Svetlana Martynchik

Born 22 February, 1965 ( 56 years old) in Odessa, USSR .

What is the zodiac sign of Svetlana Martynchik ?
According to the birthday of Svetlana Martynchik the astrological sign is Pisces .

Currently, Svetlana Martynchik is widow.

Occupation: writer.

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January 13, 2021

Svetlana Martynchik



For a long time Max Fry remained one of the most enigmatic figures in Russian book culture. Fans read the series "Echo Labyrinths", but did not know who was writing under the mask of Sir Max - the publishers deliberately kept the author's face in the shadows. Now the name of the writer has ceased to be a secret: the artist Svetlana Martynchik creates under the pseudonym of Fry, and at first co-author Igor Stepin helped her create bizarre worlds and intricate names.



Alias ​​history

With the release of the first book in 1996, its creators did not think about popularity and commercial success. Therefore, the hoax of the author and the character was not a premeditated marketing ploy. Svetlana simply wrote down the story of a hero who fell into a fictional world, and when the manuscript was finished, she showed it to a friend who worked in a publishing house. Unexpectedly for the writer, he enthusiastically embraced this idea.

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When the question arose under what authorship the book would be released, the name of Max Fry arose by itself - the hero on whose behalf the story is being told. It so happened that Svetlana Martynchik remained behind the scenes.

Her last name was spelled out in copyright with a copyright sign along with Igor Stepin, so readers could indirectly guess who was behind the mysterious pseudonym. But Igor was more suspected, although he did not write the texts, but took an active part in the development of the locations of the Echo world, its fantastic laws, the characteristics of the characters and their names.

By the way, MAX FRY is not only Svetlana Martynchik, but also Igor Stepin - a writer, artist, musician. He's less ...

In an interview, Svetlana said that the hero's surname is German and the entire combination of Max Fry can be translated as “without Max”. Another translation option is “as free as possible”. Readers could easily mistake the new author for a foreigner, since the stream of foreign fiction that poured into the Russian market in the 1990s was enormous. But Fry did not get lost in the crowd, but, on the contrary, attracted the audience with his personality and unique style.

From that moment on, the secrecy of the name of the writer only added fuel to the fire, working for his popularity. Fans speculated and hypothesized, suspecting anyone of authorship: from the director of the Azbuka publishing house Maksim Kryutchenko to a group of anonymous writers who write as “literary blacks”.

Literary hoax by Max Fry Perhaps the most famous literary hoax after Kozma Prutkov is Max ...

Svetlana Martynchik did not care about all this excitement until the very moment when the publishers did not decide to register the pseudonym Max Fry as a trademark and even turned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with this. The implication was that a group of authors would work under a name that readers loved to maximize the productivity of a profitable project. The writer was outraged by this alignment, and she considered it necessary to get out of the shadows in order to avoid such a course of events.

In 2001, Dmitry Dibrov announced on the air of the "Night shift" about who was hiding under the guise of Fry. After that, Svetlana gave a detailed interview to Linor Goralik, where she shared the details and reasons for the decision.




Svetlana Martynchik is a native of Odessa, born in 1965. The girl spent her childhood in Germany, where her father served as a member of a military band. Sveta loved to read books and came up with entertaining stories herself, and after graduating from school, she went to study as a philologist at Odessa State University. Having dropped out of school after the 3rd year, the girl went into free swimming and took up art.

Under a pseudonym hiding: - Svetlana Martynchik - Igor Stepin Biography: Max Fry - "the most mysterious writer", as ...

In 1986 Martynchik met the artist Igor Stepin, who became a friend, like-minded person, and later a husband. Igor is also from Odessa and is 2 years younger than his wife. In addition to artistic creativity, the man was engaged in music and founded the punk-chanson group "Club of Dull Streets", for which he wrote the lyrics.

Having met, the couple turned into a creative duet. Since the late 1980s, Svetlana and Igor have been working together - they sculpted fictional worlds from plasticine, living according to strange laws. It took almost 7 years to create Homan's universe, and the artists worked for their own pleasure, not intending to expose the creation to the public. However, at the suggestion of Marat Guelman, an exhibition was organized in Moscow in 1992, which aroused interest in Russia, Germany and the United States.

