Teen Family Problems

The Story

Hello dear friends, a 14-year-old girl writes to you .. I will be very happy if someone reads my story and gives me advice :) and I start ... It all started a long time ago .. my mother and father divorced. I have lived with her for a long time. She got married and has another child (a boy). My father too. She has two children. I have always felt superfluous. My mother won't let me do anything. I missed it. So I'll give you an example: My classmates go to discos (youth), and I was too young .. Why do the parents of the others let them go and I don't? She decides how to dress ... I have personal space .. She punishes me physically and mentally .. She cries every night and I pray things get better .. True, she loves me .. but why does she do things this way? Why is there such an approach? And my father? - very much different. When he found out about the cigarettes, he told me ...

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October 16, 2020