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Learn more about the movie "Tekst" released in 2019. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Text"?
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May 28, 2020

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Tekst - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Tekst" is a Drama production.

IMDB rated the movie with 7.0 / 10.

According to Google Users - 88% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Klim Shipenko Actors: Alexander Petrov, Ivan Yankovsky, Kristina Asmus, Kirill Nagiev, Sofya Ozerova, Maxim Vinogradov, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Elena Finogeeva, Vladimir Kapustin, Pavel Golubev

Text has been produced with the budget of Budget: $ 1.2 million, Fees in Russia: $ 6.3 million. Gloomy, hopeless, intriguing, and powerful.

Agame actors are good, but the script itself is complete shit, sorry for the money and time! Olesya In a word - a nightmare! I regretted that I went to a movie picture. Not a fan of Asmus, much less Petrova, but I respect Yankovsky (the son of Fandera, after all). Briefly about the film - no! I have never met a hero dumber than Goryunov, in such pictures! Asmus, as she was in the role of the girl Vary in the interns, remained no more than her. Otherwise, the ending of the film was clear to me at the very beginning. Such a G ... no need to shoot !!! Better let it stay on the pages of books. Catherine, I went to the movie, with my girlfriend! On the bed scene, I went nuts, and she watched as if nothing had happened and we quarreled because of this, the movie poop.



Tekst Review

Twenty-year-old Ilya Goryunov (Alexander Petrov) is a student of the Faculty of Philology at Moscow State University. He lives in the suburbs of Lobn with his mother (Elena Finogeneva), a teacher of Russian language and literature. Ilya in honor of the end of the session is going to go with his girlfriend Vera (Sofia Ozerova) to a Moscow nightclub, my mother is categorically against: Ilya was left with one unsold subject on Romanesque philology and his mother believes that until Ilya does everything, there should be no trips to the clubs.

Ilya with the help of an ugly maneuver escapes from the house, meets with Vera, and they go to the club "Paradise" where they drink and pull off. Suddenly, the FSKN drug police burst into the club, accompanied by a plainclothes employee, Petr Khazin (Ivan Jankowski). Khazin detains Vera. Goryunov tries to stop him and notices that Khazin himself is doused with cocaine. Peter lets go of Vera and orders the police to detain Ilya. During the search Khazin throws Togounov cocaine, the young man is tried and jailed for seven years for drug trafficking. 

Returning after serving time, Ilya finds out that his mother died of a heart attack, Vera does not want to communicate with him, because she has her own life, and even with his best friend Serega (Maxim Vinogradov) he has a relationship not the same as before: Serega family, his worries and problems.

Goryunov finds Khazin's page on social networks. He is the son of a general of the Interior Ministry, so in life he has everything in full chocolate: promotion, cool cars, a beautiful girlfriend, rest in exotic countries and all that.

Ilya also finds out that Peter is dealing with criminal circles: as it should be the FSKN officer, he resells confiscated cocaine. Goryunov meets with Khazin under the guise of a drug buyer, tries to find out for what he on an even place spoiled his life, they have a fight, and Ilya Petra accidentally kills. He then picks up his gun and smartphone.

Goryunov knows the password from the smartphone, and he begins to correspond with Hazin's mother, his girlfriend and his boss: he needs to buy time. In addition, he had one idea how to make money from it. 


The story of the popular writer Dmitry Glukhovsky "Text" was published in 2017. Shortly after the book's release, Glukhovsky began to receive proposals for the film adaptation. "Text" was interested in the producer Alexander Rodnyansky, also Timur Bekmambetov considered the book suitable for the creation of a film in the style of screenlife (Bekmambetov staged several films in this genre, he was the producer of the film "Search"). Glukhovsky also received offers of film adaptation from other countries - the United States, Italy and South Korea.

As a result, the rights were sold to Central Partners in Russia, the script was written by Dmitry Glukhovsky himself, the film was directed by Klim Shipenko, and the main role was originally planned by Alexander Petrov.

Interestingly, in the book there are certain parallels with the case of Ivan Golunov, to whom the cops planted drugs and were going to roll up an innocent young man to the fullest, and only the noise raised by the public, as well as the fact that the cops on Golunov had nothing at all, allowed to stop the lawlessness and save Ivan. However, unfortunately, this is almost an isolated case, when a person was rescued, and how many such innocent young and young people are sitting in Russia in prisons because they simply did not like some cop or their business decided to squeeze some law enforcement officer?