About the famous people of Odessa. Max Fry is the literary pseudonym of the authors Svetlana Martynchik and Igor Stepin, who wrote ...

At this time, Svetlana got the idea to place her alter ego in the created world and see how it will take root there. This is how the idea of ​​the book and the character of an alien thrown into the labyrinths of Echo from the familiar world were born. In 1993, the couple moved to Moscow. This is where work began on a series of books by Max Fry. Igor took part in the creation of the concept, and his wife took over the writing part.

In 2004, the family moved to live in Latvia and settled in Vilnius. After 2 years, Svetlana began to host the Free Entry program on Radio Russia, where she invited guests to talk in order to reveal them to listeners from an unknown side. On May 16, 2018, Igor Stepin passed away, he died in Moscow at the age of 52.




Max Fry has dozens of published books. And it all started with the work "Stranger", the genre of which balances between fantasy and mysticism, detective and fairy tale, parody and parable. It was from this story that fans began to follow the biography of Max Fry, whose adventures continued in "Volunteers of Eternity" and subsequent compositions of the cycle "Labyrinths of Eho", which the author completed in 2000, having written 8 volumes.

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4 years later, Svetlana continued to develop the theme of the world dear to the reader, starting to write the epic "Chronicles of Echo", the work on which lasted 9 years and smoothly flowed into the writing of "Dreams Echo". Here, the same hero, surrounded by his favorite characters, makes the reader empathize, laugh, sad and even get angry at times. He is no longer a newcomer to the universe, where he came many years ago to start investigating suspicious murders.

Separately in the bibliography is the cycle "My Ragnarok", begun by the novel "Nests of the Chimeras", where the action is transferred from Echo to the world of Homan, and Sir Max overcomes obstacles, trying to return back.

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The works of Max Fry immediately became bestsellers after their release, and to this day continue to be published in huge numbers. "Dead Man's Chest", "Complaints Book", "Chub of the Earth" are still in demand from the reader, as well as during the appearance. Fans are mesmerized by stories from the life of Sir Max, his friends, allies and beloved Melamori Blimm. Popular novels have been translated into English, Spanish, Lithuanian, and also published in the form of audiobooks, where they were voiced by Denis Verova.



Max Fry now

Svetlana Martynchik does not lose her fruitfulness, and therefore, year after year, readers meet new books authored by Max Fry. The woman continues the Echo Dreams series, the last book of which was published in 2018 under the title Dead Zero. In the same year, the 7th volume of the cycle “Tales of Old Vilnius” was published. The publishing house AST has been publishing the writer's works since 2014.

Not so long ago, Max Fry presented his readers with a new epic - “The Heavy Light of Courtaine”; in June 2019, readers were able to get acquainted with the 2nd book with the subtitle “Yellow”. The novel takes place on the streets of Vilnius, but the city also has another dimension - the seamy side, where there is a place for magic and miracles, which the author talks about with a trademark mixture of humor, sadness and warmth.

Fans maintain Max Fry's fan accounts on VKontakte and Instagram, where they post cover photos, quotes and reviews. Svetlana herself communicates with the audience through the chingizid blog in LiveJournal. The woman is skeptical about the possibility of film adaptation of her works, although readers have been waiting for the cinematic embodiment of her stories for many years.




1996 - "Stranger" 1997 - "Volunteers of Eternity" 1997 - "Nests of Chimeras" 1998 - "My Ragnarok" 1999 - "Chatty Dead" 2000 - "Myonin's Labyrinth" 2002 - "Encyclopedia of Myths. The True Story of Max Fry, Author and Character ”2004 -“ Chub of the Earth ”2012 -“ Tales of Old Vilnius ”2015 -“ The Whole Truth About Us ”2018 -“ Dead Zero ”2019 -“ The Heavy Light of Courtein. Yellow"




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