Suspected Bulimia!

The Story

The problem is not mine personally, but of a virtual acquaintance, but in the end it is a human being and we have to help :). So this girl lives with the thought that she is fat, which is complete nonsense - she weighs only 40 kilograms and has a drained thin physique (it is absurd to gain weight, probably even after birth!). Her diet is more than terrible - she is disgusted by the thought that she has to eat (in connection with gaining weight) and can not be controlled - or eat almost nothing, or crammed terribly much. I gave her advice as a start to imagine and convince herself of the truth - that she is weak and that there is no way to gain weight so as to eliminate the reason for avoiding food. I also advised her to try to have a normal breakfast (no breakfast!). But I'm still not an expert and I have no idea about the methods, on which you can deal with this problem on a psychological basis. Please for adequate advice, for which I thank you in advance :).

Last Updated
November 12, 2020