By the way, the artists from "Text" took part in actions against arbitrariness against the journalist, and the director Klim Shipenko and even with Golunov studied in the same class.

But back to the movie. Unlike Golunov, Goryunov's film turned out much worse. The fused major from the FSKN never sent the guy for seven years, completely breaking his fate. 

Hazin broke his fate too, but he had no idea about it yet. However, the picture shows that Goryunov, in general, did not plan to kill Khazin, he just wanted to find out why he did this to him. But Khazin showed no remorse, it's still the same groomed cop major, by permissiveness, so what happened happened.

And then three-quarters of the film will tell the story of how Ilya studies the life of Peter on his smartphone and how he in correspondence with family, friends and acquaintances Hazin impersonates him, and he will have there one very clear goal.

Criticism, speaking about this film, for some reason weaves "Crime and Punishment" Dostoevsky, although there are no parallels here, also call the character Petrov "anti-brother", referring to "Brother" Balabanov, which is also absolutely pulled by the ears. But with "The Joker" there really are certain parallels - first of all in the fact that here and there shown absolutely distorted and sick society: young people who have no prospects because of dangling social elevators, and the richest "elites" for whom there are no laws, which the rest and for people do not consider. It is no coincidence that in "The Joker" politicians call ordinary people "clowns", and in "Text" the fucked-up major Khazin says to Goryunov: "What are you going to do to me? You're a clown!"

In The Joker - politicians, in Text - law enforcement officers who are so fused with crime that it does not differ from it at all. But only in "The Joker" all ended with the fact that the bottoms refused to continue to tolerate it all, and in "Text" everything is vital and in Russian: the tragedy of Ilya remains his personal tragedy - some major lowered his life in the toilet, Ilya lowered the corpse of the offender into the sewer, and, in general, with him went there, because the chances of all this to sort it out. Plus, the upbringing of the mother-teacher interferes.

After all, little Ilyus was taught to live properly: to help others, to sympathize with people, to distinguish good from evil. And, in general, it is burned, because when you come across people like Khazin, who have completely different ideas about good and evil, who believe that if they have a mental (faesash, deputy or some other) certificate, then all other people, except the superiors - it's just garbage, against them with simple human values do not understand.

Alexander Goryunova played well. But the role was very difficult: a nice student-philologist in the beginning, after that a man with a completely broken fate, who on the way out of prison did not have loved ones - it was necessary to be able to play. By the way, the episode immediately after the murder of Khazin was a pure improvisation of Petrov: he and the director did not discuss this scene in detail, as a result of which there in the frame get really random passers-by. And although they then made a few more takes, the picture included the very first improvisation.

Some spectators put in a rebuke to the picture that, they say, "here again Alexander Petrov, as if there are no other actors." Well, let's put it this way. It doesn't bother me when a good actor is in demand. And Petrov is a good actor. Yes, he does not impress the actor's reincarnation, his types of similarities, but here they are something he plays quite decently: he is natural and organic. I like him. 

Ivan Jankowski - well, just like on the notes played this Petya Khazin. He's a slob, a self-confident man, with a sash in his pocket, a coke in his nostrils, a dad-general - I've met them. And his conversation with Ilya, who was released from prison after seven years in prison, is very revealing. He doesn't care about the guy he ever jailed for seven years. And he will survive - he will get another seven years. And you can see how much he believes that this xyva in his pocket makes him invulnerable and untouchable - even in relation to the man to whom he has ruined his whole life. 

Christina Asmus (which I honestly did not even recognize, although "Interns" of course, watched) here appears only in a few small episodes, among which was one rather frank sex scene, filmed on a smartphone - it is viewed by Ilya. A certain part of the audience this scene terribly subdued (see epigraphs to the review), to me it seemed quite organic (and that's not on smartphones do not shoot - yes, of course), and what there the audience so terribly resented - it is unclear completely. 

The painting also claims that there are often sound mater expressions. Well, yes, they do. Do you think that such people in real life talk without a mat? In my opinion, here with this everything was quite vital and quite in moderation, the stick was not overstepped. 

I liked it. Well written, well delivered and well played. Dmitry Glukhovsky himself, as far as I read, is pleased with the picture. It differs from his story, but the picture on the story and should not exactly correspond to the literary original: after all, everyone has his own vision - the director can have his own. And the fact that Klim Shipenko has this vision is very good. 

P. S. I love it when Russian films turn out to be worth watching. And then they will release some large-budget slag - it immediately becomes embarrassing. But here - the film is quite worthy, and the box office collected a good, which can not but please. 


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