The Coma Review (Fantastic Fighter, 2019)

Learn more about the movie "Koma" (The Coma) released in 2019. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "The Coma"?
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May 17, 2020

The Coma Review (Fantastic Fighter, 2019)


The Coma - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "The Coma" is a Fantastic action movie production.

IMDB rated the movie with 5.8/10. According to Google Users - 93% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Nikita Argunov

Actors: Rinal Mukhametov, Lyubov Aksenova, Anton Pampushny, Milosh Bikovich, Konstantin Lavronenko, Polina Kuzminskaya, Rostislav Gulbis, Vilen Babichev, Igor Sigaev, Evgenia Karatygina

The Coma has been produced with the budget of Budget: $4.1 million, Worldwide fees: $2.0 million.

They could draw something. Make a good movie - did not work. 

Just from the cinema. This is the only movie in the last 12-15 years that I wanted to see again. In general, the film is really smart and made perfectly. That's just about the fact that in any very filthy situation you need to remain a Man and always follow the dream, and not the clothes and dough. Yuri, This is a masterpiece. The famously twisted plot ... the truth that pops up at the end. Heroes are not the ones they take themselves for. A villain who wants a better world than ours ... This can be said a matrix, only a Russian one without all this computer.

Spectator, This is a full-fledged philosophical drama with elements of an arthouse. Gorgeous effects of computer graphics are just a tool to help reveal the inner world of heroes. The film is amazing, I want to review it again and again, to dive deeper into the atmosphere of the film, to catch those shades of acting and narration that went unnoticed the first time.

We are used to seeing the Serbian actor Milos Bikovic in the roles of charming hangers and playboys. Therefore, he as an Astronomer strikes with high professionalism and drama, a deep immersion in the image. In general, all the acting is done at a high level, every gesture and look is psychologically correct, the dramaturgy of the image is honed to a micron, the huge work done by the cast is noticeable. A film enthusiast here is more suitable for the genre of gloomy thriller, with a darker atmosphere of abstractionism. Plus for the fantasy. Plus for the exclusion of political hysteria. Plus two percent for the exclusion of relations with propagandists from the liberal lobby, who oversees the entire culture. 



The Coma Review

A certain architect named Victor (Rinal Mukhametov) gets into a serious car accident, and then finds himself in some strange, highly distorted and disfigured world, in which gravity works very pretentiously, many buildings and buildings have various gaps, roads break into nowhere, and in the air hang incomprehensible islands and objects. 

Suddenly, Victor is attacked by a hefty monster with fiery eyes, which is a black clot incomprehensible what. The architect is rescued by three people - two men and a woman, and one of the men in the process of escaping from the monster had to sacrifice himself: it exploded with the monster. 

The main character is led to a secret base, which leads the portal, which they call "the nora." At the base there are several dozen people, led by a man named Jan (Konstantin Lavronenko). The girl who saved the architect with the nickname Fly (people at the base do not remember their names) explains that everyone here is in a coma, as well as Victor. Fragments of their memories create this world in which they have to somehow survive, because they are hunted by the same monsters "reaper" - it's other people in a coma, whose brain died. 

Jan is the only person who came out of a coma and then came back. It was he who told everyone about the laws of this world and taught them how to survive here. They all owe him his life. 

Victor was rescued Jan. For some reason he is sure that Victor will be very useful to them. People in a coma often show all sorts of superpowers. For example, Fly treats with hand overlay. The Phantom Rescue Operation (Anton Pampushny) has huge combat capabilities. Astronomer (Milos Bikovic) knows how to make a plan of movement around the area so as not to run into "reapers." Spirit (Polina Kuzminskaya) is able to project in front of enemies images of people, which allows you to buy time. 

Victor does not know what he has for superpowers and how it will help people from the base. 


To be honest, I had never heard anything about this project before viewing it. I was advised this movie, saying that ours made a good fiction, well, so I immediately looked at it. And only then found out that the film was produced by the Brothers Andreasyan, the main idea was Sarik Andreasyan, and the writer and director of the film was Nikita Argunov, who, in turn, was the creative producer of this wretched Andreasyanov iana". 

However, it is good that I did not know about all this, because I would hardly be able to watch this picture at all, because who is Sarik Andreasyan - I know perfectly well, and I have enough to stay away from any movies that are somehow connected with this ball-playing Russian movie. And so at least looked openly. (Although it didn't help, as it turned out later.)

