facing the younger generation", and you "mind-blowing special effects", and you "the introduction of aliens into the bodies of people symbolize the reluctance of students to be under total control", in short, I almost shed tears. Meanwhile, Rodriguez's films are pure banter. And, as a rule, the banter to some is already a rather hackneyed theme.

Banter is generally quite profitable to shoot. Because there will always be people who will take all this at face value, and the rest of the film will like it because it is banter. Yes, and critics like these films, because you can say: "Oh, what a little Rodriguez, that once again over all these "Strangers" and other outsiders", or: "the Great Director Rodriguez in his philosophical parable in the form of an allegory showed us what really happens in the souls of our children...", and so on.

So, we are dealing with a steeply cooked porridge, consisting of first - of a youth psychological drama, second-of a horror-Thriller, and third-of an action movie. All this is mixed in the film in carefully measured proportions and seasoned with the necessary share of special effects. The beginning of the picture is a melodrama from school life, accompanied by a full set of characters: a"nerd" guy, whom everyone hates and hits his intimate places on an iron flagpole; a new girl who just appeared at school-a flower girl, inside which a piranha fish with lesbian tendencies is visible; a dreamy bookish girl who prefers the modern youth makeup of an Amateur vampire; an overgrown cool guy who sells cocaine; an incredibly sexy brunette cat, when you look at it, even the "nerds" begin to smoke butterfly nets, and a cool guy-an athlete-the star of the local football team.

All these characters have their own psychological, emotional, mental, and sexual problems, which is what we are told. But not for long, because quite quickly it turns out an interesting fact: the bodies of teachers from their school were inhabited by alien cockroaches, which completely begin to control all the actions of the unfortunate teachers. Moreover, these cockroaches multiply in the water, and from teacher to teacher (and students) are transmitted by the method of mouth to ear. Thus, of course, the cockroaches intend to conquer the entire earth.

As soon as the guys find out this unpleasant (especially since the end of the quarter is coming) fact, they forget about their aesthetic differences and start fighting for the happiness of all people on the planet. It turns out that cockroaches do not tolerate cocaine (more precisely, the mixture of different pills that the cool guy sells under the guise of drugs). Because cocaine sucks up water, and without water, cockroaches can't, and they die right away, freeing the human body. But since already a lot of people are infected with cockroaches, the "nerd" has a valuable idea that it is necessary to find the cockroach's uterus and kill it so that all the people at once freed themselves. The idea is certainly interesting, but the question arises - in whom exactly does the uterus sit? The answer to this question, the guys are looking for the whole movie, feeding cocaine to everyone right and left.

The situation is particularly piquant because they are not very confident in each other because cockroaches can hide inside each of them, so they have to snort cocaine from time to time to prove that I am a human, so your lousy (and fake) cocaine will not kill me.

In short, the fight is not for glory. Everyone is running back and forth, poking each other in the mouth with ballpoint pens with cocaine (pens, in this case, act as a container), trying to shoot those former friends or teachers who have found cockroaches and frantically looking for-in whom the uterus! I mean, the Queen of cockroaches.

I won't scare you, everything ends in a happy ending.

The uterus is discovered (for its role, Rodriguez invited Sonnenfeld's interstellar cockroach from the movie "Men in Black"), it is cunningly lured into a trap and fed cocaine to the ears. For a moment, the uterus had a dream of something of its own, interstellar, and then it died safely. They buried the uterus all over the city, dancing and having fun. Of all the students, the cockroaches fell to the ground, and they became themselves again: they stopped pulling their hands in class, stopped being respectful to teachers, and all that.

Summarize. Pretty funny banter from Rodriguez. Young people should like this film very much. Old-timers-too, because there are some fascinating moments when teachers kill students. Overly impressionable viewers can take everything that happens in the film at face value, so they will just howl with delight. Cynics can come to taste some of the special effects. Philosophers, by the way, will like the hamlet question facing the characters of the film: "Is there a uterus in me?" In General, pure entertainment for every taste. Not a masterpiece at all, but for the sake of a good mood, you can watch it. I would refer this picture to the genre of lyrical Comedy. And the ending is successful - everyone survived, except the headmaster.



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