This project actually started quite a long time ago - back in 2016, but it was moving quite difficult because of problems with financing and inexperience of the director. In April 2017, the trailer was shown, the premiere was scheduled first for January 2018, then for January 2019, and as a result the picture was released only in January 2020.

What did they do as a result? As bad as "Defenders"? No. Good fantastic action movie? No. What about then?..

The film's director Nikita Argunov is a debutante director. He is a computer graphics specialist and creator of the special effects studio ARGUNOV Studio. By the way, he was also a creative producer on the Andreasyanov film "Mafia: A Game of Survival", where a beautiful picture, a very weak plot and a talentless production. That is, Argunov was responsible for the only thing that looked good in the picture. 

As for "Coma," Argunov claimed that he was trying to make a movie that no one had ever seen before. However, this statement sounds quite funny, because from "Coma" is clearly sticking ears and Nolan's "The Beginnings", and "Dr. Strange", and "The Matrix", and "Avatar" (for the poor), and even the Russian same film "I stay". 

The film starts very well, and about the middle I watched it even with interest, although certain questions to the script and staging appeared very quickly.   

The simulated world looked impressive and fascinating, whimsical twists with gravity spectacularly played out. Did, I thought, still make some stupid fiction? 

However, alas, it quickly became clear that except for the curious pictures in the film, in general, there is really nothing else. 

And after Victor cut through his superpowers (it turns out, he - Architect) and Jan led the squad into the blue distance, that Victor there created an island, which will not be able to get "reapers", there carried a perfect scripted blizzard, which seems to have completely destroyed the idea as a class. 

I have written many times in reviews that any constructed worlds have a right to exist, but they must follow their own internal logic, their own laws. Here, at first, the world was constructed with some laws, then, when there were no ideas what to do with it, and the post-apocalyptic wobbles of the detachment had to be somehow developed, they twisted the intrigue with the head-gold, and in all this the last remnants of at least some logic dissolved, as in sulphuric acid. Plus, the film shows that it was mounted many times (and so it was, as Argunov said: they say, he wanted to "achieve perfection"), as a result of which the main intrigue and denouement buried absolutely everything.

But even in the first half, where the effect of mesmerizing pictures still persists, there are already certain problems. 

Rinal Mukhamedov is "nothing." He's kind of snorted and wooden. It's like being in a coma. In the role of an alien with a robotic manner of speaking, he looks clearly better. 

Aksenova's love here is simply scripted to play nothing, but how good she was in "Gulai, Vasya." The image of a sudden flared love with the Architect was staged completely talentless, and Bublik and I did not even say "Do not believe" because no one would believe it. 

Anton Pampushny, who in "Defenders" played a battle bear with a balalaika air machine gun, in contrast with the gray Mukhamedov terribly hysterical in the role of this Phantom, while clearly falling out of the ensemble. But some of the secondary characters like Astronomer, Tank, and Dwarf looked noticeably more dignified. And what fakap Phantom, being a combat commander, allowed in the first standard operation to extract explosives - me and Bublik immediately had a question, how he in this coma in general for several years lasted. 

Jan performed by Lavronenko at first - not bad, although Lavronenko is always very monotonous, and then this character spun such a scenario blizzard with a blizzard that about how it is played, and do not want to talk.

Well, I note that the actors also found it very difficult to do something with the dialogues: they are really quite "oak", at times right to surprise. Was it really difficult to hire a decent specialist, so that he at least "combed" all this, and then sometimes the characters say - well, just as a party meeting, very cut the ear?

However, since the film is absolutely disgusting (the other word can not pick up) made a mix of sound, in half of the cases you really feature with two hear that there are generally muttering actors. Try to make the sound louder - and then you on the ears ka-a-a-a-ak will be involved in another audio track of Ilya Andrus, where the level is exceeded three times in relation to spoken speech, and you immediately stop twisting the handle of the setting. 

In general, they were swayed by the original fiction, and it turned out to be a completely unscripted non-fiction with a frankly bad script, a very weak production, an extremely average performance of actors and just a defective sound. 

What do we have for the fees? A measly two million with a four-million-dollar budget? I thought so, gentlemen, let's go. 



Watch COMA Movie Trailer (2019)

A young and talented architect comes to his senses after a horrific accident only to find himself in the odd dystopian world. A world that is filled with the memories of all current coma patients. Just like a human memory this world is fragmental, chaotic, and unstable.

This is COMA: icecaps, rivers, and cities can all exist in a space of a single room, and laws of physics are no longer laws as they can be bent.


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